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Piedmont Natural Gas

Mission: Provide natural gas to residential, commercial, and industrial customers across the South East states.
North Carolina, United States
Tennessee, United States
South Carolina, United States
Employees: 29060
Funding: $4.9 billion from acquisition by Duke Energy Corporation - 2015

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Piedmont Natural Gas  •
North Carolina, United States
North Carolina, United States
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Piedmont Natural Gas Salaries

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What employees at Piedmont Natural Gas think about working there

“Fantastic job that I wish I didn't get let go from. For reference, I was let go because I repeatedly went against one of their policies, although the policy wasn't too big of an issue it shows how much pride they take in their work. When I was working there was always lots of work to do, great people to work with, and the managers were hard working and kind. Looking back I wish I didn't let go of this opportunity.”
“PNG gives great benefits and really respects their workers. Since we got acquired by Duke Energy we've had a few changes, and it's can be annoying having to deal with change after being at a company for so long, but they did a pretty good job at keeping the company strong.”
“Really great place to work. They invest a lot of time and effort into training people to do the job right. Once you're working you're confident that you can do anything you have to do, which feels great. Not only are the trainers good but management is responsive to any and all requests. They genuinely treat you like family and want you to have the best work experience possible.”
“Honestly it feels bad to work for Piedmont Natural Gas because we're one of the classic terrible companies in terms of service. You can see people hate us when we come to work sometimes, we charge super high rates and give pretty poor service compared to other states. We get paid well so I still work here but just feels wrong.”
“I started working for Piedmont Natural Gas because they were one of the only companies that had a good salary and hired people without a university degree. It can be difficult at times because we have to travel away from home quite often, and sometimes for long periods of time, but in the end the pay and team make it worth it.”

Piedmont Natural Gas Glassdoor Themes

Great management

Great team of management that understands what it means to support and lead instead of micromanage. I get along great with everyone I work with, and am often looking forward to going back out with the crew and working on the road. One of the easiest places to work, not because the work itself is easy, but because the environment makes it easy.
Absolute best group of senior management I've ever come across. I had a problem at my job site that I brought up with the complaints comittee, within a couple hours my call was sent to one of the top VP's of the company. He was on a flight down to me that night and sat with me in the truck all day to listen to my problems. If that isn't true leadership, I don't know what is.

Good pay

Best thing about working for Piedmont Natural Gas is definitely the money. We're paid very well because we do a job that's technically tough, and are willing to be ready to work whenever we're needed. We aren't paid overtime for our work which can be frustrating when you get shifts of 60+ hours a week, but the pay is pretty good as it is.
Definitely the highest paying job you can get as a highschool graduate. It took some hard work and training to get here, but PNG has been super heulpful and always willing to teach me new skills. If you move up in technical skills you'll have lots of opportunity to keep growing your salary.

Room for growth

Great pay, great team, and lots of different opportunities to work. PNG has a strong hold on natural gas in North Carolina, and we're given the education and training we need to work at any part along that process. They've done a great job at making this a good place to work. It can be difficult always being on call, but its a good job when alls said and done.
There used to be quite a few opportunities for growth, not necessarily towards management positions (because the majority of those are filled), but horizontally to different departments. Recently though there's just been less opportunity as we've been getting used to the acquisition.

What do customers think of Piedmond Natural Gas?

“"I don't really use electricity at home but even though I don't use it, after signing up with Piedmont Natural Gas I now have to pay $22/mo just for having their service linked up to my house. I wouldn't have started using them if I knew that just being a potential customer for them meant I would have to keep paying money."

"The turnaround time for Piedmont Natural Gas to actually come to your house and install or fix your natural gas system is more than several days. They don't work most weekends so that means if you call on a wednesday, expect to only get them to come in by the next monday or tuesday. Super frustrating when you need gas to heat your house mid-winter."

"Unfortunately, Piedmont Natural Gas is the only gas company that's available for us in our area of Charlotte. It means they really just seem to not care about the level of service they offer. Constantly long wait times to get any problems fixed, customer service that just doesn't care. Way too often are there too many their customer service has told me there are too many emergency appointments to make mine."

"Honestly this company has a ton of negative reviews online, but that's because who would write a positive review about a gas company? They definitely aren't the best, and have a strong grip on the industry so they don't have to move too fast, but this isn't the only old and slow company we have to deal with. It's one of many."”

How can I do well in the interview?

“The best thing you can do to prepare for this interview is just by studying googles top 20 interview questions. Just be relaxed and ask questions about the company position. Listen when they tell you what it's about, and just nod and follow along. What you need to show is willingness to learn and work hard.”

How can I make sure I succeed?

“To succeed at PNG you should really just follow what your manager tells you. The work itself needs to be done well, but if you're hard working it's not very difficult. There are a lot of employees here and not many managers, especially after we got bought, so become one of the managers star guys and you'll succeed.”

What are the normal working hours?

“Based on your rating you're usually going be working within five different blocks. 7:00 to 4:00. 8:00 to 5:00. 8:30 to 5:30. 9:00 to 6:00. 10:00 to 7:00. Usually the higher rated laborers have the best hours, but it depends on what kind of work needs to get done. Once a month you're on an emergency call, but besides that the hours are standard. Depending on your role you can also work 10 hours a day for 4 days a week and when required.”

What is something you wish you knew before you started working at Piedmont Natural Gas?

