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Mission: Provide the international learning experience to Chinese children—all from the comfort of their homes.
Location: Beijing, China
Employees: 1001-5000
Funding: Total Funding - $825 million - 2013 - 2018

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Alissa Balge
Theresa Di Mauro
Online ESL teacher
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Beijing, China
Mississauga, Ontario
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What employees at VIPKID think about working there

“VIPKID offers very good pay. It took awhile for my account to get bookings but after a couple months I now have a steady stream.”
“Absolutely everything about VIPKID is amazing. They care about their students and their teachers, and are constantly finding ways to make the experience more enjoyable.”
“VIPKID is really strict about the cancellation process for teachers. If you miss 6 classes in the first 6 months, you get instantly terminated with no hope to get your account back. I'm close to the number so now I'm stressed for my job security.”
Great pay, flexible hours (you can kind of choose when you want to work), and engaging work. Would give five stars but with most work being done during the night its more difficult to hang out with my friends.”
Love my students! I'm learning something about Chinese culture everyday, and my students are all excited to learn about Western culture! I just wish I found this opportunity sooner.”

VIPKID Glassdoor Themes

Great kids to teach

I LOVE MY STUDENTS! The material is easy to work with and already made perfectly to make learning english easy for the students.
The students are really fun! Super cute, all different, and usually pretty engaged!

Strong support from VIPKID for success

I've been working at VIPKID for 3 months and I've already seen lots of changes to the portal. Shows that they're really paying attention to how they can make the process easier and more enjoyable for us.
The company takes criticism and feedback very seriously. Their always trying to make things better for teachers in whatever ways we ask.

Quick termination for missed lessons

They're intollerant to cancellations for absolutely any reason. I had a family emergency so had to take a couple days off. I messaged the service desk notifying them of my position and was confident I'd be able to come back, I was wrong. After the 3 day hiatus I got a message saying I was terminated. Tried to communicate with the company but couldn't get a response... please be more human.
Super unfair company! I worked so hard to build an at home environment that would be good for teaching ESL to Chinese kids. Three weeks in I got sick and had to cancel a few lessons for the day... next day I woke up to a termination message! I didn't sleep in!!! I tried to contact them but they said they're very strict about their missed classes policy.

What is the application process like to become a teacher?

“Applicants pass through five stages before becoming VIPKID teachers

1. Submit your resume:

Send us your resume, so we can screen for basic requirements and teaching experience.

2. 1-1 Interview or Recorded Interview:

Join us for a 30-min session where you showcase your teaching skills to a VIPKID recruiter OR

Record your demo lesson at your own time so that a VIPKID recruiter can evaluate you.

3. Introduction to Teaching:

Watch videos to learn about the VIPKID technology, standards and curriculum.

4. Mock class:

Practice teaching a full-length class with one of our VIPKID teachers.

5. Sign your contract, Upload docs & Complete Background Check:

The information you provide will help us comply with our online safety and security standards and create a profile that allows VIPKID students and parents to know you and book you.

6. Full-Fledged VIPKID Teacher:

Put your timeslots on your portal so that VIPKID students can start booking you. Get ready to teach!”

How can I make sure I succeed as a teacher on VIPKID?

“To succeed as a teacher stay sharp and be prepared! Each class you do you get rated out of five on an apple rating system (5 apples means perfect score)! Build lessons around the content with a mix of physical and digital props to help demonstrate concepts to the kids. Keep it light and fun, that's how kids learn best!”

How can I ace my VIPKID interview?

“VIPKID offers lots of online youtube videos and tutorials that show what it's like to be an ESL teacher for them. Watch them, read up on some strategies for teaching kids, and prepare for the mock class! In your mock presentation you should be looking to display how you're able to explain activities clearly and in an engaging way. A core part of the teaching process is being able to elicit a response from the student. During the mock class, the 'student' will pretend to not listen, or pretend to lose focus. Before the class make sure you prepare some engaging questions that will bring them back into focus! Make sure you read up on the slides before you present, it's super obvious if you haven't seen the material before! Lastly, make sure you manage your time effectively. Each session only lasts 30 minutes, so make sure you can fit the material in that time frame, but don't rush it! Make sure you check out the Applicant Performance Indicators provided to see how you'll be evaluated before hand.”

What opportunities career growth opportunities are available through VIPKID?

“There are options for teachers who get great feedback such as becoming a mentor or lesson creator. VIPKID also offers strong incentives for high performing teachers such as bonus money per lesson and free trips to meet your students in China!”

What's a day like at VIPKID as a teacher?

“"Today was my first day working at VIPKID and I loved it! I had five classes back to back and by far my favoritte thing from today was seeing all the students on camera before my lesson even started. Everyone was different and so cute!! One boy was making monster faces and watching himself on the computer. One girl was nervously cute and fidgeted in her chair, while another girl looked super exhausted. My favorite was this little girl who hid under her desk, trying to hide from the camera, but the moment the lesson started she popped up and was all smiles!

