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Growth Marketing Analyst At AdMark Technologies


Vancouver, British Columbia

Salary Range

$35K - 55K CAD per year

Job Description

We're looking to hire a full-time Growth Marketing Analyst to work on two of the blogs we manage. This is a remote position.

The first is - a very new blog that aims to educate the public on the shifting landscape of the cryptocurrency market. We produce guides on buying, selling, exchanging, and trading Bitcoin is the easiest way possible. Our goal is ultimately to become the Investopedia of cryptocurrency.

The second is, a blog that produces content related to cord-cutting. Our audience is primarily composed of people who are interested in ditching their cable subscriptions for streaming services like Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, and others.

In your capacity as a Growth Marketing Analyst, you will be expected to:

- Plan our content calendars, communicate with writers, and measure the performance of the content (by affiliate sales generated, pageviews, and a few other metrics).
- Conduct keyword research to identify new ideas for articles. You'll need to be able to brainstorm keyword ideas, evaluate the search volume and competition, and ultimately provide recommendations on which keywords we should produce articles for.
- Execute on link building campaigns. An integral part of the model for both publications is building backlinks from reputable publications in order to support our SEO strategy.
- Support both publications in their growth by executing a variety of other projects, initiatives, and strategies as the need arises.

Essentially, your job will be to help in whatever areas are needed in order to help each publication grow.

Preferred qualifications:

- 2+ years managing SEO campaigns or content marketing campaigns.
- Experience in conducting keyword research and integrating that with your content marketing strategy.
- Experience with link prospecting and managing link building campaigns.

However, these requirements are not set in stone, and we're willing to evaluate each applicant on a holistic basis - taking into account their prior experiences, education, and knowledge and insight into our publications (as demonstrated in their application).

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