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Mission: Deliver the highest quality human readable transcription at the lowest cost.
Location: San Francisco, California
Employees: 398
  • Total of $6.6 million - 2012 - 2017
  • Latest round July 20 2017 - Seed Round
  • None

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Q: Will I be able to work from home because that s what I m most interested in.

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electrical engineer
Allysha Le
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San Francisco, California
San Francisco, California
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What employees at TranscribeMe think about working there

“The best part about working at TranscribeMe is that your hours are super flexible, the most flexible they can be! You work truly at your own schedule and the staff is always present and available for support. The pay could be a little better especially when some audio files are difficult to discern whats being said.”
“TranscribeMe is great because I have a lot of time on my hands and I just want to fill it with something that is engaging and makes me money… TranscribeMe allows me to do exactly that! If you are a slow typist you will not be able to get much money but the faster and more accurate you are, the more money you can make and the greater the opportunities for advancement!”
“There is only ever around 2-6 minutes of audio to transcribe at any given time, and you have to put in work before to find it and after to send it in. It’s just not an efficient use of time.”
“To work at TranscribeMe there’s only 2 exams that you have to pass. They are very picky about format and you have to have a near perfect score on your transcriptions to move up within the company.”
“TranscribeMe is a great place to work part-time. There is often a shortage of work but that’s the case for most online freelance companies.”

TranscribeMe Glassdoor Themes

Helpful community

My TM team is very professional and always helping me whenever I need it. The forum means that I’m never alone when I have a question I need answered, and it creates a bond between the transcribers that other transcription companies don’t have.
The staff at TranscribeMe are always there to support you and encourage your growth. If you work hard and engage with the community they’ve built, you’ll end up with a great potential for supplementary income.

Thorough interview process

I applied online and within a day they sent me an online test. The grammar section of the test had 10 multiple choice questions that were slightly nuanced. I failed the first couple times, and as I made new accounts to try and pass, I could never pass even if I got them all right! There has to be a bug in the system!
The interview process is super unfair! I got all the transcription correct but for some reason they marked them as wrong. I took the tests again and again, copying my answers to word documents to make sure I could improve (since the tests are the same attempt to attempt), and even when I improved on my mistakes I still couldn’t pass!

Consistency is key

TranscribeMe is perfect for me! I’m an english writer coming out of university in the need for some extra cash. With all my practice and experience in writing with proper grammar I find transcribing pretty easy and a great way to make some extra money.
I started out working at TM about a year ago and have gotten really good at transcribing quickly with little mistakes. Last month I did the QA exam (I passed) and now I get way more work and a higher pay… putting the time in and sticking to it was worth it!

How can I make sure I succeed at TranscribeMe?

“To succeed at TM you have to make sure all the work you submit has little to no errors, so I highly recommend proofreading your work before you submit! Think of the wasted time if you submit something that doesn’t get accepted by the QA team… I’ve done it enough times and now I always review! Not only this but if you’re new to working on the TranscribeMe platform, and you start consistently submitting low-quality transcripts, the QA team won’t hesitate in closing your account for good.

When you’re proofreading your transcription document make sure that you have no grammar or spelling mistakes, that your punctuation is clear and put in the right place, and that you follow their style guide TO THE LETTER!

One thing to remember is NEVER guess what the speaker said! If you are unsure of what the speaker said, type what you think you heard, but tag it appropriately. The QA team will definitely appreciate it and it will lower your chances that your script gets rejected.”

What is life like at TranscribeMe in three sentences?

“TranscribeMe gives you the opportunity to make your own hours so you can work whenever you want, but you can only work when theres content available… which seems to be less and less! The forum (community of transcribers) is very helpful and everyone helps each other by answering any question, but since you work from home life at TranscribeMe is what you make it. This isn’t a full time position, but something to support your income.”

What sort of career progression is available?

