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Riot Games

Mission: Riot aspires to be the most player-focused company in the world.
Los Angeles, California
Clayton, Missouri
Employees: 3653
  • $15 million - 2008 - 2009
  • Acquired by Tencent $400 million - 2011

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Brian Tsui
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Riot Games  •
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California
Riot Games was founded in 2006 by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill...
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What employees at Riot Games think about working there

“Love working with this team and Riot knows how to treat us rioters very well, all the perks and benefits are as good as people say they are here. One thing that I find is difficult to deal with working here though is there's an overarching fear that we're going to be a one-hit wonder company with League. This trickles down to the fact that everyone is scared to release or approach new games, making us late to market for almost everything, and being a more reactive type company.”
“I can't express how happy I am to work for the company that has taken away pretty much half of my life in the best way possible. I've been playing League of Legends since the release religiously. Involved in every patch, everything, and working for Riot is a dream come true in more ways then I expected. The team is amazing, everyone is so focused on the players it's truly something I dreamt of but didn't expect to be like.”
“Overall it's a pretty good job, which is boosted by the fact that we all love the game that we work on. Pretty good pay and benefits, and generally smart people. Unfortunately it can be tough to keep good work/life balance because we have some positions that need to be filled, but our hiring time is upwards of 2-3 months which is just way too long.”
“Fun to work on a game that I used to play on my spare time but I found that the company is really highly reactive and not proactive. We spend a lot of time wasting away following formal processes, waiting for explicit permission for things from managers, and just having to generally deal with in-experienced managers. In the end a lot of decisions are made without the full consent of the team which can be frustrating.”
“For the gaming industry Riot Games plays people very well which feels great. Means you can work on content that you love but also have the ability to live a comfortable life. The benefits and perks are better then any tech company I've ever heard of. 3 free meals a day, gaming areas for league, chess, and pretty much every console game available. If there were less pointless meetings this would be the best job ever.”

Riot Games Glassdoor Themes

Strong culture

There are some really nice, creative, and intelligent people here that are a awesome to work with. Combine that with good pay and benefits, it's really hard to go wrong. I wish there was more of a focus on developing new games and less on reacting to what other companies are doing, but it seems like something we're trying to address and move towards in the future.
Love absolutely everything about this company and the job itself. We're given so much freedom to work on things that we find valuable and to give feedback on our processes and the company's goals. The people here are just so nice, hard-working, and pretty much all the people I would love to be friends with outside of work. Coming into work every day is something I look forward to!

Great products

League of Legends has been a game I've been playing for the last 6 years. Coming home from work, logging on, and playing with my friends from university, LoL has always been my favorite 5v5 strategy game. Whenever they released a new event, emote, or champion, I always liked to read up on the backstory of why they made it and what went into it. Now I get to see the whole process from the inside and truly see how much time and effort goes into making something people are going to love. Best part is that we all love doing it.
League of Legends has been a great game and the company has done exceptionally well over the years, better than I think anyone could have expected, but it can be frustrating working for a company that pretty much only has one smash hit game. We've grown a lot based on League, and hired a ton of people all across the world, but I'm not sure how long this will last if we can't keep building games people love and only focus on building styles of games other companies have already built.

Inefficient processes

If you're a gamer and like team games and team sports in general then working at Riot is probably going to be a dream job for you. We're all gamers at heart and love what happens when people come together and work together as a team. Unfortunately because of this heavy push of collaboration sometimes you find yourself in meetings that aren't really effective. But the environment is really collaborative so it's a fun place to work.
The people who work here are amazing and most are my friends that I hang out and play games outside of work with, but I don't feel the company is as efficient as it should be and that there's definitely room to improve in terms of Riot being a game development company, and not just 'the company that makes league of legends'.

How do people feel about the games Riot creates?

“I've been playing League of Legends for over 6 years and I can say that the game is, first of all, highly addicting, but also that it's really well made. It's a game that involves a lot of strategy and a lot of collaboration. It's not something that you can really play by yourself, you need to work with your team, and I really like games where everyone on your team might be worse than the other team, but if you work together you can still win.

One thing that I really like about the game compared to some others is how proactive the team behind league changes the game. In the early days they were releasing a new champion almost every 2 weeks which is unbelievable. Each champion had to have a completely new and innovative design, new moves, and would completely change the game. I couldn't believe how hard the internal team must be working to do the game design so quickly and well, time after time.

