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Junior Software Developer At Border Connect


Windsor, On

Job Description

Junior Software Developer works with team of developers to implement new features, test and debug code, import data for customers, monitor and optimize performance on high-volume production environments. Should be capable of working on all levels of applications including database (SQL and Hibernate), server side (MVC frameworks, Enterprise Java), and client side (WebSockets, AJAX, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, templating languages). Must be eager to learn new programming skills.


  • Write client and server-side code for web applications.
  • Actively develops new software features focused on user.
  • Actively analyzes production environment and responds to issues.
  • Creatively prototype new ideas quickly.


  • BA/BS Degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • Java, HTML5, JavaScript experience.
  • SQL, ORM experience.
  • Experience working within team of developers.
  • Excellent programming skills and ability to learn fast.
  • Linux experience deploying and installing on server side.

To apply for this position, send your resume and cover letter to . Please include links or samples of relevant projects you've contributed to and a brief description of tools used.

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