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[Co-op] Research Assistant At Applied Biological Materials


Richmond, Bc

Job Description


Applied Biological Materials Inc., (abm) is a rapidly growing Vancouver-based R&D biotech company whose products and services are pushing the frontiers of Life Sciences research worldwide. Constant refinement and advances in abm's R&D team allow abm to continually commercialize emerging and high-impact technologies, such as next generation sequencing and CRISPR/Cas9. As a leader in mammalian expression systems, our scientists have years of experience in developing novel efficient gene delivery vectors for functional genomics and gene therapeutics.

GenomeMe Lab Inc., (GenomeMe) is a biotech company focused on Molecular Pathology & Diagnostic fields. GenomeMe is at the forefront of a movement to make Precision Medicine a new paradigm for healthcare. Our genetic tests and diagnostic kits enable physicians to peer deep into the unique origins of health and disease within each of their patients, radically customizing the healthcare they can deliver. We are at the dawn of a new, genome-empowered era. Join us at the start of this bright new age and make the future of precision medicine begin today.

abm & GenomeMe are partner companies and are currently offering several co-op positions for reliable, motivated and detail-oriented students. Applicants who applied to this posting will be screened and interviewed for both companies. One interview will brings you two opportunities and we look forward to meeting you!

Fields & Projects that may be available in the following Departments

  • Molecular Biology Applications: Genetic engineering, CRISPR technologies, cloning viral vectors.
  • Molecular Pathology: Recombinant antibody generation, antibody cloning.
  • NGS: Analysis of DNA and RNA, Bioinformatics tools, Library preparation workflow development.
  • Cell Culture: Gene delivering, Cell Characterization, Media development & CRISPR gene editing.
  • PCR Applications: Reverse Transcription, qPCR technologies, miRNA Profiling
  • Protein Science: CRISPR related proteins, Cytokines, Next Generation Sequencing Enzymes

Let us know which department you are mostly interested when you apply and we will try our best to fit you in!


  • Performing literature research and supporting a group leader in developing cutting edge biotechnology with the ultimate goal of commercialization.
  • Upon on-site training, utilizing techniques including SDS-PAGE, Western Blots, ELISA, PCR, qPCR (real time PCR), reverse transcription, cloning and subcloning, plasmid purification, protein purification, antibody purification and cell culture, based on specific positions and projects.
  • Performing peripheral tasks such as preparing gels, buffers, reagents in accordance with SOPs
  • Participating in design, execution, analysis and interpretation of experiments
  • Computer assignments for experimental report generation, data entry and website updates
  • Be involved in the company’s business development project and apply business communication, marketing design, and sales strategy skills under guidance


  • Completed second year in the Life Sciences majors
  • Strong organizational and problem solving skills
  • Familiar with Microsoft software such as Word and Excel, and proficient computer knowledge is highly valued
  • Ability to integrate into a fast-growing and dynamic company
  • Ability to work independently or collaboratively in a team environment.

What do our previous co-op students have to say about us?

"Besides learning many interesting lab techniques such as qPCR, my favourite thing about working in abm is the work environment. Everyone here is very friendly and happy, willing to help you if you have experienced any difficulties. During my time here, I realized that I really enjoy doing lab work, when everyday I can face different challenges and apply my knowledge to solve problems. Before working at abm I always thought the only career I can get out of doing life science program is either becoming a physician or pharmacist. However, experience in abm gave me a lot of ideas of the real world experience in life science research, and I now know that it is also pretty cool to work as a lab technician!"

  • Cristiana Pan (4th year UBC Biology Student)

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