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Mission: Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies and, together with its customers, is driven to make healthcare better.
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Parkway Portage, Pennsylvania
Vancouver, British Columbia
Employees: 33000
Funding: 38 acquisitions since 1998

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Q: What does successful onboarding look like at Stryker?

Q: What approaches do you use to integrate new team members?

Q: How is time away from the office managed at Stryker?

Q: Do you actively try to foster a diverse workforce? How?

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Kalamazoo, Michigan
New York, New York
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What employees at Stryker think about working there

“I would recommend working here for a couple years out of college, then leaving for a better job. Stryker pays their new employees pretty well, and they have a pretty good onboarding process, but none of the more senior staff are actually paid what they're worth, and they work you too hard. Most days are 10 hours and it can be pretty stressful and depressing.”
“Love telling people that I work at Stryker! It's a globally known company and our products help save lives on a daily basis. Because you're surrounded by the medical field there's a lot of opportunities to learn about the industry and become an expert, and Stryker gives you lots of opportunities to learn through different programs and mentors. Great place to become a master of the industry!”
“Pretty good place to work. The pay is nice and its fun to work at a company you know is doing very well and constantly growing. Some days are tough though, 10-12 hours, a bunch of type A personalities, and difficult to handle management. The one thing that really redeems it is the fact we work with products that save lives.”
“Overall this has been one of the better jobs of my career. It's great to be able to work on with products and services that actually help peoples lives. We're mostly a sales driven team and I wish that we had more internal researchers, but the culture is still pretty positive, albeit a little work heavy.”
“Nice office and I like that there's lots of different things to learn but they don't really know how to keep an engaged workforce. There's no real process for feedback, thesales leader didn't know how to execute a yearly budget, and middle managers seemed out of touch and too old to do anything. Definitely not somewhere I'd recommend to work.”

Stryker Glassdoor Themes

Strong culture

Stryker has a strong vision that they actually dedicated,
One of the only companies I've worked for where I actually believe in the mission and vision. Stryker is focussed on being the provider of leading edge technology. We're constantly buying out new companies and it feels pretty cool to be apart of the company that dominates the market. Stryker is a culture focussed on winning.


A great place to work out of university for a few years but they really push you to work excessively. I found it very hard to keep a healthy work/life balance, and decided to leave for a different company.
Working at Strykr is definitely not an easy job, you'll be working a lot of hours and you'll have to commit heavily to the company. I definitely think its worth it in the long run because the work that we do provides a lot of value to people. Management could make the environment a little less competitive but it's good to push us to always do our best.

Learning environment

I like how Stryker is in an industry where you see an impact in what you do, and I really like how complicated and layered the medical field is, but it can be a little to stressful at times. Great place to work if you're really passionate about healthcare and making change, but it can be a pretty tiring job.
If you're interested in the medical field I can't think of a better company that will give you the opportunity to learn so much in such a short time. There's so many people here who are dedicated to the company and really just want to share their knowledge gained over the years to anyone who wants to ask.

What do customers think of Stryker?

“"I'm a hospital administrator who's in charge of sourcing many of the products that we buy to make sure we're up to date in terms of tehnology and to make sure that we have enough of everything to run as effectively and save lives. We use Stryker for a lot of different equipment because their sales staff is great to deal with and their products match what our doctors need and want.

Because I like dealing with the sales team and Strykers products are reasonably priced, we use them for a lot of our core items to our hospital. Things like bed frames, cleaners & disinfectants, and even patient room furniture. It's great because they already package the products in categories you need, such as maternity suite items, so if you need to stock a room it's easy to do.

They also have a wide range of repair services for all their equipment where they're super responsive and they make sure our downtime is at a minimal. If ever a doctor informs me that something is not working, the company that I call is usually Stryker to get it fixed.

It's difficult for me to give a complete review of all their services, because the range is so extensive, but the general feeling I get from people is that they like the Stryker products, think that they're well made, and they like the people behind the company."”

What is the hiring process like for Stryker?

“The hiring process is pretty standard. Takes about 3-4 weeks, where you're first speaking to a recruiter on the phone, then to someone more related to your position by phone. They then send you a Gallup personality test (sometimes more than one), and an in-person interview with a panel.”

How can I ace my interview and maximize my chances of getting the job?

“Stryker is a professional company that is very serious, so be honest and be alert. They generally hire the type A personality types so make sure you're super confident and seem ready to take on any task. Keep your cool, look sharp, and you'll do fine.”

How many hours do you usually work at Stryker per day?

“Most days the hours are 8-5 if you're able to go with the flow and finish all the work you have to in that time frame. Many times though it will be difficult to actually go home at 5, and you'll be spending closer to 10 hours a day, especially when there are big projects that need to be completed.”

What is the office environment like at Stryker?

“"The office environment at styker is overall very positive but it's also very driven. In general there are a few factors that make the environment like this, there's the fact that Stryker is in an impactful industry and we actually help peoples lives which is super positive, but the team's are super fast paced, and management pushes us to always exceed expectations in every way.

Positivity in the workplace is essnetial for me if I actually want to work somewhere and Stryker definitely has a positive environment. They hire lots of smart, energetic, and passionate young people who always want to demonstrate their drive and willingness to learn. Being surrounded by people like that you can't help but feel energized.

