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Liberty Mutual

Mission: Liberty Mutual Insurance have committed to providing broad, useful and competitively-priced insurance products and services.
Boston, Massachusetts
Employees: 44000
  • Acquired over 6 companies since 2007
  • Private company

Company Q&A

Q: What is something the team at Liberty Mutual has achieved that is particularly impressive?

Q: Are dental benefits available to employees at Liberty Mutual?

Q: Is there a retirement savings plan provided to team members at Liberty Mutual?

Q: Is there a paternity leave policy at Liberty Mutual?

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Liberty Mutual  •
Boston, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
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What employees at Liberty Mutual think about working there

“Lots of really high caliber professionals who are smart and driven to succeed in their careers. The environment isn't as positive as it could be because as corporate keeps doing re-org's we're all a little unsure of where we will be in a years time. There's definitely a high amount of politics and favoritism even though the office is generally kind, but that comes with most bigger companies.”
“Historically it's been a great place to work but in the last few years there has been lots of structural re-organization that has made the job a lot less stable then it once was. Lots of layoffs and job roles changing, I hope that they finally choose a future for the company because our services are generally better than the competition and the people here are all pretty good.”
“If you're someone who loves to work at a large organization than this is a good company to work for. There's a lot of the standard problems that come with big companies like too much beauracracy and changes made by corporate that don't fit what actually happens at the sales levels, but the job itself is pretty easy, the benefits are great and the pay is competitive.”
“Absolutely fantastic place to work! So many kind and hard working people. A couple times a week you get the chance to work from home. Most fridays you can take half-days, and many you can just take the whole day off. Very competitive pay and great benefits. Nothing really bad to say about Liberty Mutual!”
“One of the better insurance companies to work for. They pay their employees well, and recognize that we have lives outside of work and aren't too demanding on overtime. They offer both a 401k and pension plan so this is a great place to work if you're looking for long term financial stability.”

Liberty Mutual Glassdoor Themes

Changing company

I've been at liberty mutual for over 10 years. In my first year over 8 of the 10 people in my team left. After my second year I was the last person left standing. There's a very large disconnect between the low level employees and the upper management, and every year they're making changes that signal they put the blame on us for poor performance, and shoulder none of it themselves.
Liberty Mutual is positioned well for the future. Our insurance packages are some of the better ones available in the market, and corporate seems to actually care how the company is positioned for the future. Unfortunately this also means that they try and make decisions too quickly without really consulting how we feel about the changes, creating an environment of constant instability.

Quality services

Really great team to work with and a great company to work for. You know that the products you're selling are actually helping people live more secure and comfortable lives, and the plans we offer are some of the best in the industry. Constantly innovating and trying to work on better products, Liberty Mutual is a great place to work if you're actually invested in the insurance industry.
Liberty Mutual has subsidiaries around the world so if you're interseted in travelling around like I am, this is a great place to be. You have to show that you're a hard worker and passionate about the company to get the relocation, but we have offices in Brazil, China, Spain, UK... pretty much everywhere.

Cofortable work

Extremely happy with the career I've had at Liberty Mutual. I'm retiring in a few years and have been with them for over 15 years. They have a pension plan and 401k matching so throughout the years I've saved enough money to live a very comfortable retirement. Thank you Liberty Mutual for the fulfilling career!
Great work life balance. Overall competitive pay. There's some challenging work but our team is strong and there's never too much unecessary stress. Some of the best benefits I've ever seen with almost 8 weeks of fully paid leave for new parents (fathers aswell, 16+ if you're a mother).

As a customer what would you say about your experience with Liberty Mutual?

“"I've seen the liberty mutual commercials on tv a lot of times and when my husband and I decided to switch our insurance because we wanted to save money, liberty mutual was the first company that we looked into because of their promise of better plans and lower costs.

