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Mission: Provide opportunities for millions of hard-working people across the United States, United Kingdom, and soon, around the world.
Location: San Francisco, California
Employees: 51-100
Funding: Acquired by IKEA

Company Q&A

Q: Are there common threads when people struggle to perform within Taskrabbit?

Q: Is it common for team members to spend time together during evenings?

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San Francisco, California
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What employees at Taskrabbit think about working there

Beautiful office in SF, dog friendly environment, lots of snacks, stocked kitches, free lunch every day, and a game room. Overall this is definitely the best office environment I've ever been a part of, we're helping people connect communities as a community ourself. The recent acquisition by IKEA means that some things are changing and we have to shift our roles, but the team is still the same and the office stil as positive.”
Best team I ever had but I got laid off with about 20% of the rest of the team back in 2015. We had made decisions for the product contrary to what many of us thought right, and in the end we were the ones who had the better idea. Frustrating because there's always the balance between sticking with a vision and setting up for growth, but it's unfortunate that our group choice resulted in many people losing their jobs.”
“Love how the executive team treats the employees. Very transparent and open about all things, the benefits are great for a startup, the perks make work relaxing, and we really work as a collaborative team. The only thing that's a huge con to working at TaskRabbit is we're paid a significantly lower amount than industry average, but we still have the workload that comes with being in the tech industry.”
“A very goal driven team that dedicates itself to the lean approach of development. Everyone is involved in the ideation process (for the better or worse, most the time I'd say for the better), and from these meetings we build great product roadmaps with clear goals on what to test. Definitely a well run company and I'm happy to be a part of it.”
“TaskRabbit is a great company, and a great company to work for. There are many reasons my time at TaskRabbit has been the most fulfilling work I've done, a strong and trusting culture, an open and transparent executive team, a goal/data driven approach to developing projects, and a great vision to help communities.

Taskrabbit Glassdoor Themes

Great collaborative team

This has definitely been the best team I've ever been a part of. We're all aligned in the vision of helping people get things done, and our CEO has great integrity towards making sure we do what's best for our clients.
We've had some tough times in the past but the team has only grown through them. Really enjoy how we're all a part of the decision making process and management makes sure that all our voices are heard.

Open and transparent executives

One of the reasons our team is so tightly knit is from the moment we're brought on to the company managers and the executive staff make it clear their available and happy to talk to you. A great community feeling where you're trusted and respected for the work you do by everyone around.
My favorite part of working for TaskRabbit was the ability for managers to listen and respect everyones thoughts about company future direction. A breath of fresh air from the corporate companies I've worked for in the past with strict job roles and hierarchy.

Low pay

Love working for a company that takes it customers needs and goals to heart. As a team we want to make sure the decisions we make have a positive impact on the people we're trying to help. The pay isn't great but I prefer the motivation of working on something meaningful over the motivation of financials.
As the company continues to grow, especially after the acquisition by IKEA, there are many opportunities to grow your career at TR. That being said, your salary is much below what your value to the company is, and with this low salary they still expect a high output in a fsat environment.

What is the office environment like at TaskRabbit?

“"The office environment at TaskRabbit is vey positive. We view ourselves as a connected community, working with our neighbours to help the system we're a part of. Kindness is the overwhelming emotion expressed in the workplace, and we love to work together to solve problems.

In the past we had some moments of difficulty. Like many small teams, each individual person plays an important role in office dynamics. Back in 2015 we were going through a difficult time of having way too many projects that needed to be worked on, as well as having lots of technical debt with some features not working. This was a time in TaskRabbit's history where some of the teams were having difficulty adapting to the choices made, and the office dynamic was not nearly as positive as before.

This moment though shows many positive things overall about TaskRabbits culture as a whole. First it shows that we were all invested in where the company was going, both philosophically and in terms of growth. When people are aligned with the company decision, but people have different opinions on how to get there, there will always be some tension. Much of this tension can actually be traced to a single engineer at the time who is no longer there, and so if you see any negative reviews from that time just keep that in your mind.

Secondly this shows how connected we all were prior to these decisions. People felt betrayed because we were all aligned before, and that had been our first moment of real conflict.

It's great to have this experience behind us as a company. We've learned a lot about how to manage these circumstances, and are now more aware than ever the importance of always working together and staying aligned.

TaskRabbit has been the opportunity of a lifetime in terms of my career. Great vision, huge growth, and a fantastic team environment."”

What is the interview process like for joining TaskRabbit?

“The interview process for TaskRabbit is pretty standard. First you submit your resume, then there's usually two rounds of phone screening, one with an HR rep and second with the hiring manager. If you pass the phone screening you'll be brought in for 1 or 2 rounds of in person interviews where you'll meet the team you're working with and answer some interpersonal as well as professional questions. My experience with the interview process was great, they focus more on dialogue so you can see if they fit with you as much as they can see if you fit them.”

How can I make sure I succeed working for TaskRabbit?

“To succeed at TaskRabbit means being a part of the companies community. We're a very positive culture, and we love to be open about new ideas and thoughts. To succeed here you have to integrate with the group. Although it may seem like a daunting task for the introverts out there, everyone here is very friendly and we're a very diverse workplace, so please apply and through the interview you'll meet many of your teammates. You can judge if you'll enjoy the atmosphere then!”

Can you work remote for TaskRabbit?

“There's actually no current work from home policy in place because a core part of working at TaskRabbit is the team environment. As the company grows with the acquisition by IKEA this might change, but my assumption is it really depends on team and your manager.”

What is it like to be an engineer for TaskRabbit?

“"One of the great things about being an engineer at TaskRabbit is how transparent the team is from day one. Before you even start working at the company, during your interview, they show you the code base of their applications so you can get a feeling of what you'll be working with. This showed me that the company is really invested in making sure engineers have the tools they need to develop the products and services that are needed.