Management in general is pretty supportive, but corporate sets really high standards in terms of what each individual should be doing. Usually we're working 9-10 hour days just to finish all the work we have to get done. This heavy work/load can sometimes make people frustrated and on-edge, so thats where the semi-aggressive nature of the environment comes from.

Overall I would definitely recommend working here because the driven aspect of the company can be even seen as a plus. I've worked at so many companies where no-one is working and you wonder how the company is actually still alive. Stryker is a company that actually helps people on a daily basis, and is driven to do better from one day to the next."”

What's your favorite part about Stryker?

I love how every day when we come into work we know that we'll be making an impact on peoples lives. It's a very serious job and I really love how much the team comes together and works hard to make sure we're able to help as many people as possible.

What would you change about Stryker to make it a better workplace?

It's a pretty good workplace already but I feel management tries too hard to push us into being competitive over being collaborative with each-other. It's not like we don't get along with each-other, but the pressure to perform personally can make it difficult to take time and help out someone with their own goals.

How is the pace of work at Stryker?

Stryker is a super fast-moving company that doesn't mess around. They set really high expectations for every person so you have to work really hard to hit your goals. Some people feel like the expectations are un-realistic, but they reward the high achievers with lots of opportunities and new learning.

How is Stryker positioned for the future? What roles at the company thrive?

“"I'm super confident that Stryker will stay a dominating force in the health equipment and medtech industries for many years to come. Revenues continue to rise and the company continues to expand into new products and areas previously untapped.

A core thing to Stryker being a great place to work is that we already dominate the industry in the three fields that we specialize in. Stryker has 35% of the worlds marketshare in the reconstructive field, 50% of the worlds marketshare in the medical & surgical field, and 15% of the worlds marketshare in the neurotechnology and spine field.

With such a strong grasp on the current fields, and an gross profit margin of over 65%, Stryker is the perfect example of a company that has a positive impact and is run well.

That's why I work here. Every year we continue to grow. Each year we have new opportunities to enter new fields. We've been acquiring companies left right and center in recent years, and I see no signs of it slowing down. Great place to grow your career if you ask me."”

About Stryker

Stryker is a leading medical technology company that provides orthopedics, medical & surgical, and spine & neruotechnological services to its customers. In the orthopaedics services Stryker offers reconstructive technology for hips, knees, foot & ankles and much more. In the medical and surgical services Stryker offers computer assisted surgery, endoscopic surgical solutions, beds, stretchers, ems products, and much more. In the nerotechnological & spine services Stryker offers interventional spine, neruvascular, and spinal implant products among others.

Founded in 1941, the Orthopedic Frame Company (later changing its name to the Stryker Corporation) was originally founded by Dr. Homer Stryker in Kalamzoo, Michigan. The company has grown to be a world wide health technology company innovating the healthcare industry. Now with over 33,000 empoyees, $12.4 billion in annual revenues, and offices in over 300 locations, Stryker is a dominating company in the health and medtech industries.

With Stryker being such a successful and global company there are many career opportunities and jobs available. On glassdoor there are over 2,800 jobs posted, indeed has over 700, and the stryker website has over 1,000. The majority of positions for joining stryker are in the fields of sales, marketing, technology, finance, and operations.

Positive reviews from employees at Stryker report enjoying the people oriented culture, the unifying company vision and values, the young culture, the company growth, the learning opportunities, and the good salary and benefits. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the lack of diversity of thought, the overly competitive atmosphere, the lack of work/life balance, the lack of transparency about budgeting, and the sometimes incompetent middle managers.

Values and Beliefs

Stryker has 4 core values that drive how the company interacts with both its customers and its employees. These 4 values are:

- Stryker values integrity. Stryker understands that having integrity and doing what's right at all times will make the business succeed and be recognized for its focus on being a corporate socially responsible company.

- Stryker values accountability. Stryker recognizes that following through on their commitments is the only way to stay at the top, as especially in the medical field, people need to know they can trust you.

- Stryker values people. Stryker knows that the people are the core to any business, and they invest time and effort to make sure their employees have the opportunities they need to grow personally and professionally.

- Stryker values performance. With all the other values said, Stryker understands that the only way to actually stay a top company is by delivering consistently the best products and services available.

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working at Stryker?

Are you more innovative than your peers?

What made you pick this position?

Tell me a time you did something meaningful and why was it meaningful for you?

What 3 qualities would you use to describe yourself?

Why should we hire you?


Founded in 1946 by Dr. Homer Stryker in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the company was founded around the Turning Frame, a mobile hospital bed that allowed for repositioning of injured patients while providing the patient with boddy immobility.

In 1979 the company went IPO and was later acquired by Osteonics Corporation. After the acquisition the company entered into hip, knee, and other orthopedic joint replacements market. In 1999 Stryker reached over $2.1 billion in sales and was featured in the S&P 500 list of companies for the first time.

Stryker went through a phase of rapid growth as a large company in the 2000's receiving recognition from multiple organizations such as Forbes, Fortune, Gartner, and LinkedIn for their growth and for being a great place to work. B the end of 2012 Stryker had reached annual sales of $8.7 billion and held 35% of the worlds reconstructive market share, 50% of the worlds MedSurg market share, and 15% of the worlds neurotechnology and spine marketshare.