They responded so quickly to my initial inquiry that I didn't even get a chance to let my husband know that I had requested a quote. They very quickly double checked our information to make sure it was all correct and were very clear and concise about what they could offer. Probably the easiest insurance company to switch to for auto insurance (or probably any insurance).

Every time since that I've called for a information they've responded very quickly and polite. Wonderful customer service that I didn't think was possible from an insurance company!"

"The price is definitely at a premium but their replacement coverage is good and when we filed a claim they responded with very prompt back and forth and are very quick to check everything with no negativity. They covered exactly what they said they would and I have no problems with the company."”

How was the interview process for Liberty Mutual?

“It's a pretty standard interview process. There's an online assessment after your application. A few days later you'll get an email to set up a phone interview. If you're succesful in the phone interview they'll set you up with a face to face interview where you'll meet a few different people on the team as well as a hiring manager.”

What do I have to do to get promoted?

“Recently there has been a significant amount of turnover so there are a lot of opportunities to move up in the company. Because we're such a large company though you have to make yourself known, which usually means playing the politics game and talking to the right people. People who are friendly with the manager are much more likely than those who only work hard, so make sure you put work in on both sides.”

What kind of benefits does Liberty Mutual provide?

“Liberty Mutual has a really strong benefits package, I would be shocked if it wasn't considering they're an insurance company. Better than average medical, dental, and vision insurance. RSP & Savings contributions. Lots of sick days and PTO. Flexible work time and often you're able to take fridays off.”

How would you descrbe the environment at Liberty Mutual?

“"Recently there has been a lot of problems with office morale, especially in the areas where the layoffs happened the most at, so there are definitely some angry people writing reviews on glassdoor and indeed. The core thing I attribute to the environment is the people I work with, and the people I work with are hard working, smart, and kind.

This doesn't mean that it's the best environment I've been a part of. Top management has been implementing a lot of organizational redesigns year over year that, as an office employee, truly just dont make sense. There's a general feeling that leadership is clueless and out of touch, which can make it difficult to motivate yourself to work for the company.

In this chaotic time there's also a lot of general office politics that are starting to thrive. Flaring egos from middle-management who haven't been laid off and feel untouchable. Many look down on the smallest mistakes and create an environment where people are afraid to offer advice or recommend changes.

The people you work with on a day-to-day basis are really great, but it often feels like management doesn't understand what's going on which definitely doesn't help the morale."”

What's your favorite part about working for Liberty Mutual?

Favorite part of Liberty Mutual is probably the people that I get to work with on a daily basis. Lots of really professional, hard working, and generally nice people who are comitted to the company and their team. There have been quite a few layoffs recently with the restructuring but we've stayed together throughout and morale is still pretty strong considering.

Is Liberty Mutual a good place to grow your career?

If you're looking to get into the insurance business Liberty Mutual is a great place to start and grow your career. I joined right after university even though I had no experience in insurance. They gave me a really strong training program, onboarding wasn't too intense and I was able to ramp up to a point where I was comfortable, and there are lots of opportunities to try new things and keep learning.

What is the technology like at Liberty Mutual?

Honestly the biggest misconception about the technology at Liberty Mutual is that because we're an insurance company, our technology is outdated and the engineering jobs are boring. Liberty Mutual is actually constantly pushing to innovate, building microservices and using the latest technology in an agile approach to bring a sophisticated and technology driven approach to insurance.

Is Liberty Mutual a good place to join for sales?

“"Liberty Mutual is definitely a sales driven organization even though they preach that their on the forefront of innovation. This means that the majority of the quotas are sales related, and these quotas are very aggressive as their the backbone of the business. It's not an easy job, especially in recent times.

The positives of working for LMI in sales is that the packages you sell are generally some of the better ones in terms of coverage in the industry. In general they also provide quite a few good leads and have a warm funnel that gives you lots of opportunities to close.

The negatives are especially apparent now because with LMI laying off so many people they still want to keep their high revenues, and are now pushing higher and higher quotas without giving over time. For some reason they expect that we can finish our work in a 40 hour week, when most of us are working 50-60 + hours a week to hit our goals.