“There is a clear path towards getting higher paying jobs at TranscribeMe. If you have a very high accuracy in your transcription, and are able to have a very quick turnaround time, you will be able to take on the higher paying transcription requests. If you prove yourself to be at the top of the chain, you can often make more than the 20$ per audio hour advertised… but this isn’t a career!”

What skills do you need to work at TranscribeMe?

“To be a successful transcriber at TranscribeMe you have to be an exceptionally fast typer, atleast 100 WPM, the ability to work in a time stressed environment with little to no errors. Staying exact to the format sheets they provide is imperative so make sure you keep to their requirements!”

What are the processes around transcribing a file?

“By logging in to the workhub on TranscribeMe’s website, you will be redirected to a portal that hosts a wide variety of different audio files. From there you will be able to access the files that relate to your account restrictions and start your transcription!

Usually the audio files on TranscribeMe are short, ranging from 1 to 5 minutes. Many people view this as a downside as it means you have to constantly switch between different audio files to hit your full audio hour of transcription, but from my experience trying to do a 30 minute audio transcription is extremely hard when you have to hit the level of standard TranscribeMe expects out of you!

The audio files are not always clear but that’s just the way it is when you’re an audio transcriber. If you can’t understand what’s being said, there’s no need to try and transcribe it (if you can’t hit that 99% QA, you’ll just be wasting your time). If the background noise isn’t terrible you can use a DFX audio enhancer which usually helps improve the sound quality, but try not to delve too deep into this as it takes more time which means you’ll be making less money.

The great thing about TranscribeMe is that the deadlines are usually pretty flexible, if you take up a one-minute audio file, you’ll have to finish it in 60 minutes. If you take a four-minute audio file you’ll have to transcribe it within 240 minutes. Basically you get about 60 times the length of the audiofile to finally complete it before it goes back into the system for another transcriber to pick up.

Now when you finish transcribing the file, the TM (TranscribeMe) QA team will review your work to make sure it hits the standard level of quality expected out of the transcribers”

What's the best part about working for TranscribeMe?

The best part about working as a transcriber for TranscribeMe is that I'm able to work literally anywhere in the world where there's internet. I've heard stories of people moving to Thailand because food is cheaper and so is rent, so all you really don't have to make a significant amount to live comfortably.

How's the work/life balance at TranscribeMe?

Although the work itself is definitely demanding and when you start a transcription, you'll want to work as hard as you can so that you can finish it in time, TranscribeMe is particularly great because you choose your own hours. It really depends on how you want to live your life. If you want more work, you can work more, if you want more 'life' you can work less. It's up to you!

Is there a sense of community at TranscribeMe?

Well, because everyone is working remote it's very difficult to have a fully functioning community. However, TranscribeMe has done a pretty good job at creating a sense of a virtual community through their online forum that gives anyone the opportunity to ask questions to people who've been doing the job for a long time.

What is onboarding like at TranscribeMe?

“The onboarding process at TranscribeMe is extremely easy and painless. The process often only takes a day. You apply online and they immediately respond with an online test to make sure your understanding of grammar is up to par and you can transcribe audio files quickly with minimal errors.

There are a multitude of different sections that you can apply for during the TranscribeMe hiring process. There are basic transcription tests, but also language grammar tests for different languages including Chinese, Japanese, German, French Dutch, Spanish… practically any language you can think of. If you are competent in any of these languages you can often receive higher paying tiers for transcription and translation!

There’s no interview so all you have to do is ace the exams. These exams include answering 10 grammar based questions, and then transcribing 3 audio clips at around a minute each. To be accepted onto the TranscribeMe team you have to have a certain score in both the multiple choice grammar section and in the audio clip transcription (in terms of accuracy).

Many people report that the exam is a breeze, but the standard for entrance is extremely high. Your average on all the sections of the exam have to be atleast above 90%, even scoring 85% on one of the sections will mean you will be unable to pass. This paired with reportings of bugs within the evaluation process have made some people very frustrated with the hiring process as it may seem impossible to receive an offer.

