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Data Scientist At BOEING


Vancouver, Bc

Job Description

Boeing Vancouver houses an eclectic group of passionate data scientists who help customers by making sense out
of big, complex systems in the world of aviation. We combine deep scientific thinking, mathematical prowess and
analytics technology with creativity and detective work to uncover rare insights hidden within the data. We harness
practical knowledge of engineering, business, and aviation to build customer solutions. Together, we deliver the power of
understanding to change the world above and on the ground.

We are looking for skilled, inquisitive analysts to bring the fast-growing, ever-evolving power of data science to aviation
and aerospace. As a Boeing data scientist, you will have to combine the skills of a developer and a detective, drawing
on a wide palette of mathematics, statistics, machine learning, and programming techniques to unravel mysteries too
subtle for the naked eye. You will get to work closely with our customers, building their trust, studying their problems and
business needs, and you will blend artistry with science to visualize and explain your findings and stories. We want you to
invent new ways of doing things, and to contribute your own specialties to problem-solving teams of diverse backgrounds.
We want you to help us craft and launch leading-edge operational solutions around the world.
Above all, we are seeking someone who will value and champion our culture of learning, trust, and relentless collaborative
energy. We love breathing new science into the industry, and we love sharing the journey. We believe that thirst for
knowledge and having fun go hand-in-hand. Does this sound like you? Come build Vancouver’s local data science
community with us and make a global impact.


We want to hear from you if:

1. You are a technical jack-of-all-trades and master of one – uncommonly familiar with a wide array of data analytic
techniques, applications, and programming languages; you know the methods, their strengths and weaknesses, and how
to use the right tool for the job. But more than that, you possess uncommon or exceptional proficiency in at least one
technical specialty (e.g. programming languages, statistical techniques, machine-learning analytics, web development,

2. You are a business thinker – project-minded, down-to-earth and strategic. You focus on customers, their viewpoints
and real-world priorities. You balance pragmatic choices, and you appreciate the robust elegance in the path of least
resistance to a solution. And you stay always on the lookout for new problems and new possibilities for growth.

3. You love learning – You don’t rest on your laurels, and you enjoy honing your mind. You have diverse interests; you
have fun learning new ideas, growing your skills and sharing the experience with others.

4. You communicate and collaborate effectively– you know how to collaborate in diverse teams both large and small. You
can switch confidently between following and leading as circumstances dictate. You are respectful, honest, and you strive
to understand as much as to be understood.


Ph.D. in Operations Research, Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science, or similar technical discipline, plus typically 1-2
years of relevant work experience.
Master’s Degree in Operations Research, Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science, or similar technical discipline, plus
typically 3 years relevant work experience.
  • Demonstrable equivalent combination of education and experience delivering advanced analytics projects.
  • We look for
  • Confident communicators
  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Project management knowledge
  • Domain knowledge in the aviation & aerospace industry is an asset
  • Expertise or specializations in three or more of the following areas:
o Statistics & Data Mining
o Forecasting & Time-series Analysis
o Signal Analysis
o Machine-learning or Artificial Intelligence
o Large-scale data analysis technologies (e.g., Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Pig, Hive)
o Simulation, Numerical Modeling
o Mathematical Optimization
o Visualization Techniques & Technology (e.g. Tableau, D3.js)
o Databases & Data Management (e.g., SQL, NoSQL )
o Programming (e.g., Java, Python, R)
o Front-End Web Development & UX Design
o Back-End Web Development

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