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Mission: Actively connect millions of businesses and job seekers through innovative mobile, web, and email services, as well as partnerships with the best job boards on the web.
Location: Santa Monica, California
Employees: 501-1000
Funding: Total Funding - $113 million - 2014 - 2018

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Q: Is there a parental leave policy at Ziprecruiter?

Q: How often do managers hold 1-on-1s with their their team at Ziprecruiter?

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Santa Monica, California
Santa Monica, California
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Ziprecruiter Salaries

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What employees at Ziprecruiter think about working there

“ZipRecruiter is the best company I've ever been to for work/life balance, however it's difficult to actually take advantage of the PTO because in sales you have to hit monthly quotas. If you take time off, they do not change the quota you should be hitting, and so you end up spending lots of your vacation worrying if you'll be able to make it when you come back.”
Great opportunity to make a lot of money but only if you're able to place that interest over the interest of actually helping these companies and candidates get jobs. The platform doesn't work for seemingly 90% of call-ins, either because we would send irrelevant candidates, or sometimes absolutely none. ZipRecruiter doesn't guarantee that any candidates will actually apply, and you have small companies paying high monthly rates to get absolutely nothing. I found it a very frustrating place to work.”
“I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing teams here. In the product department we have a great vision, and can directly see the results of our work. We're working to help people get jobs, a very valuable value proposition. There's lots of room for improvement on the product but that just means we have lots of work to do!”
“ZipRecruiter does an amazing job at making their employees feel valued. High pay, great benefits, and very strong perks. When I say strong perks I mean snacks all the time, play time during company hours (gym/yoga), and great unlimited PTO. The only that I'm dissapointed with is the poor training and onboarding procedures, learned most things about the company from my team.”
“There are some great employees here, smart and hard-working, but there's pretty high turnover as they constantly change how we work on an almost weekly basis. ”

Ziprecruiter Glassdoor Themes

High earning potential

Along with the great benefits and base salary, ZipRecruiter incentivizes you to work hard to be able to make more than double your base salary. The upper management of sales are extremely talented and are constantly working with us to improve our strategies. I've had my best experience in sales working here.
In the past there was great potential to make a lot of money working in sales at ZipRecruiter (I knew people who were making upwards of $90K/year). In recent times though they've boosted the amount of sales you need to make to make that kind of commission, and they're constantly making these goals harder and harder to achieve.

Weak product

I love how ZipRecruiter has beautiful offices and there are some great people to work with but I'm unsure how much we're really helping job seekers and companies with matching. Management isn't very transparent about the companies current position and there are more changes done weekly than we can effectively react to.
ZipRecruiter is a fast growing company that is working hard to satisfy their investors as well as their millions of clients. We've rubber banded lots of tech (as does every other tech company), and are facing some of the challenges of being unable to satisfy every customer we've gained with our product. There's lots of room to grow but our product team is working hard to help companies and job seekers efficiently.

Weak communication from management

Our office is experiencing the growing pains of a fast growing organization. Offices in many different locations means an increasing number of meetings on hangouts and face to face, and it makes it harder to effectively commnicate to one another. Management seems to be effectively addressing these problems but it will take time to fully gain control of our growth.
Working for ZipRecruiter has been a great professional experience and I've been rewarded financially very well, but the company seems to be focussing too much on growth in recent times and not as much on being supportive with internal staff. Lots of opportunities within the company for growth in your career, just need to make sure you engage with the managers on your own time.

What's the vibe like at ZipRecruiter?

“"It depends on the department, I work in HR so I'll talk from that perspective. When I started the company was doing great. We were growing well but under manageable circumstances, so we were able to focus on consistently hiring fantastic people, however over time we've started to see where the term 'growing pains' comes from, and they are pretty painful indeed.

As we got the last few investments and the hype around our growth continues, we're now hiring for a significant amount of people, while not having a communication structure in place to make the requirements well known. What this leads to is our department is now scrambling to try and fill these positions in a reasonable way. Day to day work has become hectic, we're given very little work-life balance (some of us are being bothered during vacation), and we have unclear instructions in terms of what success means.

This chaotic current environment would be much more manageable if we had communication in place from upper management, and a defined set of instructions of how and towards what goal we should be working, the work load would be much more manageable."”

How's the interview process for ZipRecruiter?

“The process is very standard. Apply through the website and a recruiter will contact you for a phone screening. After the initial recruitment phone screen, you'll be passed on to a phone interview with the hiring manager. If you pass both phone interviews, you'll be brought on site to meet some of the managers that you'll be working closely with. One stand out thing is they ask you to sign the offer letter quickly, and they don't keep it open for long.”

What kind of benefits does ZipRecruiter offer?

“ZipRecruiters benefits are definitely above industry average. They offer 401k matching, 100% medical, dental, and vision. There are great opportunities for growth and promotion and a generous bonus structure. In terms of perks, they have snacks, cold brew and komboucha on tap, catered lunch and catered breakfast.”

How can I be successful at ZipRecruiter?

“To be successful at ZipRecruiter you have to do a couple things. Work hard and engage with the management. There are many opportunities for growth within the company but because of how promotions are given, you have to build your own case to your manager. Perform well so that they have stats to back up why you should be promoted, then build the case for them.”

What do job seekers say about ZipRecruiter?

“"I've been searching for long-term employment for months now, using every job board site available such as Indeed, Monster, and also ZipRecruiter. My experience with ZipRecruiter has been the least fruitful in terms of actually getting replies to my resume. I've applied to probably over 100 different jobs through ZipRecruiter and although you feel great because they offer a one-click application, I've yet to receive a single response."

