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Mission: Yodle makes it easy to grow and manage profitable customer relationships!
New York, New York
Texas, United States
North Carolina, United States
Arizona, United States
Georgia, United States
Employees: 1100
  • $40 million pre acquisition
  • Acquired by for $342 million - 2016

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New York, New York
New York, New York
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What employees at Yodle think about working there

“The transition after the acquisition was tough, but we've started to settle into it. The office has a fantastic work culture, especially engineering-wise. They've implemented a really cool structure that involves teams, guilds, and special interest groups. These groups are either responsible for the product development, for a certain concept of a product, or for developing knowledge in breakthrough tech. Management has done a great job at keeping the engineering team autonomous after the acquisition.”
“Yodle has some great perks like flex hours, free lunch, a beautiful office, unlimited time off, and just great colleagues overall. The company still has some problems, especially after the acquisition. We're a sales driven organization that only really focusses on cold calling. We have yet to implement a funnel system to bring in warm leads, so the sales role is very callcenter-esque.”
“Yodle is one of the fastest growing companies in the world so there's lots of opportunities to be promotede. They have a really strong incentive structure that keeps you highly motivated and lots of opportunity to make a lot of money. I love how for every sale we make, we can instantly see how much money we'll make from it.”
“Really frustrated with the acquisition by Our base salary is $10/hr in sales, with the promise of a good incentive structure. But since the acquisition we've cut our marketing spending so it's harder to make sales, and they've cut our compensation so we make less on every sale. I honestly need to work a part-time job on the weekends to pay bills, Yodle's salary doesn't even pay my rent.”
“Best part about Yodle is that you'll be woring in a startupy environment with some great people. The atmosphere is very relaxed and you're not really micromanaged on a day to day basis. The job itself can be tough to sell because Yodle doesn't have the best reputation online, but when we get sales we celebrate the wins as a team.”

Yodle Glassdoor Themes

Great colleagues

They've done a really great job at building a positive environment here. From the strong perks to the kind and engaged managers, it shows they want to make working a fun experience. The high level of enthusiasim of the managers can sometimes be a little much, but it's better than them being depressed when we're not able to hit the goals.
Yodle is a fantastic ocmpany to work for. The office culture is super positive, both the employees and managers are nice and smart. Managers are enthusiastic day in and day out, keeping us motivated even on the tough days. My co-workers are all young, funny, and really engaged with the company. Love the atmosphere and love coming into work every day.

Lack of cross-team communication

Love the environment at Yodle. It's super light, relaxed, and people know how to not take things too seriously. One thing that I wish we had was a little more cross-team bonding or engagement. It seems like each department kind of sticks to itself. Besides that though I would definitely recommend working here just based on the people.
OK place to work because of the compensation plan, but working in the sales department can be pretty frustrating. Quite often I'll need to see some documentation or reports from the customer service team, but to do that I'll have to ask my manager to ask their manager so that I can get the information. I'll have to drop a call, and then call them back in a couple days time with the info. Super inefficient and just wish Yodle was more on top of the comms structure.

Acquisition difficulties

I knew I shouldn't have accepted the offer after purchased Yodle. I'd been working at Yodle for about 4 years, and thought I would stay with the company to help it grow, but after the acquisition and's compensation decrease, I can't even pay my bills month by month. is the classic example of a huge company that doesn't care about the employees they bring on from acquisitions.
We're really lucky that at Yodle our team is absolutely amazing or else I think the acquisition would have killed the company. We've lost a lot of great people who didn't want hop ship, but we're still holding it together. For me the biggest thing that's taking awhile to get used to is the idea that I'm no longer working for a small company, which is one of the reasons I joined Yodle in the first place.

What do customers think of Yodle?

“"One of the worst experiences I've ever had with a company... ever. Check out the BBB reviews on the company. Check out the Yelp reviews. Check out the my3cents reviews. Everywhere online there are complaints about this company and I honestly can't believe I didn't check before I got pressured into signing the contract. Do your research people!

