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Mission: Pushing the envelope for accurate and reliable inventories and quality retail merchandising services.
Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan
Employees: 8117
Funding: Private Company

Company Q&A

Q: What kind of vision insurance is provided to full time employees at Rgis?

Q: What tools help you to further foster your company culture over time at Rgis?

Q: What are some common reasons you've heard when people fail to excel in your culture at Rgis?

Q: Relative to your competitors, what makes Rgis unique?

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Auburn Hills, Michigan
Auburn Hills, Michigan By contributing to reliable inventory...
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Rgis Salaries

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What employees at Rgis think about working there

“The pay is decent for how easy it is to get the job (minimum wage or slightly above, depending on your state), and some of your co-workers are fun to work with. The frustrating thing about working for RGIS is that you know management really doesn't care about you. I'd put the turnover to be at like 80% monthly... they know the job is easy to get and they just hope they can keep getting people in.”
“One of the easiest jobs I've ever landed. You walk around and scan things. My co-workers are pretty nice and we can have fun sometimes. Our pay isn't great though and it's rare that you get scheduled more than 20 hours in a week.”
“It's a tough job for a senior. Lots of squatting and kneeling, so my joints really hurt by the end of the day. Sometimes we get no breaks during a 14 hour shift which is excruciatingly long and a questionable practice. It's tough when you're unable to be as fast as some of the other employees, and we only get to leave when the work is done, so the environment isn't very positive.”
“The job is pretty mindless, which can be nice or terrible depending on how you feel that day. I got the job quickly and I'm using it more as a way to get money as I'm looking for new work. Probably the most frustrating thing about working here is that you never really know what time you'll end, it all depends on when the job is done.”
“I've found that working for RGIS is pretty good while I'm at school, they schedule me around my schedule and the job was easy to get. The managers are not well trained though and the hours can be long/overnight which means going to class the next day is tough. Looking forward to graduating and being able to find a better job.”

Rgis Glassdoor Themes

Easy mindless work

This is the exact type of job I was looking for. A medium amount of hours per week, and a job that let's my mind wander to whatever it pleases. We're just told where we have to scan and that's what I do, walk around and scan.
Because the work at RGIS is highly repetitive, it can either amplify a good mood or push you into a worse mood. Overall though it's pretty chill and would definitely see myself using this job as a side thing when I go back to school. There is generally a lack of shifts though which can be pretty frustrating so I wouldn't see it as a full-time thing.

Odd and inconsistent hours

I enjoy working with some pretty cool and relaxed people, but we mostly just bond because while we work the rest of the world sleeps. We never really know when we'll be working till a week or two in advance, and most the time its at super inconvenient times.
As someone with a very weird sleeping schedule, working for RGIS is actually perfect. The night and early morning shifts are perfectly in my range, and I supplement my time not working by doing online freelance. Great to get a mix of the heavy mental work of freelancing with the monotonous work of inventory checking.

Work is often not local

Working for RGIS without having your own vehicle is pretty much impossible. The hours you work means there's probably not going to be any public transit available, and even if we worked normal hours, a lot of the job locations are nowhere close to public transit themselves.
The majority of the work that we do is not in our local areas. Most of the time we have to travel anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to get to a job site. It can be fun when the jobs are 2+ hours out and we get to ride in the company transport van, or even get free nights out in hotels, but most of the time the job site is just close enough that we don't get paid for travel, but far enough to be annoying to get to.

Why should I work at RGIS?

“"Personally I love working at RGIS, so I'll say why you might like it to, but I'll also say reasons why historically some of my past co-workers hated the job. I hope I'll have the opportunity to work with you in the future!

The main reason I love working for RGIS is that the work is almost meditative. You're given an area to check, and your job is to go through every object and make sure you scan it. As I work I have this mental checklist with a kind of 'progress bar'. That feeling as you slowly move through the store and progress through scanning different items is very relaxing to me.

I also really enjoy many of the people I get to work with. We all recognize the simplicity to the job, which is why we're here. We all come for different background, and have different reasons for wanting to work here. Some just want something to do, some are going to school and need extra income, everyone has their story. I love the feeling of finishing a long job and just chatting with the group as we drive back in the shuttle.

Now the job is definitely not for everyone. The hours are not normal working hours, so you can never really plan things outside work too far in advance, and the amount of work we get is very inconsistent week to week. This means that if you're solely dependent on yur job at RGIS, you'll have a difficult time being sure you can pay off bills week by week, which can be highly stressful.

Overall, I'd recommend working for RGIS if you want a relaxing job that doesn't require too much mental effort. It gives you the opportunity to think of other things besides just work."”

How can I get a job at RGIS?

“Getting a job at RGIS was the easiest experience I've ever had when it comes to finding a job. Simply apply online through their careers page to an open position at the location closest to you, show up for the interview and you got the job! Just be open and know that the job involves sometime odd hours and travel, and they'll be happy to hire you.”

What does a day working for RGIS look like?

“The day-to-day of working for RGIS is very much the same. For me it involves waking up early and hopping on my local transit to meet up with my friend who works with me. We take his car and make our way to the job site, this can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours. If the job site is very far away they'll sometimes have transport busses, and if the job is more than one day they'll set you up in a hotel. Your time working is spent walking around and scanning inventory, very mindless and can be pretty meditative.”

How are your co-workers?

