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Senior Software Developer, IoT At BlackBerry


Ottawa, On

Job Description

BlackBerry is looking for server-side Software Developers to join our IoT team where we are developing technology to help connect devices to deliver "Internet-of-Things" experiences, including our innovative BlackBerry Radar product and our novel, newly-unveiled, security-focused BlackBerry Jarvis offering . Our services enable customer efficiency improvements that were unheard of previously and rest on a foundation of rock-solid security. We are looking for enthusiastic developers who love new technologies and thrive in the polyglot software development model that Service-Oriented Architectures and Micro-service Architectures make possible. These platform roles demand broad generalized ability - on any given day, you might be fixing a bug in one of our Scala or Ruby services, authoring a new feature in a node.js or go service, or working with DevOps to set up a new CI pipeline for a service, among many, many other possibilities.

Developers with a solid understanding of modern DevOps and a commitment to the development of high-quality software through the use of unit testing and TDD are preferred as we must take care in the development process to ensure we make zero downtime, incremental upgrades possible while maintaining high levels of quality throughout. Our group is committed to innovation and as a member of our platform team, you will participate in ideation sessions to generate new patentable inventions, benefit financially from these via our patent incentive program, and are likely to see at least some of those good ideas end up in our products themselves. Equally, as our service offerings grow and mature, we are accumulating vast quantities of data - we will be turning our attention to mining that data in interesting and novel ways through the use of Machine Learning and Analytics, so candidates with some background in these areas will similarly be preferred.


  • Developing server side functionality in a wide variety of languages
  • Developing user interfaces for both management of services and applications
  • Being a DOM ninja!
  • Integrating and using leading open source tools such as React, Node.js, Docker
  • Designing and developing full-stack solutions focused on solving use cases all the way from embedded device, web UI, to backend and database
  • Writing unit tests to continually improve quality as well as our ability to introduce features at a rapid pace
  • Working directly with customers to enable their use cases with our platform
  • Planning work using Scrum methodologies

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Experience developing web-based user interfaces and server-side business logic including database modelling
  • Working knowledge of the AWS service ecosystem
  • Experience in designing REST APIs in particular and excellent design skills in general
  • Examples of frameworks we use include: React, Angular, Express, Mocha, JUnit, Rails
  • Examples of languages we use include: Javascript (both client-side and server-side using Node.js), HTML, CSS, Ruby, Java, Go and Scala
  • Examples of databases we use include: NoSql data stores like Cassandra, ElasticSearch, as well as RDBMS systems like MariaDB and Postgresql
  • Examples of tools we use include: Jira, Git, Jenkins, Docker
  • Proficiency in UNIX/Linux
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • High degree of motivation, and ability to work both independently and in a team environment


Job Family Group Name:

Product Development

Scheduled Weekly Hours:


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