Once I got the position, I was instantly integrated socially as a member of the team. Great contrast compared to how many other companies treat their engineers, I felt like the departments were all aligned and working towards the same goal of making the company work. When we did product meetings everyone had an opportunity to share their ideas in terms of why an idea may or may not work. We got a chance to influence the product roadmap and had input into the direction of what we were building.

As we worked on new features, there's a very strong balance of time alloted for working on the new feature and working on the tech debt involved with the feature. We have the ability to constantly upgrade our tools, and the team ensured that we always had the best tools available.

We always would use the newest versions of Rails, and we were one of the first react-native applications in the market.

Working as an engineer for TaskRabbit has been a great experience that has shown me what it's like when a management team respects the engineers ideas, and brings them on for the decision making process of new features. We're given the time and tools, within reasonable limits, to be successful and build great features."”

What do clients who use TaskRabbit say?

I've used TaskRabbit for many jobs around my house like mowing my lawn or putting mulch in my garden and have had some really nice and hardworking people do the work. My only reservation about the system is many taskers cancel either immediately after the booking or right before the task, and when they cancel you don't get to rate them. Just beware and don't schedule anything that needs to be done a certain time no matter what, or find taskers who are always punctual and use them.

What are the perks of working at TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit does a great job with their perks offered. They care about your personal development and give you a $1,000 annual stippend for learning. They offer a monthly TaskRabbit stippend so you can get work done around your house for free. The offices are 'top of the line', with fully stacked kitchens at your disposal, plus we get free lunches every day!

What benefits are provided for TaskRabbit?

The benefits provided by TaskRabbit are great for a startup. 100% health coverage, 12 weeks fully paid parental leave. 401k matching. 20 days of PTO annual + paid holidays. The only thing I wish we had was an equity stake in the company because we're growing well and I don't see signs of slowing.

What do contractors say about using TaskRabbit?

“"Great experience working for TaskRabbit as a service provider. Able to work when I want, pick up different tasks that I feel like doing, and I'm able to make money while meeting some interesting people in my area.

The great experiences I've had were when the client would see me as a neighbour or old friend. Very generous, making sure that what they asked of me was possible, and making sure I was being paid enough for the work. That being said I've also had to deal with some very rude people. Don't really see me as a person and ask me to do absolutely unreasonable things in super short times to save them money. Many of these people have tons of money but treat me poorly!

Overall, because of TaskRabbit I've been able to make some extra money on the weekends and some nights, and meet some great people in the process. Would definitely recommend it to others who have time on their hands and don't mind doing a little physical work."

"Being a contractor is never an easy job. You don't have much job security, you don't get any benefits, and your work can really change day to day. I wouldn't recommend trying to make this your full time thing, but it's definitely a great way to make some extra money and spend time."”

About Taskrabbit

TaskRabbit is a two-sided marketplace that matches customers who need things done with over 60,00 taskers who are happy and interested in doing small tasks. By offering convenience, quality, and accessible prices, TaskRabbit is providing opportunities to people around the world to earn a living while connecting with their community.

Founded in 2008 by Leah Busque, and originally called RUNmyERRAND, TaskRabbit holds its headquarters in San Francisco California. Receiving a total of $37.7M in funding through three series rounds and two seed rounds, TaskRabbit has grown to an estimated $5.4M in annual recurring revenue and 105 employees. TaskRabbit was acquired by IKEA in 2017 and is still being run as a separate entity.

Positive reviews from current employees express their love for the strong, neighbourly culture, the great benefits, the open and transparent communication by management, and the focus on helping an underserved market by tech companies. Former dissenting employees dislike the fast work atmosphere, the previously unclear product roadmap, and much lower than industry average pay.

After being acquired by IKEA, TaskRabbit has been going through a phase of rapid growth. Four months after the acquisition the size of the team has doubled, which means there are many opportunities for career growth within the company as it expands globally. There are opportunities for roles in communications, data science, engineering, finance, marketing, operations, people operations, and product.

This article will focus on reviews of TaskRabbit from the internal perspective employees instead of the contractors hired through the platform. It is recognized through consumer reviews that TaskRabbit does a good job at acommodating contractor and client problems, and they allow the marketplace to set the supply and demand.

Values and Beliefs

TaskRabbit has 4 core values that define their approach to the company. They believe in being open & approachable, that transparency and direct and respectful communication are key to success. They believe in learning and inspiring eachother to work in cross-functional ways. They value how diversity makes teams stronger, with a 54% women staff and 38% minorities. They lastly believe that everyone is part of the product team, and that everyone should be responsible to take TaskRabbit to the next level.

Interview Questions

Why Taskrabbit? Have you ever used our service, if so when?

What do you consider a convoluted subject/process, and how would you break it down into something easy and simple to understand?

*Specific questions related to role*

How do you prioritize?

What is love?


TaskRabbit Inc. Was founded in 2008 by Leah Busque under the name of RUNmyERRAND. The idea originally came to Leah when she realized she was out of dog food for her 100 pound dog, and thought 'wouldn't it be amazing if I could get a neighbour who's already at the supermarket to pick it up for me'. TaskRabbit received its first round of angel funding in 2009, and changed its name to TaskRabbit in 2010. It joined the facebook incubator fbFund, and received a $1.8M investment of seed money from venture backed firms. The company hired its first full-time employee with the cash Brian Leonard, who had worked with Leah at IBM. Since then the company continued to grow, expanding accross the states with a business model that charges 26% commission on temporary worker hiring through the platform. Since its founding, TaskRabbit was able to raise $37M in funding and expand to all of the U.S. with over 60,000 taskers. TaskRabbit was acquired by IKEA in 2017 and continues to operate under its own name.