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Mission: Enables every organization to deliver the best customer experience powered by human insights
Location: Mountain View, California
Employees: 251-500
Funding: Total Funding - $48.5 million - 2012 - 2015

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Mountain View, California
San Francisco, California
Company Description UserTesting enables companies to put their...
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What employees at UserTesting think about working there

“I’ve worked at UserTesting for a couple years and although the team is fantastic, and the product is exactly what the market needs, the management has had some problems communicating effectively. With that being said they are constantly trying to improve, but it seems as if they grew too quickly, didn’t build proper communication channels, and are trying to backtrack.”
Unlike every other place I’ve worked at, everyone here is helpful, intelligent, and there are very little egos. You learn a lot and are able to build great relationships with your team.”
“The company is fantastic and we have an awesome product but I don’t feel like we’re pushing our growth fast enough. We have an opportunity to absolutely dominate the usability testing market and I’m not sure if we’re moving quickly enough.”
“I’m extremely happy working here. It’s probably the nicest group of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and the product is amazing. Imagine working somewhere where customers love your product and can’t stop using it. Extremely motivating!”
“Everyone at UserTesting is nice and open to helping each other. There’s great work life balance and you can work pretty independently as long as you get things done.”

UserTesting Glassdoor Themes

Poor internal communication

The things that many companies fail at, having a strong bond between co-workers and a quality product, UserTesting does extremely well… what they don’t have is leadership. There is no clear definition of roles and responsibilities which makes it impossible to know who to approach to get something done.
Unfortunately, UserTesting hired way too many sales people without first ramping up their internal lead generation to funnel new leads. Not surprisingly they were unable to hit their goals and we just suffered a surprise layoff that was handled terribly by management. I fear for my job security.

Strong contribution team

The team at UserTesting is inspirationally smart. I would almost say this is a negative factor as now I will want a team like this at all my future companies. This team has set the bar for what a good team can be!
I couldn’t be happier with the opportunity that UserTesting has given me. Everyday I look forward to coming into work to build an amazing product with an A++ team. It’s extremely motivating!

Strong product/market fit

Imagine… working a sales job where the product almost sells itself. You follow up on a lead and they’re shocked they hadn’t heard of you before. “This is exactly what we need!” It’s a great feeling.
Everything about this company is fantastic but what stands out the most is how great the product is. I truly believe that we have one of the best products on the market. I wish that we were pushing for growth a little faster because I think we have the opportunity to absolutely dominate the usability testing market.

What is management like at UserTesting?

“Management at UserTesting is far from perfect, but all workplaces have their difficulties. I found that the amazing bond I’ve built with my coworkers has made me expect more out of my managers. I’ve been working here for 3 years and have seen them improve so we’re on the right track.

In the past there was a very strong disconnect between what the contributing employees thought of the product and what management executed on. It felt like we weren’t being heard or respected. The monthly one on one meetings and quarterly managerial reviews are finally starting to be heard and acted upon which feels great. We’ve had our difficulties but I see UserTestings management team to only get better.”

What are the processes around reviewing a website/product?

“If you’re looking to join the UserTesting community you can check out their website and click “sign up today to be a tester”. Once you’re registered and completed the tests/forms, you can log into the portal from the main website and review what application/websites are available for review based on your demographics. Once you take a project on, you’re prompted with a very simple direction and you record yourself verbalizing your thoughts as you navigate through the application. Once you’re finished you can write a report of the bugs or improvements you’d like to see and send it in for review!”

How much money can I make as a tester?

“It’s a great way to make some extra cash on the side to supplement your income but it definitely is not a career. Opportunities to test different sites depends on your demographics, and certain demographics get more opportunities than others. Last week I made $50 and in the past I’ve made anywhere from $40 - $300. I like to use it as I can make $20 a day online doing something I like.”

How do I get paid?

“We get paid through PayPal 7 days after completing a test. In those 7 days UserTesting is reviewing your work to make sure your recording is of good quality. I’ve never had a problem getting paid unlike some other sites in the flexible hours online working space.”

What do UserTesting customers say about the company?

“My company uses UserTesting every time we are about to roll out a new application or website, we literally use it weekly. The testing community is extremely professional, verbalizing their interaction with the product in insightful and clear ways. The turn-around time between submitting the project for review and receiving the feedback is unbelievably quick, sometimes as low as 2 hours, most often within a day.

Possibly the greatest thing about using UserTesting is their specificity when it comes to choosing your demographic for testing. If we’re looking for technically experienced 50+ year old women, we can target our product test to a group of testers exactly within the criterion of our target segment.

UserTesting is a little bit more expensive than some of the other usability testing websites, but it’s all about tradeoffs. They have arguably the best product in the market, in my opinion by a longshot, has a customer success team that is extremely communicative and helpful, they really want you to get value out of their service, and the process for getting a review is so easy we’ve implemented it into our product rollout process chain. I highly recommend paying the slight premium for their service.”

What sort of career progression is available for internal team members?