First off their sales team is immaculate at selling the idea that Yodle will help you get leads and increase your companies profitability. They start off with a beautiful demo where the show all these positive reviews from past customers. I knew that organic traffic can have a long lasting positive affect on a company, so I decided to sign a 12 month contract. They promised me that by the end of the 12 months I would be ranking at the top spot for 12 of the 14 cities I serviced.

The first problem I found was when they delivered a standard templated wordpress website (after I asked for a custom version) 3 weeks after they said they would. The site itself was filled with not only grammatical errors, but with services I didn't even offer. It was as if they completely threw out the templated information I gave them, searched wikipedia for my industry, and copied what wikipedia told them companies in my industry did.

I sent them the corrections for the website but got no response for weeks. After 6 months I only ranked top 3 on google for 2 cities, one of which I didn't even provide services in. This was when I decided I wanted to cancel my subscription. I called them to try and get my contract nulled because of false promises on their side, and they told me there was no way I could get out of the contract.

I've spent thousands on Yodle and all its done is negatively impact my companies sales by spreading mis-information about the company. After this experience I decided to take time to learn SEO and do it on my own. Stay away from Yodle! Yodle is a scam!"”

How's the interview process for joining Yodle?

“I had a very good experience during my interview at Yodle. They start of with an initial phone interview where they just ask some standard questions and do a quick explanation of the position. If you pass the phone interview you'll get an in-person interview within a day or two, where you shadow a rep and see them do calls, then go into an interview where you go deeper into the role and questions. They really just want to see if you'll fit the culture and if you'll be able to learn on the job.”

How can I be successful working at Yodle?

“To be successful at Yodle you have to put in the time to hit goals, and also take the initiative on setting new goals. Yodle wants it's people to innovate, and although the sales roles are pretty set with the script, management is always listening and trying to implement new ways to drive the business forward. If you can come up with new strategies, and bring them up to your managers, you'll be very successful at Yodle.”

What tips would you give to someone interviewing at Yodle?

“Yodle is really looking for a personality fit with the rest of their culture. Stay positive and professional and you'll be at a very good place. The company itself is sales driven, but with a technical product. Do a little research on SEO and SEM, and make sure you think of times that you've been engaged in a selling process before the interview.”

How do you feel about the future of Yodle and

“"We really think that Yodle and have a strong future ahead of themselves, but I don't feel it'll be the same as working just for Yodle as it once was. is one of those companies that seems to acquire emerging companies in the online presence space aggressively, and then they leave their employees out to dry. has acquired more than 9 companies since only 2009, and the majority of these acquisitions have been of companies with more than 100 employees. As these companies join the huge conglomerate of, there are constantly shifts of human capital around the different business areas. What I saw when Yodle was acquired was tons of people from both sides, and Yodle, being let go without warning.

This definitely has an immediate negative affect on the business as a whole, we won't be able to move as quickly as we were before, but has enough resources to be able to satisfy the needs. What this ultimately means for the employees though is you have to say bye to your job security, and bye to a lot of the opportunities for career growth and advancement. has too strong of a grasp on the internet industry on the whole to falter from these problems. If you're looking for a company to join that will probably live on for the next 30 years, is probably a great place to be. But make sure you prove yourself to be a critical role of the company, or you might not be able to keep your position for long."”

How are the benefits provided by Yodle?

Yodle has very strong benefits and perks. You get rolling holidays, unlimited PTO (this might change since the acquisition - I've heard it's now 2 weeks based on service), and pretty competitive 401k and healthcare plans. Only thing that would need improvement is the benefits only start to apply after 4 months into employment.

What's the most stressful part about working at Yodle?

Because Yodle is a sales driven company we need to focus a lot on being able to sell consistently to customers. Often what happens is we'll just over-promise in terms of being able to deliver things super quickly and get results quicker than is possible. When we underdeliver the engineering team gets flack from sales, and sales gets flack from the customer.

How many hours are you working a day?

Their really good at giving you opportunities to choose the hours that you want to work. You can do 8 hour shifts or 12 hour shifts. 9-6, 10-7, 8-5. It really depends on what's available based on what the rest of the team is doing. We get pretty good work life balance and we're not really expected to spend more than 40 hours a week at work which is great.

