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Smart Contract Javascript Developer At Bluzelle


Vancouver, Bc

Job Description

Interested in learning how to develop smart contracts and get into the world of decentralization and blockchain with a company that has a solid reputation in the industry as well as a deep network of brilliant minds to reach out to? Are you VERY thorough in ensuring your code doesn't just meet specifications but also takes in to consideration things like scalability, performance and robustness? Do you enjoy digging around for resources and answers to unique problems in a fresh and new space?

We’re a supportive and nurturing environment for those that are team players (no egos!), open communicators, conscientious employees, and passionate engineers.


  • Must be able to write elegant code.
  • Use TDD throughout your code
  • Evangelize best practices in software development
  • Help others around you grow as developers and be successful
  • Participation in detailed and constructive design and code reviews
  • Participate in planning, estimation, progress tracking, and daily scrums
  • A post-secondary degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience

Must have:

  • Experience with a modern programming language (Ideally Javascript)
  • Experience working with API's
  • Experience performing rigorous testing and prototyping of software in development
  • Experience defensively developing code in anticipation of hacking attempts

Technical Skill Categories (Looking for strength in one or more):

  • Must have: Experience using Git
  • Expertise using design patterns and algorithms
  • Ability to work self-manage and work remotely
  • Be available to work within our Pacific Standard Time core hours
  • BSc degree in Computer Science, Engineering or experience in lieu of

Superstar Technical Skills (not required but a bonus):

  • Blockchain (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, etc) development


  • We stay lean and leverage technical best practices across the board
  • We all work remotely and stay connected via slack - a flexible lifestyle that supports your personal work approach - plus we also do company events at least once a month.
  • We provide a home office allowance to help you build out your personal workspace
  • We offer vacation and sick paid leave, but if you'd like you can also take your job with you and bank your vacation days - as long as you coordinate with your team lead
  • Salary and optional stock options and/or crypto currency
  • More benefits (gym membership, flex benefits, etc.) are being developed so stay tuned!

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