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Senior Web Developer At Bananatag


Vancouver, Bc

Job Description

What we’re looking for

Our ideal candidates are experienced lifelong learners with strong managerial skills and a passion for teaching others. We hire people with all sorts of technical backgrounds because we know learning a new language or framework is the easy part. The hard parts are the problem solving, debugging and architectural design skills that come with experience. We also don't ask for "X+ years of experience" because time spent in an office with a job title is a poor proxy for skill.

Who we are
Bananatag builds enterprise products that help facilitate employee communication and promote engagement in organizations large and small. Our flagship product is our suite of tools aimed at helping build, distribute and measure communications. A strong belief in our mission and dedication to quality has let us stand out from our competitors. Our customers include some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

What we offer you

  • A healthy, supportive environment for lifelong learning. Budget for extracurricular learning like going to conferences or taking paid classes as well as weekly learning / sharing sessions.
  • Authority, accountability and autonomy to succeed at your own pace. Not everyone is a rocket ship, and not everyone needs to be a rocket ship. Sometimes a rock solid launch pad is just as important.
  • An engineering team that embraces pair programming, knowledge sharing and wearing different hats. There are no lordships and fiefdoms here.
  • A safe work environment where everyone can feel comfortable being the best version of themselves. Our teams are made of a diverse group of people, and we're always looking to increase that diversity!
  • Leaders that act as thought partners that work with you through problems rather than a micromanager that bring you through problems.
  • A team that embraces change from large processes and methodologies to technologies and infrastructure.
  • A financially solid organization with a strong vision and clear opportunities for both company and your career growth.
  • Competitive salaries, with regular salary reviews, plus stock options
  • Great benefits: comprehensive extended benefits package (health, dental, and vision), great vacation, and flexible work from home policy
  • A transit friendly, convenient Gastown location


  • An eye for code quality and the ability to provide responsive and constructive criticisms of other developers' code.
  • Experienced tackling projects that are very large in scope from planning through to testing and production deployment.
  • Ability to mentor junior developers and help them level up.
  • Fluency with JavaScript (ES2015+) / NodeJs.
  • Experience developing and maintaining production ReactJS applications (and an understanding of Flux design philosophies implemented with Redux).
  • Experience building REST APIs.
  • Understanding the various technical trade-offs between NoSQL and relational databases (very strong in SQL).
  • DevOps experience with AWS and cross-regional infrastructure.
  • The ability to take ideas from design prototypes to performant, production-ready code.
  • No ego. Ego is the enemy.


For the first phase of the application, we'd like to see either a written application or a video that details:

  • What the term "senior software engineer" means to you?
    • And how you think you fit into that definition?
  • The most technically challenging project you've worked on (either professionally or on your own time). Please describe the technical challenges you came across and how you overcame them. Providing actual technical gory detail is totally acceptable.
  • Briefly detail what languages you are proficient in, and what languages you enjoy using (they need not overlap).
  • (Optional): If you have experience leading a team, tell us about your experience. What you found difficult, as well as what aspects you excelled at (if any—having the self-recognition to realize that you may not be a great leader is a completely acceptable answer).
  • (Optional): Any open source code you'd like to point our attention to.

You are not being graded on writing style, spelling or grammar, so feel free to write as you like. And while there are no minimum or maximum word limit, please be considerate and veer towards being succinct rather than verbose.

If you are recording a video, feel free to get creative with screenshots, code snippets (where relevant), and other types of visual medium that helps to convey your message. But please be considerate of time and try to keep it below 5 minutes long. Then, send us a YouTube or Vimeo link in lieu of a written response.

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