Make sure you review all the guidelines that TranscribeMe provides for the formatting of the transcription and that you’re ready for an intense quick exam.”

About TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe makes transcribing voice to text easy for anyone by providing a low cost reliable transcription service. Providing an easy to use application that simplifies the process of uploading audio content to a central database that then can be transcribed to written content allows TranscribeMe to have an industry leading turnaround time.

Specializing in the transferring of material from one medium to another, TranscribeMe allows clients to transcribe audio or video into text, and to translate written documents, audio, or video from one language to another. With a large freelance support staff that is reviewed based on the quality of their output, companies can reliably hire freelance transcribers who will always accurately transcribe content for individual client needs.

TranscribeMe enables companies to have their complete meetings in long written form so no information is ever lost, it allows researchers to record their focus groups so no information is missed, and for students to get written notes from their recorded lectures.

By offering a mix of both human and machine based transcription services, TranscribeMe has some of the best costs on the market for transcription with a 99% transcription accuracy.

Receiving a total of 6.6M$ in funding from seed rounds since its inception in 2011, TranscribeMe was founded Alexei Dunayev and has as its lead investor David Teece.

Values and Beliefs

Behind the transcription service, TranscribeMe wants its workforce to be enabled with all the required resources they need to succeed. They enable transcribers to become the best they can in transcription by offering free training and support documentation and guidelines that demonstrate industry best practices in transcription.

TranscribeMe believes that having a collaborative work environment is important to keep employees bonded and to provide them with career opportunities within the transcription industry. They enable their employees by providing an open forum where any questions can be asked and answered quickly, so even if you work from home you are never alone.

The core behind the TranscribeMe workforce is their opportunity to work their own hours and work on any projects they see fit. There are no set times, and if there is a high demand for transcription the transcribers will be notified by e-mail and given the opportunity to transcribe the high volume content for a higher fee.

Interview Questions

The interview process for TranscribeMe is completely done online. The process starts by going on and clicking the “Join as Transcriptionist” link at the top of the page. You fill out a quick form and within a day you are contacted with an online test to complete. There is no in person or phone interview for TranscribeMe, if you receive a very high score (within the top 5% of applicants) you will pass and be hired as a TranscribeMe transcriber! The tests are two parts, a transcription exam in which you must transcribe 3 one minute clips, following the guidelines exactly, and 10 quick multiple choice questions to assess your grammar comprehension. Below are is a same question you will be asked in the exam.

Which of the following examples should NOT be hyphenated?

A) He is a good-looking man.

B) Did you hear the long-winded explanation?

C) It's a family-owned business.

D) He's in a state of-happiness.


TranscribeMe was founded in September of 2011 by Alexei Dunayev and Greg Feerer. Alexei Dunayev is a Berkley-based CEO and serial entrepreneur with a long history of building successful technology business. Greg Feerer is the CFO of TranscribeMe, and has a background as a finance professional. In his past Greg raised money for Greenlight Energy, a clean-tech startup that he had co-founded.

TranscribeMe in its early stages went through San Francisco’s Startup Weekend, attracting a team of of highly motivated positive individuals who wanted to change the transcription space. The mission of TranscribeMe is to make transcription quick, easy, and accurate. There are so many segments of customers that could benefit from having accurate written documentation to support audio content, and TranscribeMe set out to help whichever segment needed it the most.

The first round of seed funding was received in May of 2012, with continuous rounds of funding from both angels and venture funds over the next 6 years, raising a total of $6.6M.

Recently TranscribeMe has been recognized by Deloitte to be on the Top 20 Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific for 2015, with an astounding 1818% growth. The technology behind TranscribeMe to support their human freelance team is constantly evolving. TranscribeMe announced a low-cost transcription solution in 2016 called the First Draft Transcription service which allows for transcription content to be micro-tasked into multiple projects. This innovation has enabled TranscribeMe to offer the fastest human-verified transcription service in the world.