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Mission: Know what consumers want and buy to help businesses make better decisions.
Location: New York, New York
Employees: 46000
  • No recent funding
  • 26 acquisitions since 2006

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Q: At what candence do managers hold one-on-ones with their teammates?

Q: What does onboarding consistent of at Nielsen?

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New York, New York
Markham, Ontario
Nielsen studies consumers in over 100 countries to provide our...
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What employees at Nielsen think about working there

“There are some really great people at Nielsen that I'm excited to see every day I'm in the office. My job requires a lot of travelling, which is something I love, but knowing that every office I go to will have people that are smart and know how to work is a great feeling. It means that I don't really have too much of a life outside of my work here, but I really enjoy my job at the moment so I'd only think of leaving if a higher paying opportunity at a similar company showed itself.”
“Best part about working at Nielsen is the people you'll be working with. In general they're all smart, hard working, and your managers treat you well. My impression from the top management though was that they didn't really care for our well-being. Turnover is pretty high here for such a stable and diverse company, and I believe it's because of the lack of growth and transparency. You definitely feel like your a part of a big company.”
“I consider myself very lucky that I was able to land this position at Nielsen right after graduating. They've been unbelievably helpful in every aspect of my integration into the work force. Mentors have directed me to areas that I should focus on learning the most to be the most valuable at the company. Employees have been super supportive and have made the onboarding process a breeze, and the people are just generally very smart and nice to be around.”
“The benefits are ok and the perks aren't bad, but I don't feel like they really give us enough opportunities to grow our income and in our careers. Nielsen has a very strong hold on the market and is financially stable, so it feels great that you're working somewhere you know is doing well and still growing, but when you don't feel like you're getting compensated fairly it can be tiring.”
“There are some great things about working for the Nielsen company that definitely overshadow the bad. We're a data driven company with an absolutely huge amount of different services, so if you're someone who is analytical and understands how to make decisions in robust ways you can do very well in pretty much any area of the company.”

Nielsen Glassdoor Themes

Strong culture

There's a great culture here that keeps everyone focussed on the tangibles instead of intangibles of consulting. When we compare ourselves to competitors we know that our work is better because we have the data to back our decisions. I really like the team feeling this creates because we all know that our decisions come from data, not from thin air.
Fantastic people to work with! I've made many great friends at Nielsen that will continue to be my friends for years to come. There are lots of different projects to work on and because Nielsen hires a lot of people from diverse educational backgrounds, everyone brings something to the table that you can learn from.

Lack of transparency

Nielsen has been able to keep its industry position as a leader because of their constant acquisitions. What this means for the employees is you better be ready to lose your job at any moment. I lost my job, along with many of my coworkers, when they shut down our facility because of an acquisition. Nielsen didn't warn us or tell us anything, one day we had jobs, the next day we didn't.
I really like working at Nielsen because there's lots of different things to work on and the company has great name. Working here I've gotten such a wide range of experience working with some of the top companies in the world, I'll be able to get a job anywhere. The biggest difficulty though was the year over year turnover. Most new employees leave after a year because of the feeling that their lost in a big company, and they don't feel engaged with the core of it.

Lack of growth

Nielsen is a huge organization with thousands of employees, so naturally it's going to be difficult move up the ranks quickly like many people expect from their first jobs. If you're willing to put in the years, and you stay calm mand engaged with your manager, you'll have many opportunities to grow within Nielsen.
It's very easy to feel like you're lost in the mass of employees working here and that you're just a number. I've seen so many employees leave over the years and management never really seems to care. You have to go really out of your way to be involved with the internal growth system, and if you're outside that group you can forget about growth.

What do customers think of Nielsens' products?

“"As a company using Nielsen extensively over the years we've been able to take full advantage of the wide range of services they offer to help us with everything from boosing our marketing effectiveness, to ncreasing our efficiency in our sales techniques.

With their focus on data, when they recommend us solutions it's usually backed by robust studies with pretty astounding levels of data from millions of different people. We're very confident when they provide us with a solution that we can implement it and see instant results.

Because of their analysis we've been able to identify when our target audience was shifting away from our core product because of a smaller industry trend that we hadn't identified. Without Nielsen, we wouldn't have been able to fragment our customers and see how our competition was engaging with them, and we would be far behind the curve."

"I filled out a survey online to help spread my ideas on a certain topic for Nieslen, and ever since I've been contacted by Nielsen hundreds of times over the past few weeks. Early and late, from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm, I get calls asking me to fill out more surveys or to help them with their data gathering. If you value your privacy and don't want to be called at all times of the day, stay away from filling out any Nielsen forms."”

What is the interview process like to join Nielsen?

“For the research areas you can get hired in a matter of days. For the analysts, managers, and more career options the proces takes usually around 3-4 weeks. First you'll submit a resume, and get a phone screen from HR. They'll bring you into the office for an interview with 2-3 different people, where they ask a variety of interpsersonal and technical questions. After a week or so you'll get an email letting you know if you made it or not.”

How can I make sure I do well in the Nielsen interview?

“The best way to make sure you do well in the interview is just by doing two things. Make sure you know what Nielsen does generally, how the company works, and what different services they offer. Second, make sure you're comfortable with answering quetions about your own history and how you work. We're really looking for a wide range of things, but most important is demonstrating your ability to learn and work as a team.”

How can I be successful at Nielsen?

“To be successful at Nielsen you'll have to do a few things. First, make sure you really understand how your role plays into the bigger picture. Use this knowledge to talk to your manager and recognize how you can expand your role to help the team perform better. Second, make sure you stay engaged with your team. Your manager is the one who vouches for your promotion, so make sure you're relationship with them is strong. Third, make sure you stay consistent and always do your work. We often are working on a contract basis, so clients need our work asap.”