I also really love how they've made this game excel in a competitive setting. Being able to watch the best people in the world duke it out on an almost weekly basis means there's always something fun to watch at all times. Also through video streaming communities like the gaming community twitch, you can watch pro esports players practice their favorite heroes and see how they play them so you can become a better player yourself.

I feel League of Legends is one of the best computer games that has ever been create just because how much focus Riot has made in incoporating the community. Everyone has this common bond. If someone sees me playing in an airport or cafe, we're instantly good friends and can have a lot to talk about.”

What's the interview process like for joining Riot Games?

“The interview process is very much centered around making sure you're a good culture fit for the company. There's the first application where you send in a cover letter (make sure its original because lots of people want to work here!) and your resume. You'll get a call from hr with some general screening questions, then you'll be brought in onsite to meet the teams. You'll meet a few managers, do an hour long cultural screen and hour long technical screen. If you pass all this you'll be brought in for an all-day gauntlet where you'll meet up to 10+ members of the team to see if you'll mesh well with everyone.”

How can I be successful at Riot Games?

“Riot is a company where there's the general feeling that everyone is successful because we all play a role in the company's success and everyone likes to work together. The best way to be successful is staying true to team games, make sure you enable the people that fit their role, stay humble and driven, and do everything you can to win. There's a lot of room to grow so show determination and stay optimistic and you'll definitely be successful.”

What's the best part about working for Riot Games?

“Best part about Riot is definitely the people that you'll be working with. It's like working with all the best people you've ever played with in your games online. My teammates are all very nice, want to win, everyone makes sure that everyone else is comfortable, and we all just enjoy working together. You'll make some really great long term friends either just by working together or even spending time at the office playing games and relaxing.”

What are the benefits like at Riot Games?

“Riot Games has one of the best benefits and perks packages I've ever seen or heard of. It's actually unbelievable how well they treat us and when you see all the reviews talking about how good it is, that just shows how good it really is.

The benefits themselves involve a good 401k matching system, insurance for vision, health, and dental, and a lot of PTO (sometimes unlimited). Another great thing is that you're not really forced to work certain hours, although this is changing a little bit in recent years, it's more about getting the work you need to get done done.

The perks are what really blow me away about this company. There's an onsite cafeteria and outdoor seating area where you can eat your food, and we get three free meals a day. Yep. Free breakfast, free lunch, and free dinner. Combine that with fully stocked fridges and unlimited snacks, you would have to try hard to be hungry in this office.

We also have game rooms where you'll have 10 computers (5 facing one another) for local lan parties (and we have a lot of them). There's big game rooms for board games and for playing different console games. Basically, if you ever liked a game in your life, you'll probably find another game here that you'll love to play.”

Has Riot become more corporate since being acquired by Tencent?

In the last couple years there have definitely been a shift towards more strict processes but I don't feel it's directly related to the acquisition by Tencent. Its more just that previously we were a smaller team and more of a start up type company, and now that we have over 3,000 employees and tons of people in our offices we have to have more processes to make sure everyone is aligned on what we're working on. There has definitely been a shift away from the scrappy startup style of the past but that's the only way we can become a solidified gaming company.

Will I have the opportunity to influence the games I work on?

Everyone at Riot has different roles in the company but there's so much to work on that chances are you'll have the opportunity to work on something that directly impacts the game. Even if you're not working in a position that directly impacts the game, managers are generally pretty receptive to receiving feedback and ideas, and people are constantly trying to bring in new ideas and make the game better for the players so if you have ideas on how to impact the game for the better, there are people to talk to.

What's the diversity like at Riot Games?

I was kind of dissapointed with the diversity at Riot. It's a gaming company and I feel that our office make up definitely reflects what the general population of gamers is, but I don't really feel like women are represented well enough in the executive and upper management teams. It's something that Riot is definitely working on and constantly voicing that they're making it a priority, but there isn't as much action as talk and I hope that they start to be more proactive about it.

What's the work environment like at Riot Games?

“The overall work environment at Riot is very positive. The main reason the environment is positive is because of the great job that HR has done in hiring people that fit our culture and values. Our on-boarding process is long (and maybe a little bit too drawn out), but in the end it's what makes us have such a strong culture that makes this workplace a great place work.

People here are very collaborative and nice. There are a lot of meetings where we sync up and plan next step where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and be heard, so there is never really the feeling that you're not being heard or you're being swept under the rug even though we're a 3000 person company.

