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Write Software, Empower Teachers At BetterLesson


Cambridge, Massachusetts

Salary Range

$90K - 140K USD per year

Job Description

As a Senior Engineer at BetterLesson, you will be at the forefront of product development execution. Your team will consist of many creative and process-oriented individuals that together form one of the most productive forces in the Boston area. We envision your role to be critical to the success of this team.

You will focus on (3) main functional areas:

* Implementation planning of high impact products and features.
* Strategic thinking on the future of development, and architecting lasting technology.
* Execution of product vision.

You are:

* an accomplished engineering leader with great interpersonal skills.
* an efficient collaborator and communicator.
* passionate about education and teachers!

You will:

* work with the latest technologies, including serverless and containerized environments. (AWS Lambda and Docker)
* architect and expand current database infrastructures. (MYSQL)
* develop in and expand our application stack. (Python Flask, Node, ReactJS)
* maintain a high standard of code reusability and readability. (Code Review, Mentoring)

You have:

* a degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
* experience working in a startup or high-growth environment.
* designed lasting and scalable systems of technology.
* build single-page and SEO-friendly applications using conventional patterns, such as Model View Controller (MVC) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

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