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Mission: Support businesses with agents who have deeper skills, greater experience, and stronger drive.
Arizona, United States
Ohio, United States
Oregon, United States
California, United States
Employees: 161
  • Acquired by Marlin Equity Partners in 2015
  • Total $81 million in funding pre-acquisition

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LiveOps  •
Arizona, United States
Arizona, United States
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What employees at LiveOps think about working there

“Internal "Great business started by some innovative thinkers, after some rough management we're finally back on track. It means a lot of changes so be ready to work more hours than your usual job, but it's definitely worth it. We're rebuilding a great team, and the company is finally starting to get positive feedback again. Thank you board for listening to us."”
“Agent "After working 9 to 5's it's a great change of pace to be able to pick when you want to work, the problem is LiveOps only gives late night and early morning shifts to their new agents. To get any shifts at normal times you have to put in a lot of studying to grow and expand your knowledge areas so you can take on new call types. If you aren't ready to treat this like your own business, you won't be able to make much money."”
“Agent "The only good thing was that I could work from home. The problem was I couldn't get any work, and after sitting for hours at the phone, I'd only get paid for the 15 minutes spent talking. I really wish they implemented a base pay feature or something because I've been making $3-4 an hour."”
“Agent "LiveOps knows exactly how to make the flex, work from home, job work. Their software works, their training modules and support are amazing, and you can really grow your earning potential as you work. I've been able to use my knowledge in health services and military to good use, and have made a lot of peoples days just by sharing my knowledge. Big ups to LiveOps."”
“Agent "Great job if you're like me and tired of the micromanagement of standard call centers! I've been working customer support jobs for the last 10 years and always wondered why we couln't just do it from home. LiveOps has finally given me that opportunity! I'm finally able to do what I love, help people, straight from my home office!"”

LiveOps Glassdoor Themes

Great community

Best thing that really differentiates LiveOps from the rest of the work from home companies is that they make an effort to bring us together. We'll have group video sessions where we share skills and help eachother with the best tactics to fit the market needs. The company comes out on roadshows and hosts conferences where we can meet eachother and learn from the best. Great organisation that has helped me stay a stay at home mom!
Every person I've had the chance to interact with at LiveOps has been extroardinary. When I reach out to internal support for anything, they can always help me with anything I need. In the forums I get to interact with other agents and you can find people who share knowledge on best areas for the most calls etc. The ramp up time to make it more of a full-time job takes awhile, but it's definitely worth it.

Agent - Low hours

As someone who just started, the majority of my hours aren't actually flex because all the day shifts are blocked. I've heard that as you expand your areas of work that you'll have the opportunity to make more shifts, but it's still frustrating having to be working at such weird hours.
If you don't give up you can really set yourself up with the exact hours you want to be working. You pick up your shifts the week before, and pick which areas you want to work in. If you train in the right areas you'll have lots of opportunity pick up a ton of calls and get a pretty good rate. It really feels like you're building your own consulting business.

Strong growth

There are lots of pros for working at this company. The people are super motivated and there's a renewed energy to the workplace. Greg is able to portray a vision of the company that we can look forward to and recognize as a possible and great future for the company. We're looking back into growing like a startup, and it feels great. We've lost a lot of our star people because of our previous management, but we're back to building a strong team.
As we've re-hired our CEO Greg Hanover, our team is super optimistic with our company trajectory. We're back to building a workforce that has the tools they need to succeed, and having a team that is dedicated to helping them do that. We're expanding our team and constantly developing new areas of work for our agents.

Is LiveOps good for companies compared against the alternatives?

“"LiveOps is one of the best companies in the industry for outsourcing your customer service or sales force. There are three things that I found great about using the LiveOps workforce. From checking online reviews from other companies from sites like finanesonline, LiveOps has a 99% user satisfaction rating.

The first reason why we use LiveOps is that we can control our costs for sales and customer service, and measure everything to a great degree. We don't have to invest in agents who aren't taking calls, or are just sitting at their desk. We only pay for agents when their taking our calls.

LiveOps also has some of the highest quality agents in the industry. A great depth of skill, and a highly motivated group of people. Our reviews from customers after dealing with LiveOps agents have been overwhelmingly positive, and they've definitely helped with our companiss brand image.

And as we scale as a company, so does LiveOps. We started selling in Europe, and LiveOps was able to instantly support that timezone, as well as the increase in call volume.

LiveOps has definitely made our company more successful, and we're thankful for how strong of a staff they have."”

How do you become a LiveOps agent?

“The process to become a LiveOps agent is pretty simple. You have to match their technical requirements (which are pretty easy to meet). You then check if there are any opportunities that match your skills. You then apply online, answering a few questions and completing some steps. At the end you have to pay for a background check, but it comes to $45 and you'll be able to make it back pretty quickly.”

What qualities does LiveOps look for in an agent?

“We're looking for people who are warm, open and friendly. If you're a natural helper and want to have the opportunity to help people every day, this is a great place to be. You need to be empathetic, self-motivated (to work on your own time), and results-driven (because you get paid for your output)!”

Why should I think about becoming a LiveOps agent?

“When you're working for LiveOps, your success is in your own hands. You'll be given many opportunities to build knowledge on top brands and important knowledge areas, and be able to scale your career. It's a great career for moms who want to build a home-based business, or caregivers who want to be present with their loved ones at home.”