“It really depends. I personally have a great group of people that I work with, we like to joke around on the job and just make some fun out of it. Sometimes though you have to work with people who show up drunk or high, and who are just miserable to be around. Most people are just there to get some extra money so the overall environment is pretty relaxed.”

Do the managers listen and work with you?

“"One of the great things about working for RGIS is that you're mostly working alone throughout the day. You're given certain sections to count the inventory, and you just have to count it. After working in other work environments where managers were constantly breathing down my neck, working at RGIS is a nice change of pace.

With that being said, you're very much on your own. If you have a problem with a co-worker, or your team lead is terrible at your job, there aren't really any ways to get the problem solved. Ultimately you get the sense very quickly that we're a disposable work force, and it feels like RGIS really doesn't see the benefit of investing time in solving our issues.

Some of the team leads I've had to deal with get a huge power trip the moment their promoted. To get promoted all you really have to do is work hard and move around the place quickly on your first few jobs, so being a team lead doesn't mean you'll actually be good at leading. It can be annoying to deal with, but in the end their overall impact on your work is very minimal.

I've definitely had some bad team leads, but I've also had some good ones. People who just want to get the job done. They know the job isn't glorious, but with patient understanding they can make the experience much more enjoyable."”

Can you make a full-time income working at RGIS?

I would recommend against trying to make RGIS your full-time job as they really just don't have enough work to go around. In general, you'll probably only be making minimum wage or slightly above. In my experience I've only been scheduled anywhere between 5-30 hours a week. If you need consistent income, I would recommend not depending on RGIS.

What hours will I be working?

The hours that you work are generally either late night or early morning, it's extremely rare that a company will want you to count inventory midday. The shifts that you work are really depenent on each companies needs, some shifts are only 1-2 hours, while others stretch 14 hour spans. The hours are very inconsistent so you have to stay flexible.

What benefits do I get working or RGIS?

There aren't really any benefits for working at RGIS besides vacation pay. When you work at locations far away from your base you'll get paid for the travel time, and if you have to stay over night in the city you'll have your hotel paid. An added benefit is that the work is flexible but that's just because of the nature of the job, and not a strict benefit offered by the company.

Where will RGIS be in 5 years? Can I grow my career here?

“"RGIS will definitely be around in 5 years, but it will be the exact same company as it is now. I did a little bit of research and found that the company is owned primarily by this investment company called the Blackstone Group. What they pretty much do is invest heavily in companies that are able to make high profits without much day to day management or engagement.

The work that we do is essential for companies to know their inventories. It helps them with knowing what products are selling faster, what ones need to be re-ordered, or which products aren't selling at all. We also are used as a double check for manufacturing companies to ensure their inventory levels meet their standards. This will always be needed by manufacturing companies, and they will never really want to hire people internally to do it, so RGIS will always have jobs available.

There is a risk that we get replaced through the trend of automation, but I definitely don't think that's coming in the next 5 years so our jobs are pretty safe.

To answer your question if you can grow your career here, I would say RGIS isn't really a job for building a career. Your opportunities for growth are very limited and they don't really increase your salary. This, coupled with the inconsistent amount of work, means that you probably won't be making a liveable wage only working for RGIS, so I wouldn't recommend it as a career."”

About Rgis

RGIS helps large retailers and manufacturers count their inventories quickly. Through the deployment of RGIS employee's, RGIS uses mobile scanners to send inventory information securely so that companies can check their inventory levels and be confident they're accurate.

Founded in 1958, RGIS is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. A private company, RGIS has more than 400 offices worldwide, and over 34,000 employees. The company can count inventory with local employees in US, Canada, Mexico, the Asia/Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. The Blackstone Group owns a controlling stake in RGIS, meaning decisions are made to maximize Blackstone's investors value.

In general, employees report that RGIS isn't not an involved employer. Positive reviews about RGIS describe that they adhere to your schedule if you plan in advance, the job is easy to get, and you're able to work autonomously. Dissenting employees report that there is a sever lack of shifts available, that much of the work involves long un-paid travel far from home, and the shifts scheduled are at odd hours (late night or early morning).

There are over 3000 job opportunities available at RGIS, the majority being in inventory tracking. There are also careers available working for RGIS head office, however this article will focus on the inventory jobs as they are constantly hiring for these positions.

Values and Beliefs

RGIS wants to create an environment that helps its employees make the best out of their time working for them. They recognize hard working talent through a fast track program where employees can earn a raise and promotion in as little as five inventory events. By providing your schedule, RGIS will work around your availability and schedule you accordingly. Lastly, RGIS pays for your training and development so that you can learn how to succeed as an inventory associate while getting paid.

Interview Questions

The interview process for joining RGIS is very straight forward. It consists of watching an hour of video, and then being asked if you can/want to do the things in the video. The two core things that are needed to be able to work at RGIS is having a flexible schedule and having access to transportation.

What is your availability?

Do you have reliable transportation?


RGIS was founded in 1958 with the sole purpose of helping companies keep better track of their inventory. Starting in the states, they filled a market gap that needed to be filled and were able to expand rapidly accross the world. With over 34,000 employees world wide and operating in over 40 countries, RGIS is now able to help companies keep track of inventory for manufacturing companies and large retailers. With over 400 local offices, RGIS is able to deploy inventory checkers quickly and efficiently to almost any company in North and South America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.