Overall it's probably not the best time to be joining LMI because of the recent changes, but in the past I found it to be one of the better insurance companies to work for with lots of opportunities for comission and growth."”

About Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Insurance is an insurance company that serves to help people preservev and protect what they earn, build, own, and cherish. The company works within a variety of sectors within the financial services, and insurance industry, providing auto, property, life, pet, accident, and identity theft insurance among other types.

Founded in 1912, Librty mutual Insurance has it's headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and serves primarily the American market, while also owning local insurance companies in Argentina, China, Brazil, Thaiand, Ireland, Russia, and other countries. With over 45,000 employees and yearly revenues of $37.6 billion, Liberty Mutual Insurance is one of the largest private Corporations in the United States.

As the company continues to grow year over year, there are many career opportunities and jobs to join the Liberty Mutual Insurance Team. There are over 1,900 jobs posted on glassdoor, 1,100 jobs on indeed, and thousands more on their website. The majority of the positions to join the Liberty Mutual team are in the area of sales, there are also jobs in the areas of technology, legal, customer support, human resources, and operations.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the generally good work/life balance, the great pension and 401k, the ability to work from home multiple days a week, the half day fridays, the great training, and the international opportunities. Negative revies from employees report being frustrated with the high amounts of beauracracy, the high amount of corporate restructuring, the lack of accountability with senior management, and the lack of diversity.

Values and Beliefs

Liberty Mutual has 6 core values that drive how they interact with their employees and their customers to ensure the company has continued success. These 6 values are:

- Liberty Mutual behaves with integrity in everything they do. Understanding that depend on them at critical moments in their lives, Liberty Mutual makes decisions with integrity.

- Liberty Mutual treats people with dignity and respect. Recognizing that everyone comes from the same background of humanity, Liberty Mutual creates an environment where everyone is treated equally.

- Liberty Mutual motivates, inspires, and engages talent to keep the company innovating and constantly improving their practices. Recognizing that there's nothing but the future, Liberty Mutual wants to help forge the next set of leaders int he world.

- Liberty Mutual delivers an exceptional customer experience. A company is nothing but the customers that they serve, recognizing that to build a successful company the customers must be happy, Liberty Mutual strives to keep all customers happy.

- Liberty Mutual continuously improves and innovates. Knowing that the world isn't static and that things are always changing, Liberty Mutual continues to improve their processes year over year in order to become the best insurance company world wide.

- Liberty Mutual executes thoroughly and seeks excellence. Always delivering to the best of their ability, Liberty Mutual aims to always provide the most complete experience for their customers and employees.

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working for Liberty Mutual?

What do you know about Liberty Mutual?

What was the last very difficult thing you did and why was it difficult?

When was the last time you dealt with a difficult customer and how did you deal with it?

What qualities do you have that would help you with this position in which you are applying.


Liberty Mutual was founded in 1912 under the name the Massachusetts Employees Insurance Association (MEIA), right after the state of Massachusetts had passed a law requiring employers to protect their employees with workers compensation insurance. In 1917 the company had started partnering with other companies and offering full-coverage auto policies, and changed its name to Liberty Mutual Insurance Company later that year.

From the 20s to the 60s Liberty Mutual Insurance continued to grow through offering full coverage auto insurance. In 1964 they began offering life insurance through a branch named the Liberty Life Assurance Branch. From 1964 to the 2000's Liberty Mutual continued to expand its marketshare in Life and Auto insurance.

From its strong growth Liberty Mutual was in a strong financial position and able to grow through acquisitions to diversify its portfolio and expand their marketshare. One of the larger acquisitions completed by the company was the purchase of Safeco at $68.25 per share for a total price of over $6 billion. This acquisition helped grow Liberty Mutuals revenues from $6 billion anually to over $30 billion in twelve years.