UserTesting has many long term employees who have been with the company for over five years! They often look internally for promotions before looking externally so if you’re hitting your numbers and communicating openly with management you will have a great opportunity to build a career at UserTesting. While being in a stage of high growth there’s very often many jobs that are needing to be filled so there’s also the opportunity to build a wide range of experience.

What skills do you need to work at UserTesting?

Interpersonal skills are essential at UserTesting. The bond and relationships that we build will last a lifetime and we depend on each other to build a quality product. Stay open and transparent with your team and stay reliable in hitting your goals.

How can I make sure I succeed at UserTesting?

To succeed at UserTesting you have to always hit your goals. The goals are often very ambitious, as it is with many high growth companies, so stay driven, work hard, and don’t get discouraged. The great thing is your team is fantastic and willing to help, so always keep communicating and work together!

What is a day in the life of a UserTesting Employee?

“I absolutely love my colleagues here. The team they’ve been able to build is not only highly intellectually intelligent but also emotionally intelligent, many of my co-workers will be friends for life. Although there has been some clash with management in the past, it is obvious that they really want to make life at UserTesting rewarding and enjoyable.

First off I want to stress how great of an office environment UserTesting is. The offices are amazing. Well designed, with great views of cool cities (that might be bias but come on, who doesn’t like SF, Mountain View, or Atlanta?!). Our offices are great but you also often have the flexibility to work from home if you aren’t feeling coming to work a certain day. This is great as well because management stresses that it isn’t about the hours you put in but more about the work that you do.

The perks and benefits they provide are the best sum of perks and benefits from all other companies. There’s onsite yoga and athletics to keep us moving and massages to take out that inevitable job stress, gym membership reimbursement, catered lunch, and healthy snacks always in abundance. They offer an educational stipend and with the flexible work hours (if you get work done) this can be an opportunity to accelerate your career very quickly.

The greatest part about working for UserTesting, like I said before, is the team. We’re working on a product that works well which motivates us to always go above and beyond making sure what we build is what customers need.”

About UserTesting

UserTesting gives companies the fastest path to creating a great customer experience. Their large freelance staff of users record their screen and voice as they interact with new websites or products. UserTesting enables companies to get critical insights on their product design from real people quickly so they can confidently deliver products that customers want.

Founded in 2007 by Darrell Benatar and Dave Garr, the current CEO and CMO, UserTesting holds its headquarters in Mountain View, California. They also have offices in San Francisco and Atlanta.

UserTesting has two sets of employees. There are the employees who work directly on the product, being engineers, sales, product design, etc.. These employees mostly work out of the three offices and are responsible for building the company. The other ‘employees’ are the freelance staff that make the product work by actually doing the usability testing reviews for websites and products. Reviews and recommendations are different for both sides, and we will review both in a segregated way below.

The company is often looking for usability testers as they require people with different ranges of technical experience who come from a wide range of demographic backgrounds. These contractors are paid 10$ per usability test, which usually lasts 20 minutes.

UserTesting is looking for people to join their team to help make companies have great user experiences. There are careers here for customer success, software engineering, general administration, product management, design, as well as sales.

Values and Beliefs

UserTesting has very explicit company values that drive it forward as a positive work environment. Everything that is built within the company starts with the question “What would help our customers the most”, UserTesting prides itself in always putting customers first. Internally, owning results is essential no matter the role so people can be held accountable for contributing to the bigger picture. The internal environment is extremely positive, reflected by the core value of being kind to everyone no matter the position. The only way any company can move forward is if their dedicated to getting better. UserTesting knows there’s always room to grow, and they focus on challenging each other to constantly learn and improve. Lastly, UserTesting keeps the rest as simple as possible, focusing on what matters most and cutting out the rest.

Interview Questions

Freelance -

Follow through the processes on the website - “Get Paid to Test”. The interview is an online test case where you collect requested data from a sample website and list out the steps you took to get there. After going through the test case, you report any bugs you might have found and send in your answers. The work you’re given is based off your previous technical experience and demographic data.

Internal team -

What work accomplishment are you most proud of?

Why’d you want to work at UserTesting?

What is your expected salary range?

How do you approach conflict with Project Managers?

How easy was it to navigate our website?

What do you like to do outside of work?

Software Engineer -

Walk through a reservoir sampling problem.


UserTesting was founded in 2007 by current CEO and CMO Darrell Benatar and Dave Garr. They recognized that finding the exact type of user, based on a company’s core customer segment, to test and review new applications and websites was not easy. UserTesting set out to connect the everyday UI/UX aficionados with companies needing an outside perspective. Based in Mountain View, California, UserTesting also has offices in San Francisco and Atlanta. In 2012 they raised a series B round of $3M and in 2015 a series C of $45.5M.

UserTesting has been recognized by customers as a very fast and professional place to receive usability testing feedback on any new application or website development. The community of site testers have also been highly appreciative of the ease of use of their system and quick payment turnaround time. There are many user interface and user experience testing websites, such as userzoom, but UserTesting has had very strong feedback from the community on both sides.