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Sr. Instrumentation/Telemetry Engineer - Central Technology - Vancouver, BC At Activision


Vancouver, Bc

Job Description

At Activision excellent data telemetry plays an important role in making our great games even better. We collect and process a vast amount of game telemetry from live online sessions and backend services, allowing us to improve our products and provide a better overall user experience. This data also enables us to build data-driven game features and services, as well as nurture a data-informed culture throughout our development studios.

You will be working with a talented group of game developers, data engineers, data scientists, analysts, producers and project managers, to determine what questions need answered. In addition, you will use your expertise to write the telemetry hooks in the client code to address these.

We’re looking for individuals who have experience diving head first into game client code, to extract vital data helping to make our games a better experience.

  • Working closely with Game studio engineers along with Analytical stakeholders to design and create telemetry that meets user requirements
  • Approach all systems and interactions with a customer-first focus, including a solid understanding of the trade-offs between rapid solutions and overall stability
  • Instrument and debug event telemetry within the game code and online services
  • Be an advocate for data quality, assisting QA teams where necessary
  • Practice in industry engineering standards and test procedures
  • Future looking, helping studios to develop better methods with data instrumentation
  • Troubleshooting problems with online and multiplayer features
  • Maintain scrum/sprint cadence and meet timelines for game requirements

  • Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent program
  • Fluent in C++
  • Familiar with game-side scripting languages, e.g. Lua
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Knowledge of other programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript is desirable
  • Comfortable working in large code bases, and large remote teams
  • Familiar with game asset pipelines
  • Understands the importance of following strict processes to ensure build stability
  • Experience with development tools and suites such as, Visual Studio, Perforce, JIRA
  • Solid understanding of Agile (SCRUM) Development practices
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understanding of networking technologies, e.g. TCP, UDP, security and scalability
  • Experience with Linux/Unix
  • Experience with multi-platform software development
  • Enjoys working with a myriad of game studio developers on a day-to-day basis
  • Must have initiative, and be able to complete complex tasks with minimal supervision

What We Offer
  • An excellent salary
  • 25 days holidays
  • Annual bonus program
  • Annual pay review
  • Pension matching contributions
  • Top-tier healthcare for you and your family
  • Life insurance coverage
  • Free Activision Games
  • Snacks 24/7
  • Flexible working practices, based on the belief that the quality of your work is not dependent on the number of hours sitting behind a desk
  • A culture that emphasizes continual learning and improvement, with opportunities for career progression, travel, and a commitment to open source

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