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Mission: Our mission is to build the largest, most trusted and vibrant home-related marketplace in the world, and we remind ourselves of this almost daily.
Seattle, Washington
Denver, Colorado
New York City, New York
Vancouver, British Columbia
Lincoln, Nebraska
Employees: 1001-5000
  • $96.6 million in funding - 2005-2012
  • $69 million raised at IPO - 2011

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Q: Do you track internal diversity data?

Q: Has your company culture changed over time at Zillow?

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Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington
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What employees at Zillow think about working there

“I've been here for a few years and I can confidently say that I would recommend this job to people looking for a career or a new job. I give 3 stars because if you compare how the company was before these last batches of hiring to now, there are a lot of middle managers hired externally who don't actually fit the company values, and are perpetuating the pump and dump style of other sales organizations. Zillow was built on more then that, but it seems the growth has made it difficult to keep up their culture.”
“Lots of opportunities for growth as we only keep growing year over year. Upper executives really care how everyone at the company is treated and are always available to talk to. Some middle management don't fit the company culture but problems like these are quickly addressed when you bring it up to higher ups.”
“In the past four years I've had this incredible opportunity to be a part of this unbelievable team. Zillow seems to do it all, and do it all well. Focussing on recruiting and retaining top talent, while somehow balancing moving fast and keeping a good work life balance, Zillo has been able to grow a team of passionate hard working people who are dedicated to the core value of the company.”
“Absolutely amazing company. The people who work here are so dedicated, smart, hard working, and kind, it would be hard to find a more productive group of people anywhere. We've been on the path to success for many years, contsantly growing, constantly innovating, and our CEO and executive team has a very strong vision of what the company can become. Zillow is going to change how people live by changing how they choose to live.”
“Individual workers at Zillow are just a number where you're grinded to the bone and have absolutely no work life balance. Why do they keep pushing the idea that we can take time off whenever we want when there's so much to do all the time? They boast a startup culture while having the name of a corporate company, but in reality they have the over working side of startups and the beauracracy of a corporate company.”

Zillow Glassdoor Themes

Strong culture

Sometimes working at Zillow can be stressful because there's a lot of work to do, really a never ending amount, but in the end you can really count on your team to help you. There have been many times where I felt overwhelmed and people would step in and support me, which is I feel unheard of at other companies.
Zillow has been able to do what many other startups going through this high speed growth fail to do which is keep their core values intact from the bottom to the top of the company. I attribute a lot of this to the amazing executive team at the helm of this ship, but also to the recruiters who have been able to hire consistently great talent.

Growing company

Feels amazing to be a part of a team that's actually innovating day in day out and building products to help customers at every point that relates to where they want to live. All competition is miles behind, and we're really the only ones who are in the process of changing the real estate industry.
It's tough to grow as fast as Zillow did and have a flawless implementation. Working customer support can be very difficult as Zillow has a ton of users, and alot of them are extremely angry. If you don't have thick skin, this isn't a job for you.

Rapid change

Man does it feel good to work for a company that has the stability of being a huge public company, while having an executive team thats passionate and actually wants to help people. Everyone here is driven to make this company not only be successful but to make it a household name.
This is not a stable job or company where you can depend on a standard work week, normal hours and workload, or even the same job role month to month. It can be extremely stressful coming into work and not knowing if you'll be doing something you've never done before and weren't consulted on.

What do customers think of the products at Zillow?

“"My husband and I are planning to move to Wisconsin because we're looking to be back with family and we use Zillow because it has really helped some of our friends find homes within their price and quality range, and we wanted to tset out if it would work out for us too.

Zillow gives us all the core information that we're looking for in our new home. They got facts and features, the year its built, the square footage, all the room sizes, the heating and cooling situation, total acreage, taxes per year (this can make or break it), price per square foot, local schools, and a whole lot more of information.

They pretty much give you absolutely everything you need to make a decision if the house is within what you're looking for or not (basically a first narrowing down). Then they give you a 'zestimate' where you can see an estimate of what the price of the house will probably be. There have been lots of people complaining online that this estimate can be way off, but usually I found it to be a good first estimate to see if it's within our range.

Some of the downsides of Zillow are that they don't really have great pictures of the homes, and if you don't have a realtor you'll have to take a chance on whoever is listing the home.

One thing I would really recommend not doing though is clicking the 'I'm interested in this home button' because you will constantly receive phone calls from agents that they sell your information too. I'd recommend instead using Zillow to find your home and then get a realtor to do the heavy lifting for you."”

What's the interview process like?

“Zillow is actually very quick to go through their hiring process, I was very impressed. It took about two weeks from the time that I applied online, had a phone interview, then an inperson interview, and then got my job offer a few hours later. Some people get flown out to Seattle for interviews but depends on the role. The interview itself isn't easy but they're as transparent as possible about the whole process.”

What kind of person succeeds at Zillow?

“I couldn't really pin a type of person who succeeds here because they've promoted people from so many different backgrounds and with different skillsets that it's mostly based on - do you care about the company and do you work hard. Obviously some managers like you to suck up to them but many don't which is a nice change from other bigger companies I've worked at.”

What are the benefits and perks like at Zillow?

“Zillow really treats their employees well. Super competitive pay, stock options, 401k, life, medical, vision, and dental insurance. They also have in office gyms or gym reimbursement, short and long term disability leave, company holidays, and an educational stippend.”

What's the culture like? How does it feel to work there?

“"Zillow has been able to keep a very strong identity and culture that's pervasive all the way from the bottom of the organization to the top. The company lives and breathes their values and culture, and it shows how people in the office work and interact on a daily basis. I've never seen a more motivated, hard working, and real, group of people.

