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Mission: We are one global team, creating trusted, innovative solutions that make the world a safer place, and we are aligned around shared values of trust, respect, collaboration, innovation and accountability.
Boston, Massachusetts
Los Angeles, California
Dallas, Texas
Washington, District Of Columbia
San Francisco, California
Employees: 64000
Funding: Industry leader, more than $5 billion in acquisitions

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Boston, Massachusetts
El Segundo, California
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What employees at Raytheon think about working there

“I was dissapointed with the opportunities to move around the company and test different areas as a recent graduate. Raytheon is definitely an older style company, they expect you to put in a few years before giving you the opportunity move around horizontally. Some really cool projects but I'm not accelerating my career at the speed I would like.”
“There are some great and smart people, and the company does a pretty good job at keeping us engaged with eachother (compared to some of their competitors), but it still has its problems. Huge lack of training and development of employees (only about 7 hrs of training per year), and an old school management style that seems to not be aware of modern business practices.”
“Raytheon has a strong vision of developing the Cyber space to its maximum potential. Unlike its competitors who seem to be unsure where to place their resources, Raytheon is investing in the future and setting itself up to be a leader in the Cyber space. The buildings and culture are still a little old-school, but I'm confident Raytheon will be a company that lasts.”
“If you're looking for a company where you'll be able to work on complex technical problems, with just generally cool products, Raytheon is a great place to be. Lots of opportunities to move around and grow with the company if you stay around, a workplace where you have the opportunity to build a career.”
“Great opportinities for continuous learning. Raytheon has done a great job at staying technically relevant, adopting new technologies and continuously innovating in the field. Some of the middle-management are frustrating to deal with as their more managers than leaders, and don't necessarily have strong technical skills, but I feel that's something always present at companies this large.”

Raytheon Glassdoor Themes

Interesting work

I work a highly technical position and am given the liberty to work independently and demonstrate my skills project to project. I get a liberating sense of accomplishment as I'm able to contribute in my speciality to huge projects where I wouldn't be able to for other companies.
The field that we're working in is extremely interesting and intellectually stimulating. Still in the early stages of developing an industry that's only going to continue growing, it's a very rewarding business sector financially and in terms of fulfillment.

Great co-workers

Great office environment where everyone seems to be focussed on results and the projects at hand. Lots of smart people from a wide range of specialized discplines, so you're given lots of opportunities to learn from the best of the best.
When I started working I loved everything about the job, lots of travel, interesting projects, and great people. It's been a few years now and I'm starting to crave the work/life balance that constant travel makes impossible.

Older middle-management

Fun to work on the projects but the management has no direction. Huge mismatch between team technical skills and managements. It creates this environment where the manager isn't sure of what we're actually doing and thus isn't able to manage us, and the employees don't really respect their opinion.
Unlike many of Raytheon's competitors, they actually have a strong vision of where the company is going. Some of the middle-management is a little old-school which can be frustrating to deal with, but great employees and cool projects make up for it.

What kind of projects does Raytheon work on?

“"Raytheon works on a huge range of different products and services. The core areas of their products are in missile defense, command & control, sensoring & imaging, cyber, electronic warfare, precision weapons, training, mission support, and general innovations.

Needless to say it's difficult to go into every single service and their product offerings. With over 250 services and product offerings, Raytheon has hundreds of projects running at the same time. Some of the types of deals Raytheon has won are:

- Raytheon was awarded a $136 million deal for production of U.S. Navy's next-gen air and missile defense radar

- Raytheon was named the key partner to develop America's first and most advanced drone-testing airspace corridor

- Raytheon was awarded a $83 million mine neutralizer contract

- Raytheon was awarded a $600 million contract to sustain and modernize U.S. Army strategic software systems

The contracts are large and the deals highly complex. The systems are very technical and the work difficult, but the ability to work on some of the most innovative projects and largest world organizations makes it worth it."”

How's the interview process?

“The interview process is very straight forward. It's mostly a background check of your resume mixed with a couple technical questions for the role you're applying to. The behavioral questions are super straight forward and are mostly just seeing if you've done your background research and if you work well with teams.”

What can I do to be successful at Raytheon?

“If you're engaged with the projects and proactively reach out to the people you think will be best suited for the teams you'll set yourself up to become an internal leader and probably the first to be promoted when opportunities arise. The roles are technical so it comes down to performing well and consistently, and building a positive work environment for your peers.”

How are decisions around promotions made?

