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Store Manager At Barnes and Noble


New York, New York

Job Description

Deliver and grow sales and other business metrics year-over-year.

- Optimize every sales opportunity by ensuring the store team consistently executes merchandising strategies, operations, loyalty programs and other company initiatives.

- Recruit, select, onboard and develop high-caliber talent through training, coaching and assignments.

- Mentor and motivate booksellers, and hold them accountable to drive sales and enthusiastically model our selling behaviors and culture.

- Create a culture of proactive customer engagement to exceed our customer s expectations.

- Drive a successful business development program through community outreach, driving outside sales and assigning booksellers to support the program.

- Control shrink, expense and payroll and hold the store team accountable to do the same.

- Provide consistent communication and model expected behaviors to ensure compliance with all policies and procedures.

- Evaluate employee performance and proactively address any issues.

- Investigate and effectively resolve customer and employee issues keeping in line with our core values.

- Maintain facility conditions and take immediate action to correct and ensure the best customer experience.

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