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Senior Software Engineer, Real Time Platform At AppNexus


Montréal, Qc

Job Description

AppNexus mission is to build a better Internet. As a pioneer in real-time technology, we have developed our platform to make our advertising solution one of the fastest, most reliable, and massively scaled systems in the industry. As a transparent and independent partner for some of the largest publishers and advertisers, AppNexus helps ensure that the Internet stays open and free. Over the past 3 years, our platform has scaled from processing 300k QPS to over 5 million QPS, totaling approximately of 100 billion requests per day. These events generate more than 150 TB of new data each day. Engineers work on the real-time components to optimize our software for performance, memory usage, and algorithmic efficiency. This is an energizing community of engineers that is committed to building dependable products the software and systems being built drive our real-time bidding business along with a multitude of other core initiatives for AppNexus. We work under strict real-time constraints, responding to and executing dynamic and customizable auctions in less than 100 milliseconds.

AppNexus is seeking a Senior Software Engineer to join the Real Time Platform team. This teams builds large, distributed components that execute and process billions of requests that seamlessly connect advertisers to consumers and ensure that publishers are compensated for their ad space and content. The Real Time Platform group handles everything from the APIs used by clients to set up their buy-side and sell-side configurations to the highly customized web services that run the 100ms auctions.

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AppNexus is proud to offer equal opportunity in all aspects of employment. We strive to foster a diverse, inclusive and engaging work environment. We welcome applications from all candidates and look forward to receiving yours! Our diversity in action:

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