What's the office environment like at Yoddle?

“"I've had a great time working for Yodle these last 3 years. The office environment is really positive because of how the company treats its employees in terms of benefits and compensation plan, and also because of the people that they hire.

The team behind the growth of the company is one of the most kind and smart groups of people I've ever met. Most of us are straight out of university, and so we all come from a similar background and are at a similar point in our lives. We've bonded over the change and have become a great team that helps eachother do their work, and one that goes out for drinks after the work is done.

The middle managers are also usually very engaged with us as people. They know that we're young and still entering the workforce which means we have a lot to learn, but it also means we have a fresh perspective on the company. They're really good at listening to our input, and if the inputs really good they'll make the changes quickly. Sometimes it can be embarassing because you'll give feedback on something that someone older than you wouldn't give, but they're very good at being nice and explaining why it doesn't make sense.

After the acquisition the environment has shifted a little bit. People are more scared about their jobs and the mood has been dampened slightly, but the majority of the team is still together which is what counts."”

About Yodle

Yodle provides local businesses with a complete online marketing and presence package to build better customer relationships and increase profitability. Yodle offers services for increasing web presence through SEO and SEM, specifically for local search, for building a social media presence, and for integrating customer reviews onto the platform.

Founded in 2005 by John Berkowitz, Ben Rubenstein, Kartik Hosanger, Milind Mehere, and Nathaniel Stevens, Yodle has its headquarters based in New York City. Yodle grew quickly, receiving venture totalling $40 million from 2006 to 2013, and was acquired by the US web development services leader in 2016 for $342 million. With over 1,100 employees and 50,000 local businesses using Yodle's services, Yodle has become a dominating company in online marketing.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the opportunities to make a lot of money through sales compensation, the flexible hours, the great perks, the fun environment, and the great colleagues. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the changes done after the acquisition by, the lack of cross team communication, the very low base pay rate, the heavy cold call focus, and the lack of training on the product.

After the acquisition of Yodle by, all applications to join the team are now being done through's HR. There are over 80 jobs posted on Indeed and over 300 on glassdoor. The majority of the positions available are in the areas of customer service, sales, social media, marketing, and engineering.

Values and Beliefs

The growth of Yodle is based on their 6 core values that drive its culture:

- Yodle believes that customers rule. Their demands drive the growth of the business.

- Yodle values people who keep their word. When you're selling to a business, companies need to know they can trust you to do what was promissed.

- Yodle wants their employees to question authority. To be able to grow as a company, ideas need to come from all the employees. To change the status quo and grow as a company, nothing should be taken as the perfect answer.

- Yodle values treating everyone with respect. Whether people inside or outside of the business, Yodle knows that without respect the business won't be able to grow sustainably.

- Yodle knows that work can be done, you just have to do it. There's a lot of work that isn't done in everyday life because people aren't sure if it can be done. Yodle wants their employees to always try and get it done.

- Yodle wants their employees to commit to greatness. To build a successful company, everyone must be striving to be the best versions of themselves.

Interview Questions

*The majority of interviews reported are mostly focussed on technical questions for the job that you're applying for. Make sure you review the position and the expected roles, and plan how your background fits in these areas*

Why are you interested in working for


Yodle was founded in 2005 by Nathaniel Stevens, Ben Rubenstein, John Berkowitz, and Kartik Hosangar, and the first product was launched the same year. Yodle was very well received, and one of the co-founders was recognized in BusinessWeek's list of Top 25 Entrepreneurs under 25. From its inception the company grew quickly, receiving a series A round in 2006, and opening their New Yor office as the headquarters. In 2007, Yodle received another round of venture funding of $12 million, and opened another office in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Yodle continued to grow, being named the 37th Most Valuable Startup in the world in 2009. Yodle started to acquire companies in 2011 to diversify its product offerings, acquring ProftFuel in 2011 for their local SEO solutions, and Lighthouse in 2013 for their communications software solutions.