We're all really bonded by the love of the game itself though which is what makes the experience the most positive of all. We host internal lan parties and competitions between ourselves and it's really a community that's dedicated to gaming.

All these things play together in making the work environment positive. There are definitely some pockets of negativity where managers are scared to lose their jobs if things get passed that don't do well, but the original founders have built an environment that generally celebrates transparency, hard work, and positivity.”

About Riot Games

Riot Games is a player-focussed gaming company focussing on developing competitive team based PvP online games. With a focus on developing battle arena and online games for consoles and computers, Riot Games' core game that brought them to the forefront of the gaming industry was League of Legends, which released in 2009.

Founded in 2006 by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill, and run by current CFO Dylan Jadeja and current CTO Scott Gelb, Riot Games is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. After receiving a Series A round in 2006, Riot Games began developing League of Legends, releasing it to acclaimed fame. After quickly becoming the world's largest competitive e-sport, Riot Games grew quickly to have over 3600 employees in over 23 offices world wide.

Riot Game is one of the largest gaming companies in the world which is growing consistently year over year as Tencent continue to put money into the company. There are many opportunities to join the team in a diverse range of business areas ranging from sales, to design, to software engineering. Riot Games has over 80 jobs posted on indeed, over 100 on glassdoor, and many more on their company career page.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying: great pay for the industry, the opportunity to learn and grow, very strong benefits and perks, working with well intentioned and smart people, a strong onboarding process, and the ability to play games at work.

Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with: a very low ratio of women in the workplace, lack of cross-team communication, the fear of being a one hit wonder gaming company, being a more reactive over proactive company, and the meetings for the sake of meetings.

Values and Beliefs

Riot Games has 5 core values that drive the company to continue being a dominating game development company. Riot Games stays true to these 5 core beliefs to help direct how they interact with their employees and their customers. These core values are:

- Player experience first. Riot knows that the core of their company is the gaming community and knowing that gamers enjoy experiences that are tailored to them and to know that they are being heard. Riot Games makes sure that everyone always keeps customers front of mind.

- Challenge convention. Riot Games was built against the convention of how gaming companies historically developed games, and they want to continuously challenge the status quo so they're seen constantly innovating and building games loved by all.

- Focus on talent and team. Behind the success of Riot Games is the people that made it happen. Gamers are inherently competitive and strategic, but like in a game, a team needs to be managed correctly to win. Riot Games takes time to make sure everyone is on the same page to consistently perform better than the competition.

- Take play seriously. Working hard is important but the underlying aspect that bonds everyone to Riot Games is the love for gaming itself. Taking time off work to keep the love o the game up is critical to keeping a happy and high performing team.

- Stay hungry; stay humble. Through Riot Games success it can be easy to take the back seat and let the game just keep turning a profit. Riot Games is dedicated to continuously improving their games and continuously building more games that people love.

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in joining Riot Games?

What makes you a better candidate than the other candidates?

What is your favorite thing about Riot?

What did you do at your previous job?

Tell me about a time where you had to give difficult feedback.


Riot Games was founded in 2006 by Brandon 'Ryze' Beck and Marc 'Tryndamere' Merrill who had become friends while studying business at the University o Southern California while playing board games. While at university they both felt that games were not taking into account the fans nearly enough, and were losing a lot of potential because of that. They felt that developers moved from game to game too quickly, leaving behind passionate fans and not taking advantage of the opportunity to perfect a game.

They decided to build a gaming development company that was focused on the players, taking inspiration from Asian video game designers who would offer free games but add additional perks. With a focus of moving away from pay to win games, Riot Games wanted to build a game that allowed for skill to outshine money invested in the game itself. Gaining investments through top investment firms pitching the idea of a video game rooted in e-commerce, Riot Games got the initial funding needed to start building league of legends.

After the initial release of League of Legends in 2009, Riot Games focused heavily on building a gaming community that gave feedback on the games development so they could constantly iterate and improve. Through participating on online gaming forums, Riot Games adjusted League of Legends to fit their players wants.

After being acquired by Tencent Riot Games has continued to grow consistently year over year. Investing in new offices, expanding their global reach, and hiring more employees. From 2014 to 2016 the League of Legends game grew from 67 million to more than 100 million active players, and continues to grow. The founders of Riot Games have recently handed off the day to day operations of League of Legends to focus on the development of new eSport games.