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Sell It Down

Mission: To create a buying and selling marketplace platfrom that treats the buyer and the seller equally. We are a startup launching November 2018.
Location: Parsippany , New Jersey
Employees: 5
Funding: Unknown

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Bicky Singh
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About Sell It Down

E-commerce is changing rapidly and it has certainly taken over the brick and mortar stores. But what isn’t changing is that these existing e-commerce platforms like Ebay and Mercari are taking a step back and are becoming less consumer centric. Instead they are forgetting who fed them. Instead they are always siding with the buyer even when the seller is innocent because that is where most of the money is for them. We believe that if we create a safe balanced platform where both the buyer and the seller have a equal say, there will be less scams, less complaints, lower prices, more sellers, and more buyers on the platform. And this isn’t it, we are working on new never before seen features that set us apart from these existing platforms. One of them is that we will not tolerate any stolen items being sold such as Apple iphones that are in lost mode. If a buyer claims a stolen item, they can simply report it to the police station or send the item to us and we will hold it and refund the buyer using the seller’s account. Then we will give it to the local police and hopefully return it to the rightful owner. We see so many stolen items being sold on these platforms everyday especially Ebay.