What's the culture like for Agents at LiveOps?

“"We're realy all about the agents. Even internally, our focus is on how we can help our agents have the best experience and provide the highest quality of service. Because of this directed common goal, the workplace is very positive and aligned.

Across the nation we also help agents connect from their homes to build a community of like-minded people building their own businesses. We help them stay connected with our clients, our company, and the other agents, but ultimately each independent agent can have their own work culture! Some agents love connecting with eachother, while others prefer to work more independently, and both are welcomed here!

With strong management, our internal team has new found life. We're back to building a product that truly helps our clients and agents, and the vibe at the office is nothing but positivity. We know now how our work helps millions of people, and its just exciting every day to come and work with such great people."”

What benefits are there for working at LiveOps?

If you're working as an agent, you get no benefits because you're technically a contractor for the company. You get the perks of being able to choose your own flexible and take time off whenever you like, but you don't get any insurance or 401k. The benefits for the internal team however are pretty standard, good insurance and ok 401k match.

Is it harder to become an internal employee than an agent?

It's very different to be part of the internal team or an agent for LiveOps. The internal team is the same as a normal job, we're a great group of people coming in 9-5 to try and build and grow LiveOps. As a contractor, you work from home, and you're able to build your own customer support and sales business at your own time. It's easier to get the agent job, but it's not necessarily easier to be successful at it.

How much do LiveOps agents make?

The typical LiveOps agent is paid anywhere from $25-15 an hour. When you start you might only be making $8-3 an hour, but over time if you build the skills to start working in different areas, you'll could make upwards of $40-30 an hour. It really depends on how much time you invest in your skills and growing your business.

How is LiveOps going to continue its market dominance as new competitors enter?

“"We started in 2000, when we recognized that people are starting to expect flexible work options. With the growth in tech, everyone was thinking 'why can't I just do this from home'? It wasn't till much later that this started to become standard, and that's when we really hit our growth stage.

We've been growing our network of skilled professionals across the states who are smart, compassionate, and ready to learn. This is a huge asset as a company, one that is very difficult to take over, and now with people being overwhelmed with technology, there is a need for human touch.

What we're leveraging now is tech behind the scenes to help our remote call agents help companies put a human connection back in their brands. We got to this point by a long process of finding the best agents, and we're still in a phase of growth almost 20 years after our original inception.

We also know that to help these brilliant agents grow, we need to offer them material that can help them grow. We've implemented a self-paced virtual-learning methodology to help agents learn based on how they like to learn.

As companies are starting to re-realize the importance of a human connection, we're seeing increasing demand, and a new-found need for our services."”

About LiveOps

LiveOps provides high quality customer service and sales agents through a distributed virtual workforce to help companies get better value out of their outsourced customer service. By giving companies the ability to scale their demand by time of day, seasonal spikes, or business growth, through a higher average depth of skill per customer agent, and through a controlled cost structure, LiveOps is developing the modern call center.

Founded in 2000 by founder Douglas Feirstein, Lloyd Tabb, and Wendell Brown, LiveOps has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. LiveOps has grown to upwards of 20,000 independent home agents, with over 114 million call interactions anually. Liveops was able to expand its operations through investments of over $80 million, which led to its acquisition in 2015 by Marlin Equity Partners.

LiveOps operations are based on their two sets of employees. LiveOps' core workforce is their distributed sales and agent contacts. These agents work from home, and have the flexibility to choose their own hours. They also have their internal career's, where there are positions available in the areas of operations, product, sales, marketing, and engineering.

Content relevant to the work from home contractors will be labelled 'agent'. Positive reviews from agents report enjoying the constant improvements to the online system, the flexible schedule, the great training, and the additions to new call types. Negative reviews from agents report being frustrated with the on call minute pay structure, the struggle to get enough shifts, and the lack of a base pay structure.

Content relevant for those working internally will be labelled 'internal'. Positive reviews from internal employees report enjoying the strong growth of the company, the positive work environment, the competitive salary and high benefits, and the visionary CEO. Negative reviews from internal employees report being frustrated with the high amount of changes, and the large workload.

Values and Beliefs

LiveOps believes that customer service and calls don't have to be taken in a call center. Instead, people should have the opportunity to work from home at the times that work best for them. LiveOps believes their agents deserve:

- More time with your family: Schedule your day around your kids, doctor appointments and family vacations!

- Work from home: No boss. No commute.

- Flexibility: You can choose to work full-time or part-time and choose the hours that work for you.

- Be your own boss: Join the thousands of Americans who have responded to unemployment by becoming their own boss.

- Earning Potential: Get paid per minute for time spent on the phone. Plus, you save money on gas and other work-related expenses.

- Job security: Our need for bilingual independent agents is growing, offering you the job security you and your family need.

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working at LiveOps?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What brought you to your previous job and why did you leave?

How would you handle a difficult client who didn't like the service?


LiveOps is a pioneer of the gig economy, as well as the work-at-home virtual workforce. LiveOps was formed by a merger with CallCast, a Silicon Valley based startup, in 2002. After the merger, the LiveOps raised a $22 million series B in 2004 led by Menlo Ventures. From this investment they were able to hire former eBay COO Maynard Webb as their CEO. LiveOps was able to raise another $60 million from 2007-2014, and was then acquired by Marlin Equity Partners in 2015. The company hired Greg Hanover as its CEO in 2017, and has had some major restructuring since.