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Mission: Mission is to give more people the freedom to work from home.
Location: San Francisco, California
Employees: 1547
Funding: Total Funding - $4.5 million - 2013

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San Francisco, California
San Francisco, California
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What employees at Rev think about working there

“My experience at Rev has been pretty positive in general, quick payments and constant stream of work, but I just got my first warning and now I'm scared to do any more work. The editors only need 12,000 minutes of work experience to become an editor, after 3 weeks I'm already at 10,000 I don't feel nearly confident enough to be an editor. I believe the person who reviewed my submission was wrong, but I've yet to receive a response for my report.”
“There are many great things about working for rev when compared to some of the other transcription companies, but a major downside is how RUTHLESS the editors are when it comes to closing your accounts. We're held to a standard of 99% accuracy, and if you're rating falls below a certain threshold twice, you're dropped out immediately.”
“One of the major benefits to working at rev is you get paid in US. If you combine this with the opportunity to work literally anywhere in the world, rev gives you the opportunity to live anywhere in the world you'd like. I've moved around 3 times in the last year, all to new places where the US dollar converted well, and I'm able to live the life I dreamed of.”
“Being a revver is perfect for people who want to choose their own work time, location, and hours. If you want to supplement your income, or make a full-time salary out of it, Rev has a never ending stream of content that needs to be transcribed which means you'll never be short of work. It's up to you if you want to do it or not.”
“I had been working at rev for over 2 years. Was a rev+ member and was able to make a full-time wage while travelling the world working remote. All of a sudden I get a couple poor reviews from grumpy reviewers and now I no longer have my job. I feel there should be much more support from rev for the long term transcribers who've historically had very high standards of quality.”

Rev Glassdoor Themes

Consistent and good pay is very transparent about how much you generally get paid working for them as a freelancer. They don't advertise fake levels, their hiring process isn't too difficult, and you can make a pretty good wage the moment you start. Definitely better than some of the other online freelance work I've done.
I've had the opportunity to travel around the world working remote as a transcriber for rev. The fact that you're able to get paid in USD, you get paid every week no fail, and you can download the material and work offline when your internet connection is spotty is truly amazing.

Easy to use system

Great content, easy to use platform, I swear some daays I can feel my brain growing. Love how working for rev has changed how I view work itself.
There are some parts of working at rev that are great like the ability to work from home and the fact you can choose what topics you want to work on, but it can be difficult to work by yourself every day.

Pure metric focus

Rev has one of the highest accuracy ratings for transcription services when compared to its competition. This means I'd only really recommend working here if you're able to be almost perfect, as Rev doesn't accept anything less.
Many people complain about the difficulty in hitting the accuracy level requested by Rev, but if you stick to the guidelines and only work on content that is easier to translate, you'll be able to consistently hit their base metric and have a high rating.

How can I be successful working as a freelancer for

“"There are a few things you have to keep in mind to be a successful freelancer in general, and then another group of things specifically for rev.

To be a successful freelancer you have to have internal motivation to work without the structure that traditional work environments give. Mny people find it diffuicult to start their day and get directly to working, so it's important to build a routine around working. Basically, build a routine that emulates what it would be like to work for an employer, but build it around activities that you love to do every day, and things you wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

To be a successful freelancer for Rev you have to be very focussed while you're working. Not only is your pay directly related to the speed of your output, but you're performance is very quantifiable so you have to always achieve a high standard of quality. Make sure you constantly review the styling guide to keep your mind fresh on how rev likes their content styled, and practice a little bit every day even if you don't want to work. When you starting, work slowly to make sure you're able to hit the accuracy standard, and as you increase speed, make sure you review your mistakes and note down where most of your mistakes happen."”

How do I get a job at

“To get a job as a freelancer at all you have to do is submit your application online through their freelancer section. Enter your name and email, start your application, and you'll receive an email that starts your onboarding at rev. There are two steps to the interview, a general grammar comprehension section and a video transcription practice test. If you complete these using their guidelines with a high level of accuracy, you'll be able to start work immediately!”

What benefits do you get working as a freelancer for

“As we are contractors we don't get standard benefits like employees, however there are definitely benefits to working at rev. You get to decide what you work on, picking between different types of lectures, interviews, podcasts. You choose your own schedule so you can work when you want and exactly for how long, and you get paid weekly.”

Is working as a free lancer for a difficult job?

“There are definitely some parts that are hard when it comes to working at rev. First off your pay is directly related to how fast you work, so to get a reasonable amount of money you have to work very efficiently and be focussed. You also have to be very focussed because you can't make any mistakes. Rev takes the accuracy of their translations very seriously, and if the accuracy of your content is below 99% you can get dropped from the freelance team quickly.”