“Promotions are based on a mix of performance and longevity. In general, internal promotions are given to those who have shown excellence in their domain, and have shown commitment to the companies success. Some management is filled through external recruitment, but Raytheon does a pretty good job at promoting the high performers.”

What kind of activities does Raytheon have for team bonding?

“"Having a strong team culture is important in group work environments, and Raytheon has done a great job at engaging us in team activities outside of the workplace.

The majority of the activities they organize are for sports teams joining different local leagues. There's coed softball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, and golf leagues where we're able to meet people outside of our standard work groups and make some more friends.

In all, the work environment itself is already pretty positive because we're all here to build cool projects and showcase our technical skills. Management does a good job at engaging us outside of work with these sport leagues and small activities like walking around town doing cleanup for earth day, but in the end we're all here because the work itself is interesting. "”

What's the most exciting part of working for Raytheon?

The work itself is really interesting, especially if you're in the right groups. Management also does a good job at encouraging you to find projects and work within the company that you feel would be a good fit. Being able to work in highly technical areas that other companies don't hire for is also pretty exciting, you know you're one of the best in the world at what you do!

How's the work life balance at Raytheon?

It really depends on the project. I've been involved in projects that swing both extremes of the spectrum. Some where you're only working 30-40 hours a week at the office, while others you're putting in 80 hour weeks. The longer ones are usually for large scale integrations, but they don't happen to frequently.

Do your co-workers care?

Compared to a lot of other large organizations I've worked for, my co-workers actually do care about the work we do. We know that people's lives depend on our systems on a day to day, either for being able to determine weather patterns or for the security of top secret government groups. We take ownership of the end result and are committed to excellence and reliability.

What does the media think of Raytheon?

“"It's tough to get a full grasp on how the media thinks of the company. On one side we're a missile defense, specializing in wartime equipment, which isn't exactly friendly to the planet or to the people who are living in it. On the other side, we're one of the U.S.'s largest companies with a huge workforce of over 64,000 people. We contribute massively to the economy and provide technical improvements to systems, driving U.S. technical innovations.

Although the production of missile defense systems is definitely not the most environmentally friendly endeavour, Raytheon has made a proactive effort at cutting down its waste output to create more sustainable operations. The company has cut its solid waste per billion dollar of revenue by 50%, and hazardous waste by 85% since 1998.

Working for Raytheon will definitely still have people questioning your values, but ultimately Raytheon is one of the defense companies that drives the U.S. economy and technological innovations."”

About Raytheon

Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration, capabilities in C51, sensing, effects, and mission support services. An industry leader in technology and innovation for deense, civil government, and cybersecurity solutions, Raytheon competes against other defense companies such as PAE, IAP, General Dynamics, and Lockheed Martin.

Founded in 1922 by founders Vannevar Bush, Laurence K. Marshall, and Charles G. Smith, Raytheon has it's headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts. With over 64,000 employees and projects world wide, Raytheon has reported yearly revenues of approximately $25.34 billion in 2017, and has grown its stock price over 100% since 2013.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the strong company vision, the smart and positive employees, the modern technology, the ability to learn continously, and the global reach of the company. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the lack of training, the older and less technical middle management, the beaurcracy associated with a large company, the older facilities, and the non-diverse environment.

With Raytheon being such a large company there are many opportunities to have a career. Currently on Glassdoor they have 9,300 jobs posted, and on Indeed there are jobs posted in 36 different cities. There are opportunities within the fields of engineering, design, product, marketing, admin, sales, and more.

Values and Beliefs

Raytheon drives its innovations through five core values that direct them into the future.

- Trust - taking pride in being honest and doing the right things

- Respect - an inclusive and diverse perspective for the same vision

- Collaboration - Fueling powerful ideas through deep relationships

- Innovation - Acting through speed and agility to drive global growth

- Accountability - Honoring commitments and anticipating the needs of customers

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working for Raytheon?

How do you work with others?

How have you dealt with unhelpful teammates in the past?

What was a time where you encountered an obstacle while working on a team project, and how did you deal with it?


Raytheon was founded in 1922 as an early stage technology startup out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Vannevar, one of the company's founders, would later become the dean of MIT's school of engineering. The innovation that started the company was the S gas rectifier tube, a device that helped eliminate some of the efficincies of the expensive batteries of the day, which made the radio an affordable appliance. Throughout its history, Raytheon engineers have developed world changing technologies such as the microwave, and the first missle-mounted guidance system.