“"There are a few things I wish I knew but even if I had known them, I would still want to be working at this job because here are still lots of perks. I like the pay, the team, and how well managers treat their employees.

I really wish that I knew I would mostly be working the later shifts, I thought that it would be easier to move around to the more standard 9:00 to 5:00 shift, but I'm currently stuck at the 11:00 to 7:00 shift which means I can't pick up my kids from school most days.

I also wish that I knew how long emergency shifts can sometimes take. Just the nature of the job, but when a gas line breaks and we need to fix it asap, we might have to work random hours, sometimes super late, and sometimes pretty far away from home.

The last thing I wish I knew before joining the company is how conservative the upper management is and how they really play some senior level politics. There's lots of backstory to some of the managers, although not all, and sometimes I wish I knew who my manager was before I started working."”

Is this a union based workforce?

No they aren't a union. I think some of the employees are but in general it isn't a union workforce.

What benefits does Piedmond Natural Gas provide?

One of the best benefit systems I've had, make it pretty hrd to leave. 401k matches you 100% of the first 5%, you get a great pension if you're full time, and you get health and wellness hours. The healthcare isn't amazing but definitely better than other comparable companies.

What's the base pay for a starting employee at Piedmond Natural Gas?

It depends on the position that you're working for but usually you'll be getting $14-15 US an hour. For customer service the starting rate is about $14 an hour, while laborers are getting about $15 an hour. A good thing about PNG though is that you can grow your hourly wage by doing the trainings and moving up in rank.

What does the acquisition of Piedmont Natural Gas by the Duke Energy Corporation mean for the company?

“"The acquisition of Piedmont Natural Gas by the Duke Energy Corporation has changed a few things with PNG, but the majority of the business still runs independently. We hire slightly differently, our customer support is slightly different, and overall theres some more opportunities to grow.

Since we've gotten acquired, all of our hiring is now done through the Duke Energy Corporation. There are definitely some of the same recruiters working the positions, but it also means there are some that are from Duke Energy aswell. I haven't seen the qualty of hires drop too much, but I feel you can tell a difference.

We've also shifted some of our customer service jobs to Duke Energy Corp. What this means is that as a labourer, you'll sometimes get people who are super angry with you because they still aren't fully used to handling our situation. This will definitely change over time, but the adoption period is not as easy as it was before we got bought.

The big positive of the acquisition though is that we're starting to integrate some new tech into the work to make our jobs easier, and there's a lot more opportunities in different areas. I always wanted to try to work in a different state, and now because of Duke Energy's reach I'm going to apply to some new positions outside of the south-east."”

About Piedmont Natural Gas

Piedmond Natural Gas provides natural gas services to their clients. Distributing to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the Carolinas and Tennessee, Piedmont Natural Gas also provides gas transportation and storage operations. They also provide commercial gas appliances in Tennessee.

Founded in 1950, the company was incorporated in New York and began operations in 1951. In 1994, Piedmont Natural Gas merged with the Nort Carolina corporation and moved its business to North Carolina. With over 1 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers (including 51,600 wholesale customers), Piedmont Natural gas is the lead distributor in their region. With yearly revenues of $19.3 billion, the company was recognized for its strong market position and was acquired by the Duke Energy Corp in 2015 for $4.9 billion.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the strong management culture that cares about employee success, the high pay, the opportunities for growth, the great people, and the strong on-the-job training. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the sometimes long hours, the on call nature for many positions, the older technology, and the high amount of travelling.

Since it's acquisition from the Duke Energy Corp. all applications for joining the Piedmont Natural Gas team must go through the Duke Energy Corp application process.

There are a wide range of opportunities for careers at Piedmont Natural Gas in the areas of environmental science, work readiness, management, project management, cyber security, and transmissions relaying. The majority of these opportunities are based on technical specifications, and the core skill needed to join the team is hardwork and dedication.

Values and Beliefs

Piedmont Natural Gas now runs as a subsidiary of Duke Energy Corporation, and has adopted their core values towards approaching their business. THeir mission is to offer a complete family of power quality services that go beyond meter energy. With a focus on future problems, using technology, Duke Energy wants to help their customers minimize down time.

The three core elements that drive Duke Energy's business are:

- Their dedication to educating customers and employees. They believe that by educating people, we can understand better how to save energy, and reduce waste.

- Their dedication to assisting customers. They believe in providing expertise and equipment to help customers with grounding checks, troubleshooting, installing quality analyzers, analyzing output, and suggesting corrective action.

- Their dedication to improve performance. They believe that the only way to continue to grow and best serve their customers is by constantly finding new ways to improve the quality service. They're committed to finding cost effective ways to improve reliability and power quality.

Interview Questions

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What makes you stand out from other candidates?

What are your biggest challenges?

What are you looking to achieve in your career?

What type of atmosphere do you work best in?


Piedmont Natural Gas was founded in 1950 in New York and started its operations in 1951. In 1994 it merged with a newly formed North Carolina Corporation that had incorporated under the same name, and decided to move its business operations to North Carolina. Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc. focussed on distributing natural gas to its customers, but they've also invested in joint venture, energy-related businesses. These ventures were invested in to diversify the portfolio, and include investments into regulated interstate natural gas transportation and storage, as well as regulated intrastate natural gas businesses. Piedmont Natural Gas grew to a point where they were acquired by the sustainably focussed Duke Energy Corporation for $4.9 billion. Duke Energy has 29,060 employees, and estimated yearly revenues of $16.2 billion.