Can I grow my career at Nielsen?

“"There are a lot of different areas to the Nielsen company which means there are definitely opportunities to move around. However I feel that to be able to move around you have to either leverage other opportunities to move around, or work hard and suck up to your manager. It's difficult to differentiate yourself when there are so many hard woking and smart people around you.

Vertical growth in the company is very difficult. Firstly all raises for teams are distributed from a set pool that's allocated to the management. This means that employees are given raises competing against their peers, and not really based on your output and contribution. This represents a frame of mind of keeping teams isolated from the rest of the company.

Nielsen has complete end to end solutions for consumer insights, there are different career opportunities in the company for segmentation, product development, advertising effectiveness, and sales effectiveness. What this means is if you're able to distinguish yourself, either by leveraging other career opportunities, or by working constantly with your manager, you'll be able to learn about every aspect of the consumer journey.

It can be difficult to grow your career at Nielsen, but there are definitely a wide range of opportunities, and the company is stable and growing, so there will only be more opportunities in the future."”

What would you change if you were in charge?

I feel the biggest thing that needs to be changed here is the lack of communication. Because top management rarely communicates with the lower teams, they never really understand what teams are the top performers that are driving the department success. If there was stronger communication there would be more room to grow within each team and department.

What does a home based Nielsen representative do and how can I become one?

There are a variety of low technically skilled jobs at Nielsen that support our data collection and make sure we can do the consulting work that we do. These representative jobs often involve calling homes or doing door-to-door visits to gain insights on what people watched and why. To become a representative, which has a pretty high base pay, all you have to do is submit an application on the website.

What benefits does Nielsen provide?

Nielsen provides pretty good benefits, health, dental, and life insurance paid by the company from day one. Vacation time could be a little more, we only get 3 weeks. The best perk/benefit of working at nielsen though is the ability to often work from home when projects allow it.

What is the office environment like at Nielsen?

“"The work culture at Nielsen is very positive. My underlying reason for enjoying the work culture is because of the great people I get to work with every day. When you're working with people who are smart, kind, and hard working, you gain a lot of perspective on what it means to be a part of a good team.

The office environment is fast paced, which for some people can be difficult to adapt to, but I found it very easy just because of the people. A lot of our work is project based. A company comes to us with a certain request, and we have to analyze the data, and recommend a solution and implementation strategy within a certain time frame.

What this means is that as long as you produce the work you can set your own hours. I found this to be a really straight forward approach that gave me the comfort I needed in a workplace, and the confidence that I can work well under pressure and produce."”

About Nielsen

Nielsen is a global measurement and data company that provides its customers with actionable isnights on what their customers want. Through extensive data gathering techniques that record what consumers watch (programming and advertising) and what they buy (categories, brands, products), Nielsen can find the intersection of how what people watch affects what they buy.

Founded in 1923, the Nielsen corporation was founded by Arthur C. Nielsen, Sr. based on an invention that measured competitive sales results turning the concept of market share into a practical management tool. With operation in over 100 countries, an approximamte 46,000 employees, and over $6.5 billion in yearly revenues, the Nielsen Company is a global powerhouse in the media industry.

With over 46,000 employees and hundreds of offices world wide, there are thousands of open positions to join the Nielsen company. There are openings for entry level research positions on an hourly basis, as well as full career positions working on Nielsen's core services. On glassdoor there are over 2,000 job openings, 450 on indeed, and another 1,500 on the company pages. Nielsen has many career opportunities in the areas of finance, human resources, marketing, data analysis, operations, and management.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the nice offices, the analytical focus of the company, the strong training, the smart employees, and the diversity to the daily work. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the lack of diversity in the workplace, the high amount of work, the lower than industry standard pay, the lack of transparency from upper management, and the high turnover.

Values and Beliefs

There are 3 core values that drive The Nielsen Company's focus on their employees. These three values keep Nielsen company consistent with how employees are treated, and are the base for how the company leverages their people to grow as a company.

- Nielsen values being yourself. Working in an office enviornment can be difficult when you're pressured to constantly output work within a team. Nielsen recognizes that the best work comes from people who are true to themselves, and the focus on giving people the opportunity to grow as they want.

- Nielsen values making a difference. Working in a company as large as Nielsen that has as much influence world wide, there are a lot of opportunities to impact the world. Through their diverse employees, Nielsen enables employees to align with their core values and help them make a difference where it counts.

- Nielsen values growth. Creating an environment where employees can grow personally and professionally is essential for keeping people engaged with the work while also being satisfied with the work that their doing. As Nielsen continues to grow and technology continues to change, there will constantly be opportunities to grow the company.

Interview Questions

Why Nielsen?

What is your interest in data? How do you feel it makes better decisions?

Tell me about yourself.

What are some qualities of good and bad employees?

When was a time you had a disagreement with a manager and how did you resolve it?


Nielsen was founded in 1923 by Arthur C. Nielsen Sr. Originally incorporated in the Netherlands, The Nielsen Company focussed on finding how to help business capitalize on knowing their marketshare versus competitors. Nielsen continued to grow as technology increased the amount of data we can collect on people, while increasing our ability to get actionable insights on this data.

One of Nielsen's most well known creations is the Nielsen ratings, an audience measurement system that measures how people interact with television, radio, and newspaper and ranks them. In the past these techniques included attaching recording devices to consumer televisions that would be mailed-in so Nielsen could see what channels people were watching at what times.

Nielsen has been able to continuously grow year over year through an acquisition strategy that continuously increases their product offerings and partnered companies. In 2001 ACNielsen was acquired by VNU, changing Nielsen's name to The Nielsen Company.