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Machine Learning/ Deep Learning Intern At BumbleBee Labs


Connecticut, Connecticut

Job Description

We are looking for pro-active and strategic-thinking problem solvers to work with a team of advanced data scientists in developing predictive and prescriptive analytics models. Any position @bumblebee. Labs will consult with analytics business leaders and internal partners to develop and deliver industry leading capabilities in data science and support information based strategic decision making.

You should be excited to provide insights on analytical use case development, validate model builds, participate in analytics ideation workshops.

And it'd be just great if you happen to have expert knowledge of programming languages and tools e.g. R, Python. Machine/Deep Learning Resources like Sklearn, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Keras, Tensorflow. Experience with data mining and predictive modeling to include Linear, Non-linear and Logistic regression, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Bayesian, decision trees and other advanced data science methods and techniques.

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