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Principal Research Scientist At Autodesk


Toronto, On

Job Description

Principal Research Scientist

Principal Research Scientist
Location: Toronto, ON- Canada
Job ID: 18WD28462

Position Overview
Conceives, plans, develops, and implements scientific research projects intended to advance scientific knowledge in business relevant areas. Publishes papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals/conferences. Presents research findings at conferences and participates in research collaborations with external research institutes and universities. Communicates and promotes the use of research findings throughout the company. Consults with product teams on the implementation of research findings into products. Generates intellectual property such as patents and trade-secrets from research findings. Note: If the employee’s primary activity is not publication but commercialization to Autodesk products, consider assigning to “Research Engineer."


Scientific Research
  • Identifies essential scientific problems to be solved through creative inspiration, team idea generation, or desire to build on previous research
  • Participates in meetings with customers, project management, marketing, sales, etc. to understand and maintain an awareness of customer desires/preferences/priorities. Introduces creative approaches to research topics. Generates new approaches, perspectives and solutions to research topics
  • Plans and designs research projects; specifies the problem, and defines the project scope
  • Reviews relevant scientific literature to identify emerging methods or technologies and current best practices
  • Estimates time and resources (including technology and equipment) required for research. Leverages the team to execute research
  • Designs and conducts scientifically valid evaluations, to test research ideas and hypothesis, such as new theories, models, processes, artifacts, technologies, inventions, mathematical proofs, and algorithms. Collects and performs data analysis to validat
  • Develops and implements prototypes and programs to explore and evaluate concepts, which can serve as proof-of-concepts and demonstrations, and can be used to run evaluations and collect data
  • Explores new prototyping frameworks, libraries and technologies
  • Continually monitors research frontier and technology trends. Maintains a level of personal technical expertise and awareness of latest scientific research results through formal training and an ongoing program of individual study of the latest technical
  • Initiates relationships and collaborates with external members of the relevant research communities, including industry research labs, academic institutions, and companies producing relevant commercial products
  • Participates in research collaborations with academic, customer or research institute partners

  • Identifies and documents appropriate evaluation methods for validating research, such as usability studies, ethnographic studies, heuristic evaluations, task analyses, structured interviews, surveys, field studies, simulations, or controlled psychological

Research Dissemination
  • Publishes and presents scientific peer-reviewed papers at conferences and journals. Participates in conference organization committees. Serves as domain expert and technical reviewer of scientific papers and journals
  • Performs research community service, such as reviewing papers, serving on program committees, chairing conferences, participating in conference organization committees, serving on professional society committees serving as editor for journals or books
  • Maintains ongoing communications and awareness of the projects/plans/activities of other Autodesk teams and looks for opportunity for research transfer
  • Develops organizational knowledge, product knowledge, and skills to work with and influence external teams. Disseminates research findings to the business divisions
  • Performs demonstrations of research results to internal and external individuals or groups
  • Participates in company-wide high-level task forces, and serves as a champion for research projects, with the ability to influence company-wide strategies
  • Interfaces with popular press, marketing and sales to build customer and public awareness of research activities
  • Participates in the development of patent applications. May participate in patent review and strategy process
  • May mentor or provide direction to less experienced researchers
  • Uses substantial judgment to measure the risk/reward/resources needed to conduct basic research. Willing to “push the bounds” of feasibility/reasonableness to explore new ideas. Not afraid to have research projects fail once in a while
  • May define research strategy direction, such as industry/domain focus
  • May publish papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and present findings at conferences. Participates in the development of patent applications. May participate in patent review and strategy process

Minimum Qualifications
  • PhD in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or related fields desired. MaSC required.
  • Has a history of publications and patents
  • Programming proficiency in python, C++ required. Other languages considered beneficial (Scala, Java, R, Javascipt, assembly, C# etc).
  • Experience developing simulations or solvers for various physical based phenomena (thermodynamics, optics, dynamics, structural analysis etc).
  • Experience deriving and implementing numerical solutions to PDEs
  • Experience coding 3D visualizations and computer graphics is highly beneficial
  • Direct X, HLSL, OpenGL desirable but not mandatory
  • Experience with subset of numerical libraries required: Eigen, TAUCS, BLAS, MKL, CGal etc.
  • Development experience on Linux, OSX and Windows or any 2 of these required
  • Knowledge of graph theory desired
  • Familiarity with basics of Machine Learning and Data Analytics considered a strong asset
  • Systems modeling and analysis experience considered highly desirable (eg; SysML)

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