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Hire top talent
by showcasing your
people & culture

Win over exceptional candidates
with video insights from your
most engaged employees.

Hire The Best, Faster
Compel top candidates by
highlighting your people
Be Worth Quitting For
Stand out from the crowd
with a culture profile
Employer Brand ROI
Measure savings on a
cost per hire basis

Hire the best, faster

Your employees are your brand's best sales-people.
Peersight puts them in front of 1,000's of top candidates, to help you consistently source the talent you need while reducing your time to hire.

Be worth quitting for

Senior employees care as much about culture as they do compensation.
Engage more inbound qualified candidates by showcasing your mission, work-life, and values on your company culture profile.

Measure the ROI on your employer brand

We make it easy see which social content is generating applies and hires.
Quantify savings on a cost per hire basis, and understand which posts are connecting with your ideal candidates.

Feedback from employers

“Peersight is going to give other hiring platforms a serious run for their money. To time, our most impressive candidates have come from Peersight. I would highly recommend them“
“My experience with Peersight has been awesome. Their platform has saved me a whole lot of time looking for, pitching, and screening candidates. I highly recommend.“
“After hours trying to fill roles with every job board you can think of, Peersight allowed us to connect with high-calibre candidates who were looking to join us for the long haul.“

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