The work is not easy but that's something that I think we all like about the company. It can involve long hours of really hard work to solve the problems we need to solve, but with people being so positive and generally hard working, it feels great at the end of the day (sometimes week or month) to solve them. One of our core values is 'winning is fun', and after working here I never want to be on the losing side again.

The positive environment that can be felt pretty much at all times at Zillow is, for me, largely attributable to our truly outstanding executive team. When you have people as hard working, passionate, and real, as Barton and Spencer on the executive team, so much of their drive trickles down that I don't think they realize their impact.

Overall, I feel it's a great place to be working if you're done with working at slow moving companies and with teams that sit back and observe instead of act. We're a dedicated group of people, and because of this the working environment is very positive because we get things done."”

How's the comission incentives for sales roles?

There's a cap on the amount of comission that you can receive but the % is pretty high and we're able to work on pretty big deals. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say on this site but with your base pay and comission you can easily be making $70k a year.

Can I grow my career at Zillow?

Zillow is the place to be if you want to grow your career! The company is moving so quickly so there's lots of opportunities to learn and move into new roles as things open up, and they really care about constant feedback and internal movement. Zillow even has people dedicated towards internal growth so if you work hard and show passion you'll definitely have the opportunity to have a very successful career here.

What's the tech stack at Zillow?

We use a bunch of different services but the main things we use are: java - python - linux - unix - ios - javascript - c++ - sql - mysql - amazon-web-services - machine-learning - nlp - hadoop.

What are the processes like for feedback at Zillow?

“"This has been the only company that I've worked for where executives are actively involved with feedback from employees at all levels of the company. They listen to everything and have implemented a ton of the changes we've recommended. Not only do they love to hear feedback and act on it, but they aren't scared of giving their own feedback and helping us improve.

If there's anything that is on your mind that you want to get off your chest about working at Zillow, but you're afraid of the consequences, there are ways to make sure your voice is heard without revealing yourself. Channels through the company intranet have anonymous chat direct with top executives and HR staff where they always respond quickly and with a tone of interest. Whenever I've brought something up, what I brought up would be talked about in the next meeting or a change would be implemented not too long after.

Probably the best part about working at Zillow though is how much of an interest the upper management takes in your own professional development. Constant one on ones where you'll get the chance to openly and confidentially talk about your future of the company and what you're looking for. Through these one on ones I've been able to move to 2 different positions, and now find myself working on something I love more than I thought possible.

Zillow takes your feedback seriously, but they also are constantly trying to help you achieve your personal best. Obviously they want you to stay at the company, but they really take what you say to heart and do their best to make your time here as positive and productive as possible."”

About Zillow

Zillow is a real estate and rental marketplace that dedicates itself to empowering consumers in the real esetate industry with data, inspiration, and knowledge about their homes. Zillow works in the full lifecycle of owning and living in a home including buying, selling, renting, financing, remodeling and more.

Founded in 2006 by Richard Barton and Lloyd Frink, Zillow has it's headquarters in Seattle, Washington. From 2006 till now Zilow has been recognized as a unicorn and true industry disruptor by investors around the world. Having gotten only $69 million in funding in its first few years of operations, Zillow IPO'd in 2011 to an evaluation of $540 million. Zillow now has yearly revenues of over $1 billion, with a market capitalization of over $12 billion, and continues to grow at a rate of over 9% year over year.

With Zillow's rapid growth the company is constantly hiring for new jobs within its key areas. Zillow is a technology company supported by sales, and is constantly focussed towards innovating the real estate industry. Zillow has over 600 jobs posted on glassdoor for areas in sales, business consulting, customer service, engineering, design, and human resources.

Positive reviews of Zillow report enjoying the great team culture and support, the abundance of growth opportunities, the executive team that truly cares about its employees, the balance between being a startup culture while having big company respect, the competitive pay, the great perks, and the ambitious vision.

Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the instability of fast growth, the ambiguous mobility internally, the mid level management for some departents, and the PAC (premier agent conceirge) role that involves a lot of work.

Values and Beliefs

Zillow has 6 core values that define how the company interacts with both its employees and its customers to drive the company for continued success. Even with 6 core values, Dan Spaulding, the first vice president of culture and people, has said that Zillow's focus all stems from treating people like adults, giving them choice, and living with the outcomes. The 6 core values of zillow are:

- Zillow acts with integrity with everything they do. Trust is a t the center of the company and if it's not, it would definitely show to the consumers who want to build a relationship with the platform.

- Zillow moves fast and thinks big. Zillow follows through on this philosophy, having acquired many companies in the last few years, one being Trulia who was purchased for $1.2 billion.

- Zillow wants its employees to own their work. Giving people the freedom to act as they would like, Zillow expects its employees to take responsibility for their work.

- Zillow Group is a team sport. Zillow has built a culture that celebrates working together and moving forward on goals as a team.

- Zillow turns on the lights. Zillow aims at building a company where people feel comfortable giving feedback on how they enjoy their time at Zillow and what they think can be improved, then they act on it.

- Zillow knows winning is fun. Underpinning the entire company culture is the knowledge that when the company does well, people like to work there. Treating people with respect and integrity give them the opportunities to help the company win, making the experience better for everyone.

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working for Zillow?

What is your biggest motivation?

Tell us about a time you took a risk? What was the outcome?

What are you looking for in your next job?

What's an example of a time you had to deal with someone was frustrated? How did you handle it?


Founded in 2006, Zillow was started by former executives and founders of