What do clients say about

“"I'm very impressed with my experience with rev, their turnaround time is impressively fast and the quality of the work doesn't get lost in the speed. I got 55 minutes of audio transcribed and sent back to me in 10 hours, and couldn't find a single grammar mistake. After using some of the other sites like TranscribeMe and SameDay, I'm going to exclusively use Rev from now on."

"I work as a journalist which means I spend lots of my days doing interview with a wide range of people. I used to take notes manually as we talked, but started recording them awhile back when I realized there was a lot I was missing, and I wasn't able to fully engage with the interviewee. So I started recording my interviews and I was able to get much more information out of each interview, but people speak in different ways and it isn't always easy to determine what's being said.

One of my colleagues recommended using rev for my transcription and I was skeptical at first. I thought 'why would I pay someone to transcribe something when I could do it myself?'. After testing it out I couldn't be happier with the result! No matter the interviewee, rev transcribers are almost always perfectly accurate. I can now purely focus on the interviewee every time knowing that I'll always have a perfect written document after to review. Thanks Rev!"”

What's different between working for over its competitors.

Rev has much higher standards when it comes to their transcription expectations compared to other services like TranscribeMe. TranscribeMe has a 95% accuracy level where as has a 99% accuracy level, so you have to be much more meticulous. However, working for rev you also usually have much more content available to work on, and your pay can be better.

How's the pace of work at

The great thing about working for Rev is that you're able to choose your own pace of work. Get up when you want, work when you want, the true self-starter experience. If you want to get a good hourly wage while you're working though, you really have to zone in and focus. Many people only get $3-6 per hour, while I know other people who are able to get $14. It really depends how fast you are at editing the content to fit the video and how accurate you are on your first go.

What's the best part about working at

For me, I love that we're exposed to so many different types of content. It makes each day different, and gives me the opportunity to learn things that I didn't even know existed.

What does doing transcription at entail?

“As a freelance transcriber for Rev, you'll have access to a constantly updated list of audio files that need transcrption. These files have header names so you can quickly assess what type of content you'll be transcribing, and once you claim an audio file you'll work on that file until you're done.

Working with the audio file through the online transcription editor, you'll listen to the content that is played and transcribe it into the transcription editor. The audio content, job subject, pay, and deadline are all listed upfront so that you can decide the files that are the best fit for you in terms of style and schedule.

Once you finish the transcription you can just hit the submit job button, and go back to the list of jobs to find the next audio file that interests you. Working as a transcriber means you'll get paid every Monday based on the audio files you transcribed the prior week.”

About Rev is an online platform used for document translation, transcription, and video capturing. They use software to help connect customers to freelancers in real time, providing an easy to use platform that enables freelancers to easily access content online and translate, transcribe, or caption content at a very high standard of quality..

Founded in 2010 by Jason Chicola and Josh Breinlinger, is based in San Francisco, California. has many competitors in the transcription industry including TranscribeMe, SameDay, and UK Transcription. They've received one major round of funding, in which they raised a total of $4.5M through a series A round led by Globespan Capital. now has an approximate 14,000 freelance transcriptionist and captioners world-wide, and over 100,000 customers.

Although has an approximate 65 employees internally, this article will focus on how freelancers find their interactions with the company. In general, positive reviews from freelancers report loving the work-life balance, the ability to work remote, the constant stream of content available, and the diverse range of content available. Former dissenting employees report their discontent with managers being very strict with quality, not leaving any room for error, the low 'two strikes you're out policy', and little support or attempt to keep good transcribers from leaving. has been recognized as a fantastic platform to work off of to supplement your income, and if you're fast and accurate enough, you have the opportunity to make $30,000 - $40,000 a year USD. They attract customers with a $1 per minute fee and 99% transcription accuracy or better.

Values and Beliefs

Rev believes in always providing their clients with the highest quality of audio transcription, captioning, translation, and subtitling services possible. They focus on giving freelancers a complete remote and 'choose your own schedule' work experience, and make sure their employees are always paid dependably.

Interview Questions

The interview for joining Rev as a transcriber is through an exam that tests you grammar and writing comprehension. For example, understanding the right use of the words where/were/we're depending on the sentence.

After passing the initial grammar test, you must transcribe a basic video after reviewing their style guide.

Make sure prior to doing tests that you review the style guide in depth. This will greatly increase the likelihood of getting the job, as well as help you make more money once you actually get the job by ramping you up faster.

History started in 2010 by founders Jason Chicola and Josh Breinlinger. The original idea came when they realized there was a gap in the market for quick turn-around high quality transcription services that weren't being offered by any of the other providers. Rev grew very quickly, and was then backed by three investors, Austin Ligon, Meritech Capital, and Globespan Capital, during Rev's Series A round in which they received $4.5M in funding. They now have an estimated revenue of $5M and an estimated 75 employees.