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Mission: We're changing the way millions of small businesses make money, spend money and track money.
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Employees: 11-50
Funding: Total Funding - $79.5 million - 2011 - 2017

Company Q&A

Q: In 4 years, what sort of impact do you hope Wave will have imparted?

Q: Does Wave consider individuals from abroad?

Q: Do you provide accomodations in interviews for folks with different abilities?

Q: What sort of health coverage is provided to team members?

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Wave  •
Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
About Wave: Wave propels brave entrepreneurs who pursue their...
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What employees at Wave think about working there

“If you're someone who doesn't deal well with a rapidly changing environment, working for Wave is probably not for you. We're a big team that moves very quickly, the people are all smart, talented, and personable, and we love to work together.”
“Leaderhsip at Wave is incredible. The amount of collaboration between everyone here is unbelievable. Super honest and transparent communication all accross the company. Really lucky to have landed this job!”
Really impressed by the Wave management, every change they implement is smart and balances what's best for the company and the employees. Very refreshing to be working in an office environment as strong and positive as this.”
“Couldn't be happier having a career at Wave! I feel inspired coming in to work every day. Super fast paced environment with a brilliant team that loves to build great projects!
“I'm really proud of what I've been able to accomplish here. I feel Wave has helped me grow to my top potential, and that my best work of my career is happening here.”

Wave Glassdoor Themes

Transparent environment

Wave is a forward thinking culture. They invest in their employees, and are always open to new ways of doing things. Management listens to all criticism, and they act on it quickly and efficiently.
There's a real and legitmate focus on our customers throughout the entire company. Because of this people are very willing and open to voicing opinions on how to better the experience for our customers, and egos are left at the door. A few months ago I voiced my concerns on the performance of a part of one of the services, believing that it should be a main priority based on the strong negative feedback we were getting from customers, and management instantly made plans on addressing it. Best of all was they made me a lead as part of the changes so I could be directly responsible for making the experience better! Great opportunity to learn here and it's great to see management that cares.

Friendly culture

Everyone at Wave seems to come from different backgrounds. HR does a fantastic job at bringing on people who have different experiences, but are all motivated by building strong products that customers love.
The office is a little young, I'd say the vast majority of people are below 35, so the culture is slightly more unprofessional than other places I've worked. Besides that though, everyone is super passionate about the projects we're working on, and collaboration is much greater than the competition, which is something I haven't seen at many other companies.

Fast paced

Wave is the perfect company if you want to grow your career! Lots of opportunities to take on more responsibility, and we're constantly adding new projects to work on. It can make the amount of work seem overwhelming but the team is so strong that I never feel stressed that we won't be able to accomplish our goals.
They've spread themselves a little thin, taking on too many projects, with some being lost in the constant shuffle. If we're able to focus a little more on certain projects, our resources wouldn't be spread so thin, and we'd be able to take more time with each project.

What do clients love about Wave?

“"Wave is everything you'd want out of an accounting software, and by a long shot, the best free accounting software out there. The services they offer, and the functionality of their platform, are really impressive and we rely heavily on their software to balance our books.

Why do we love it? First off, the software is completely free. There are no hidden paywalls or artificial limits that most other 'free' accounting tools have. Shows that they really care about any company being able to handle their finances. There are paid features available, such as their payroll feature, but each base feature is so well made that you quickly realize 'if these are the unpaid features, the paid ones must be unbelievable' and they really are.

Interacting with the software is super easy because the design is very clear. If ever you do have a problem, the customer service is phenomenal. A few months ago I called them up to voice some changes I thought might be valuable to the software, and last week the recent updates addressed nearly every issue I brought up.

There are so many more positive things I can say about Wave, but I would recommend you try it and see for yourself. It's designed with freelancers and small independent companies in mind, so if you're in their target, I wouldn't look anywhere else. A couple of problems we've faced have been slow servers, some buggs on the mobile application, and difficulty with getting in contact with customer support. "”

What will I do at Wave?

“Working at Wave means that you will be doing a wide range of things. Often you end up working on things that are outside of your general scope, but that means it's an opportunity for growth. At Wave we're really trying to make the processes for money handling by small businesses as easy and transparent as possible, so we're constantly innovating and thinking of new ways to help our customers!”

What's the culture like at Wave?

“Wave is a very open and positive environment. The office is completely open, with no walls or specific offices (even for the top executives)! In general most of the employees are below 35, and Wave HR does a fantastic job at hiring people who fit with our company culture. The vast majority of people here are hyper intelligent, both intellectually and emotionally, which makes the working atmosphere super positive!”

What career opportunities are available at Wave?

“There are great opportunities to advance your career within Wave, and to set yourself up for a career at other companies after Wave. Management is always available to talk, and if you show the drive to take on new projects and ideas you'll be given feedback and advice on how to take on the new responsibilities. The wide variety of work you accomplish makes you learn every day, and these learnings can transfer to any company. ”

What services does Wave offer?

“"Wave offers 6 main services to support your accounting needs. These solutions are for Accounting, Invoices, Payments, Receipts, Payroll, and Personal. The majority of these services are completely free to use, the only paid services are Payroll and Payments, which are only available in the US, Canada, and the UK.

The free services that are offered through the application are for Accounting, Invoices, Payments, and Personal. The accounting product connects to your bank account for up-to-date insights, has double-entry accounting, and has the ability to generate financial reports. The invoices service offer customizable invoices and estimates, it gives you the ability to generate recurring invoices, and see the status of your invoices (to see whether they've been viewed, paid, or sent. The receipts feature allows you to upload receipts from your phone directly to the cloud based application, which get directly flowed into your accounting system. Wave also offers personal accounting services to manage your personal budgets, track your investments, and easily separate personal transactions from business.