A few of the classes felt a little rushed, it can be difficult to stick to the 30 minute time frame, but I was always able to cover everything. The premade lessons were super easy to follow and were really well made. Best part of the teaching was seeing how each of the students changed as the lessons were being taught. The boy who was making monster faces was super excited to learn english numbers. The nervous girl became super engaged with my cat puppet and was delighted when her answers fed the cat tasty treats.

I know that tomorrow morning my alarm is going to go off really early, but from my first day I can tell that VIPKID is going to be a great opportunity for me!"”

What are the teacher requirements for VIPKID?

VIPKID requires teachers to be eligible to work in the US or Canada, have a bachelor's degree in any field, and have 1 school year of traditional teaching experience. Because all classes for VIPKID are hosted through their online portal, you should have a computer or device that is able to stream quality video and have stable internet (if you can't connect to a class for technical reasons, it still counts as a missed class!).

What help does VIPKID provide to teachers?

VIPKID offers full lesson material for every lesson that you'll teach as an ESL teacher so you never have to prepare any of your own teaching materials! They also connect you with a mentor to review your lessons and give tips on how to engage students more.

What benefits does VIPKID provide?

The pay is great and there's a strong bonus pay incentive program. You can make your own schedule which is also a plus, but they do request that you have at least 7 hours of availability during Beijing's peak hours for students (which are Monday-Friday 6-10pm, and Saturday-Sunday 9am–10pm). Overall you're a contractor so no benefits are available, such as healthcare or PTO.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

“"The reprecussions for missing a lesson at VIPKID are very strict! Remember that we aren't technically employees of VIPKID, we're contractors! This means that we can only be paid if we're working, and that our contract is up to the demands of the client.

So what does this mean if you miss a lesson? First off you'll have to pay VIPKID for the miss. The average pay per lesson is about 8$, but if you miss a lesson you have to pay VIPKID 10$. This means that you'll have to do even more lessons than you missed to make your money back. This is an incentive to make sure the students who've set time aside to learn from VIPKID can guarantee that noone will cancel on them last minute.

If you end up missing a few lessons, the number I've seen is 6, then you'll be instantly terminated with no chance of re-negotiation. This strict policy is to ensure that there are a minimal number of cancellations on the platform, so parents can be confident that their booked time won't be rescheduled.

There are a few external reasons that can make a teacher miss a class. VIPKID is very aware that sometimes things can happen in life which make you unavailable, and so with proper documentation you can demonstrate the reason for your missed class and the penalty won't be as severe."”


VIPKID is linking the world through an online educational platform that gives chinese students the opportunity to learn english from native english speakers. With a mission to inspire and empower every child for the future, VIPKID has created a learning platform that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity from their teachers and students. VIPKID teaches chinese students english through immersive 1-on-1 lessons.

Founded in 2013, VIPKID has grown very quickly in the last few years. Based in Beijing, China, VIPKID has more than 30,000 teachers teaching over 200,000 paying students. Receiving a total funding of $825M from 7 rounds of funding from lead venture firms such as YF Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Tencent Holdings, VIPKID is now evaluated at over $3 billion.

VIPKID has been recognized as a leading workplace for flexible remote working. Reviews of VIPKID from teachers on the platform report loving their students and the resources VIPKID offer for their lessons. They're recognized as a company that listens and acts on advice, and as a company that cares for their remote workers.

There are many teacher positions available to join VIPKID, however it is becoming harder to join. The pay is high compared to many remote working opportunities, and the opportunities for gaining additional income are there through incentive programs.

Values and Beliefs

The mission of VIPKID is to inspire and empower every child for the future. The values that VIPKID instills in its teachers is to encourage curiousity, critical thining, and creativity. To build a platform that makes the learning process as enjoyable, engaging, and productive as possible, VIPKID has identified these different core values to teaching as being the most important.

Interview Questions

The interview process for joining VIPKID is mostly based off the mock class you perform after you submit your initial documentation.

What is your highest level of education?

How many years have you worked with children?

Do you have a teaching license?


VIPKID was founded in 2013 by Cindy Mi and was backed by early by the angel investment firm Innovation works. VIPKID got strong initial traction, and was able to, in October of 2014, raise a Series A financing round led by Matrix Partners China. VIPKID's growth was very promising for investors, and was the company was used as a benchmark for demosntrating new entreprenuerial talent coming from China. VIPKID continued to receive funding rounds from top venture irms such as Yunfeng Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Bryant Stibel. In 2017, VIPKID launched a new subsidiary Lingo Bus, which leveraged the style of teaching used by VIPKID to teach english, but was used to teach high quality Mandarin Chinese. The founder and current CEO Cindy Mi had preiously been a teenage tutor who recognized the opportunity to create a better system. In 2018 she met with the US Congress to forge a three-year partnership for a Cross-Border Education under the US-China Strong foundation. VIPKID now serves over 600,000 students from all of China's provinces, and is frequently featured in Chinese media.