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Sales Manager (Coaching and Development) At 411.CA


North York, On

Job Description is a leading Digital marketing solutions provider to Canadian Small and Medium Businesses. With over 15,000 customers and growing, we are dedicated to providing a world-class experience for our customers. In order to provide customers with legendry customer experience it's important that our team members have a clear understanding of the nature of their role, their responsibilities and goals for success. Below is a description of the role of Coaching and Development Sales Manager - OPC Team.

Role Summary

Being the Training and Development Manager your first 4-6 months will be dedicated to building and developing a new onboarding/training/hiring program that will be the foundation for the next generation of 411.sales professionals. You will be tasked to create a cross functional team that will consist of leaders and external vendors. With this team in place you will build a strategic plan for what is required and then its time to execute.

You create best-in-class sales experts. You find them, develop them and ultimately prepare them to become Online Presence Consultant Pro's - the elite level of sales professional at

The success of is determined by your success. A significant part of the company's growth strategy is selling to new customers and increasing overall customer counts and retention. Recruiting and developing the right new OPCs will help the company achieve these goals.

As the Sales Manager - OPC Team, you are the central figure in creating a culture of development and growth for your team. You do this by surrounding yourself with the best possible team of newly recruited sales professionals that you can grow into becoming rock-star-status Online Presence Consultants Pros at

You partner closely with other members of's Sales Leadership You also participate as an active member of the Leadership team. You collaborate with other managers from other departments to meet the company's growth objectives. You support and enhance the company's culture in any way you can.

What drives you?

You get excited when you see your team members grow and succeed. You are constantly listening and coaching. You are deep into the details and all of your team's activity - all day, every day! You show up to grow people. Make them better. Push them harder.

You start by owning the definition of the perfect candidate. You've harnessed your experience at as an experienced sales leader and crafted the perfect character sketch of the perfect candidate. You've drilled down into the right questions to ask and the right traits and behaviours to look for. You've created a best-in-class interview process and an outstanding experience for all prospective OPCs, too.

From there, you put them through a solid onboarding and training program that you've designed and perfected. You own the content and delivery of this program. You collaborate with the Marketing and Product and HR teams to create the best possible material for your new team members.

You are constantly pushing to graduate as many of them as possible into the next chapter of their sales careers with - Online Presence Consultant Pros. They'll get there by mastering the skills, knowledge and attitude you will pass on to them. You succeed when they succeed.

Your 4 critical areas of responsibility and what your success will be measured by:

You will be partnered with a Team Lead. Together, you will primarily be focused on developing, growing and graduating OPCs to become OPC Pros. You also work closely, on a daily basis with your Team Lead to monitor and manage the daily activity of the OPC team and to coach and mentor them, consistently and diligently.

Be thoughtful and deliberate in how you select these team members on to the OPC team and at the same time be equally thoughtful and swift when replacing them.


Qualifications include:

Job Type: Contract

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