The paid applications, Payments and Payroll, have scaling costs. Payments allows your business to accept all credit cards, giving the customer the ability to pay directly through your invoices, and it fully integrates with your accounting. They charge a % fee plus a set small amount on each transaction. The payroll system allows your business to pay employees by direct deposit, and gives employees a portal to access pay stubs. The payroll system has costs based on a monthly recurring fee, with additional costs for each added user from the company. "”

What benefits are available at Wave?

Wave supports you from day one to give you everything you need for maximum effectiveness. You're given a top-of-the-line MacBook, full benefits fromd ay one, an annual wellness allowance, education and conference allowance, stock options, fully loaded kitchens, flexible working hours, a rooftop patio, and more. Wave wants to make your time working for them as enjoyable as possible, so if you have any suggestions management is always listening!

What's the interview process like at Wave?

Wave is very efficient with their interview process. They organize a seamless process that introduces you to a diverse group of people you'll be working with, from the CEO to other top executives, it really shows they put the time in to make sure you fit their culture!

What is the benefit of joining the Wave Pro Network as an accountant?

The Wave Pro Network is built to connect business owners with accountants. With Wave continuously onboarding new comapnies onto the platform, they connect you with these SME who are looking for a relationship built on growing their company. Wave gives accountants a data file passing system based on the cloud, a huge network of customers who need professional advice, built in double-entry accounting tools, proper reports and settings to modify these reports, and an integrated payroll system to help you provide the best service to your clients. Wave also connects you with other Accountants and bookkeepers who understand the importance of having an online platform that supports their business!

What seperates wave from it's competitors like quickbooks?

“There are many online applications that offer accounting services similar to Wave. We've done an analysis as to the differences between Wave and QuickBooks Online to see which service was better of the two. A quick introduction: QuickBooks Online is one of the biggest names in the accounting world. They offer a robust feature set with strong accounting and invoice applications, and over 250 integrations. Wave focuses on providing a complete small business solution to business owners. So which solution is better as an online accounting software?

We looked at a variety of different aspects of the applications to compare the two companies: the Accounting side, features, pricing, hardware, ease of use, mobile apps, customer service, and overall reviews from both sides.

An indepth view of each service can be viewed at the link below. In summary, QuickBooks Online offers ample features such as class tracking, inventory tracking, and more, which Wave does not support. QuickBooks also offers many integrations that Wave does not offer. Wave on the other hand beats out QuickBooks with its free pricing plan, excellent customer service, and highly positive customer reviews.

As a small business, we believe that Wave is the best option because of its robust free feature set. If you're a larger business that needs very in-depth features, and you're able to pay the more expensive price, then QuickBooks is probably the best option.”

About Wave

Wave provides free accounting software to change the way small businesses make, spend, and track money. With a mission to liberate small business owners from all the administrative headaches of running a business, Wave builds free software to support small business growth.

Founded in 2010 by current CEO Kirk Simpson and CPO James Lochrie, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Wave has grown quickly to be recognized as an award winning fast growth tech company. Raising a total of $79.5M over 9 rounds o funding, Wave has attracted investments from some of the top venture capital firms such as BDC Venture Capital, and NAB Ventures.

Wave currently has over 170 employees based in their head office, and have been recognized as having an exemplory culture. Wave has won awards for being one of Canada's most admired corporate cultures, has been recognized as a certifiably 'Great Place to Work', and has received a 4.9 overall rating on Glassdoor. Employees really enjoy their careers at wave, as it boasts a 93% employee retention rate.

There are currently positions available at Wave for Designers, Experience Engineers, Mobile Engineers, and Software Engineers.

Values and Beliefs

Wave has 7 values that are at the core to how they treat their employees. These values are followed strictly, as Wave takes it's employment brand very seriously, and they know that great people in a positive environment will build great products.

- Wave invests in their employees - Through career, leadership, and personal development, Wave invests time and effort into employee personal growth through mentors and coaches.

- Wave treats every employee as key - Each employee at Wave plays a part in making the company successful. Wave makes sure each employee feels appreciated and recognized for the work they put in. Their 93% retention rate is all the evidence you need they treat employees well.

- Wave gives employees autonomy and responsibility - Wave knows that employees are at their best when they're able to do what they want, and they're empowered to perform.

- Wave builds an environment of trust and transparency - There are no secrets at wave, they discuss financial data, metrics day to day, and board level business performance with all employees.

- Wave is non-hierarchical - Wave treats all employees as one, a team working towards a common goal. Titles are more for LinkedIn than they are for internal purposes.

- Wave respects brains and teamwork - They're a team of smart, ambitious, creative, and focussed lifelong learners who want to push the barriers and solve complex problems together.

- Wave builds lasting friendships - The work culture at Wave has built a team that you want to spend your time with inside and outside work.

Interview Questions

Why Wave?

What is a piece of feedback you would give yourself, that no-one has ever given to you?

Describe a time when you have had to deal with a stressful situation.

What does excellence mean to you?

What technology do you want to learn?


Wave was founded in 2010 by the current CEO and CPO Kirk Simpson and James Lochrie. Originally called Wave accounting, the first iteration of the product was released to the public in November of 2010. They received strong initial traction, and were able to close a Series A funding round led by Omers Ventures in 2011. Wave continued to continuously growing investments from firms, with their most recent funding round being closed in May of 2017. Throughout its growth, Wave acquired 2 companies, Small Payroll and Small payroll was a payroll product that wave reformated and released to the public as Wave Payroll in 2012. was an online stock-tracking service that was added to Wave's personal accounting management service.