"From my experience I feel like everyone has a poor experience with finding a job. People generally get frustrated when they don't get responses from companies that they've applied to, which is definitely understandable. I was able to use ZipRecruiter to find my current job and yes the experience wasn't fantastic, but they definitely do help you by sending a ton of opportunities your way.

With this being said, one thing that happened to me while using ZipRecruiter is that a phisher attempted to scam me using a fake ZipRecruiter e-mail template. I was able to discern pretty quickly that it wasn't actually ZipRecruiter because the e-mail was from a gmail account instead of my other emails from a ZipRecruiter address, however it was very disconcerning to know that my resume (including my address, phone number, and contact information of my references) was taken from the ZipRecruiter database.

I reported the e-mail to ZipRecruiter and received a prompt response explaining they're active role in making the process more secure for job seekers. After searching the internet I've found this is not something that solely happens on ZipRecruiter. I wanted to make sure this was said, there are scammers on ZipRecruiter trying to take your bank info, but there are also scammers on indeed, monster, and all other job boards. Read up on how to recognize what is authentic content from scamming and stay safe!"”

If there was one thing you could change about ZipRecruiter to improve its culture, what would it be?

I feel we have some great employees but we often look externally for new management hires. It's frustrating to see people come in who don't know the product and have to learn from scratch, when some people internally definitely deserve the promotion and would take less work to onboard.

How are decisions around promotions made?

There are annual and quarterly promotions available. To get one of these promotions your manager has to 'pitch' to an HR committee. There are many opportunities for career growth within the company as we continue to grow, however ZipRecruiter does not solely rely on internal promotions to fill roles, they often hire external people for management roles.

How challenged are you at ZipRecruiter?

On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd say something like a 6.5. I never get more work than I can manage, but there are definitely times where we have to work harder than others. If you're given a task that you don't know how to accomplish, you can always reach out to the rest of the team because there are many smart people available willing to help.

What do companies say about ZipRecruiter?

“"I'm an attourney who practices in the specialized area of intellectual property. As such, I'm looking to hire people who are specifically qualified within this area. I was very careful to specify this when setting up my profile and my Job Alerts. From the start, ZipRecruiter has been providing me irrelevant people, and their alerts just flood my inbox.

Not only does the algorithm spit out candidates that are irrelvant for intellectual property positions, but also general non-attorney positions, and positions not even related to law. I get constant Job Alerts for people who are in nursing/healthcare, and even for Lyft driver positions. When I did get emails that were starred as highly personalized, these positions were almost always for paralegal positions, which aren't relevant for what I'm hiring for.

ZipRecruiter offers a feature where you're able to ommit words from your Job Alerts to help make sure the candidates they send are relevant, which I used to omit the word Lyft. Even after I omitted 'Lyft', they didn't suprress any Lyft listings from my Job Alerts. When I contacted ZR support asking why I was still getting Lyft listings it was because they had a partnership arrangement with them. This partnership meant that basically no matter what Lyft would always show up for people to increase their reach of getting drivers for their program.

I've sinced completely de-activated my account because to find anyone actually relevant for my position would mean screening through a very large quantity of irrelevant candidates. I've since switched to ZipRecruiters competitors and have had much better success hiring through them."”

About Ziprecruiter

ZipRecruiter connects companies looking to fill positions with job seekers looking for a new job. ZipRecruiter helps companies and candidates find the perfect match through partnerships with job boards on the web, curated email alerts, mobile apps, and a sophisticated job search algorithm.

Founded in 2010 by current CEO Ian Siegel and Ward Poulos, Will Redd, and Joe Edmonds, ZipRecruiter's headquarters are in Santa Monica, California. As the fastest growing employment marketplace in the U.S., ZipRecruiter has helped over 1 million businesses and 100 million job seekers find their next perfect match. ZipRecruiter has been able to scale its business rapidly through 2 Series venture rounds, receiving a total of $113M in funding from lead investors IVP and through an insider-led round with Wellington Management.

ZipRecruiter, after receiving its latest round of funding in Feburary of 2018, has been recognized by investors as a potential new unicorn coming out of California. As the fastest growing company in recruitment, and over 450 employees based in Santa Monica, Tempe, London, and Tel Aviv, ZipRecruiter is now constantly looking to hire for a variety of different positions.

Positive reviews from current employees report enjoying the competitive salary, the high potential for comission in sales, the great benefits and perks, and the strong work/life balance. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the product not working well for their clients, the poor communication from upper management, and the constant changing of goals.

There are opportunities for careers at ZipRecruiters in Engineering, Product, Design, Customer Support, and Sales. There are current openings for Senior Product Manager, Business Development Representatives, Senior Systems Administrators, Accout Executives, and more.

Values and Beliefs

Ziprecruiter has 12 different values that drive their technical teams.

- Be humble

- Respect your co-workers

- Build and release quickly

- Breaking things is ok

- Put in honest effort

- Don't work too hard

- Be assertive and polite

- Manage technical debt

- Use self-directed time

- Open source is cool

- Wash the dishes

- Don't push on Friday

Interview Questions

Why do you want to work for ZipRecruiter?

What was a problem you faced and how did you deal with it?

What can you add to the team culture?

How do you deal with conflict with a manager?


ZipRecruiter was initially launched in 2010 by Ian Siegel, Ward Poulos, Will Redd, and Joe Edmonds. By 2012 they had already helped over 10,000 employers with their hiring needs. By 2014 they had already raised $63 million in funding, the biggest Series A round in Los Angelos history. By 2015 ZipRecruiter had sent 8.8 billion targeted job alerts to job seekers in the US, and by 2017 they've served more than 1,000,000 employers, and 120 million job seekers.