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Delivery driver with Amazon Flex At Amazon Flex


San Francisco, California

Job Description

Here s how it works: A customer logs onto the Amazon app or website. They select the Amazon Prime Now items that they want delivered and complete their purchase. The delivery info is sent out to an Amazon Flex driver who uses their smartphone to accept the delivery. Drivers can deliver one package or multiple packages in the same delivery session. The more they deliver, the more they make.

The driver picks up the packages from the local Amazon warehouse using their own car, scans in the items upon pick-up, and follows directions to the customer s destination. At the destination the app supplies specific instructions, like beware of dog or leave package by garage door. Before the driver drops off the package they scan the item again and select whom they delivered it to. Once one package drop off is complete, the driver can start the next delivery. It s a simple system that has huge potential.

To become an Amazon Flex driver, you must be 21 years old, own your own car, have a valid drivers license, and maintain an Amazon account. You must have an Android phone not an iOS mobile device. Apply for a delivery driver job online. Approval takes about 48 hours and then you can start to work as an independent courier for Amazon Flex.

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