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Executive Assistant to President & CEO At BC Transit


Victoria, Bc

Job Description

Job Description:
Key Accountabilities
answering questions and meeting requests directed to
the president
in the Executive's office, including calendars,
meetings, travel arrangements and preparation of a
variety of documents, materials, presentations and
President's office; making recommendations for
budget reallocation(s) to meet fiscal priorities and
forecasted expenditures; and building annual budget,
monthly and quarterly forecasting, reporting on
year- to-date and fiscal spending, coordinating
reimbursement claims.
payment in the Executive's office as per expenditure
account guidelines while maintaining comprehensive
records on budget expenditures for the Executive's
cost centre. Also required to manage and reconcile
divisional purchasing via Purchase Card.
strategic planning meetings and documentation,
including scheduling, agendas, backup materials,
travel, recording/preparing minutes, follow-up on
action items
issued to the Board Directors as well as handling
security permissions, directing the annual contract,
and performing all administration associated with
Diligent Boards (paperless production, delivery and
collaboration software tool)
itineraries, booking transportation, arranging
lodging and meeting accommodations
information flow and scheduling throughout the
Executive offices, and to foster appropriate use of
the President's time. Adjusts timelines and
commitments to meet pressing deadlines, avoid
conflicts and address urgent issues
liaising with the Executive and responding to
queries from all levels of BC Transit staff, the
Board, Ministry staff, elected officials, government
agencies, external stakeholders, and the general
public. Determines nature of calls, coordinates
exchange of factual information, or redirects calls
as appropriate
advance of meetings, appointments and other
engagements, and ensures the necessary systems are
in place for efficient document storage and
retrieval and compliance with
Administrative/Operational Records Classification
variety of reports, board presentations, briefing
notes, legal documents, business cases and other
complex documents.
information, engaging subject matter experts,
preparing, editing, producing and distributing
Assistants, influencing the effective functioning of
the Executive offices. Provides training on
administrative standards, practices and procedures
to new administrative staff.
policies and procedures, identifying opportunities
for improvement and making related recommendations.
Employee Charitable Fundraising campaigns and
monthly fundraising efforts
establishing objectives, determining priorities,
managing time, gaining cooperation of others,
monitoring progress, problem-solving and making
adjustments to plans
re-designing process and implementing changes as
well as uses initiative to explore and evaluate new
opportunities to enhance processes and procedures
Team by typing and distributing minutes, preparation
and/or coordination of a variety of reports, board
presentations, briefing notes, legal documents,
agenda packages, arranging meeting
dates/times/venues, contacting participants, and
action items follow-up as needed. Attend a multitude
of meetings as required.
and accountabilities of the job.
The technical requirements for this job would typically
be acquired through a diploma in office administration,
and a minimum of five years of related experience as an
Executive Assistant at the Vice President and/or
President and CEO level. Preference may be given to
candidates with experience working with a Board of
levels of BC Transit staff as well as a wide range
of external contacts, determining nature of calls
and coordinating exchange of factual information
the ability to present information one-on-one and
within group settings
applications, particularly with Microsoft Word,
Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
and coordination skills to organize calendars,
schedules, meetings, appointments, committees,
travel arrangements and compile all related
operational responsibilities under time constrains
while maintaining a high level of professional
of office administration
procedures and legislation
identify and coordinate changing priorities to avoid
scheduling conflicts, and ensure that deadlines and
urgent issues can be addressed
multiple sources and determine priorities
reasonable duties as requested
application of ARCS and ORCS.
the ability to proactively problem-solve and provide
service excellence to all internal and external
customersDemonstrating intuitive and proactive
behavior in preparing the Executive for daily
responsibilities and keeping the Executive aware of
important information and situations

Additional Information:
the recruitment process.
Record Check.
vacancies as required.

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