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Mission: To be the global leader in the integration and application of information, technology, and systems to solve critical customer problems.
Reston, Virginia
Ottawa, Ontario
London, None
Be'Er Sheva, Illinois
Employees: 31000
Funding: IPO - raising $1.245 billion - 2006

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Reston, Virginia
Reston, Virginia
Leidos Health combines the brightest minds in science and...
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What employees at Leidos think about working there

“If it weren't for the management and some of the people this could be a great place to work. We get to work with huge corporations and influence strategy on their big decisions. Unfortunately management seems to be lost and have no idea how to lead, feeling overwhelmed by corporate to reduce costs, and employees gossip and just scrape buy.”
“Pretty good place to be working. They pay well, you get good benefits, and it's a company that doesn't take over your outside life. What we work on is also pretty cool, there's lots of highly complex projects where we build things of huge scale for the top governments of the world.”
“There are some great people working here but it doesn't make up for how negative the overall atmosphere of the place is. It's one of those jobs where everyone is looking forward to friday, and no-one is really engaged with the work. You very much get the feeling that you're just a number.”
“The company has been falling apart for a few years, couple years ago we had a loss of over $300 million... Leidos had to fire a ton of different people to cut costs and our teams have been restructured over 3 times in a year. Shows that executive management had no idea where the company was going and how it was performing.”
“I was hoping that this could be a job where I could grow in my career and work on large scale difficult projects. Unfortuantely the environment is not really conducive for learning or just general good times. People are depressed and there's this impending feeling of doom that we're all going to be let go. Very few people are actually doing their work productively.”

Leidos Glassdoor Themes

Weak culture

A few years ago Leidos had over - $300 in profit from a year... To try and counter this they've done tons of rounds of restructuring and firing that the culture is now this mess of depresed people waiting for their job to be dropped. Very little motivation to actually do your work efficiently because not many other people are.
The company has seen some rough times but it's starting to transition out of it. Unfortuantely a lot of our top people have left due to frustration with how the company was dealing with the problems. The job has been ok but the general feeling that you get from working here is not very positive.

Growth opportunities

Middle management isn't really engaged with the teams so it's almost impossible to be recognized for your work. You have to constantly make yourself known and kiss up to the higher ups to have the opportunity to actually move to a manager position. If you're good at doing that you'll fit in well here.
Not the most amount of movement available up the chain of command but we're working on so many different projects and the company turnover is so high that there's a lot of opportunity to move around into different departments. You may not get salary increases but you can learn a lot and leverage the name to get a really great position later.

Fairly compensated

A solid job where the work load isn't too intense and they pay you well for your knowledge and general skills. It's not a job where you'll have to dedicate all your free time, and it's feels good to be involved with complex projects. They match you well for your 401k so this is a good job if you're looking to cruise into retirement.
If it weren't for the good pay and ok benefits I would have left years ago. The only thing that I feel the company does right is pay me bi-weekly, and reimburse me quickly for any expenses. Management and the general office environment has been extremely negative ever since Beyster retired in 2003.

What do customers think of Leidos's services?

“"Our companies experience using Leidos was not very positive, and when we looked up their history online we were actually happily surprised our experience wasn't worse. We hired Leidos to do an updating of our EHR and were recommended by them through a sponsored company who had used them before.

The people on our site seemed to be nice people when they first started, but week over week it seemed like the employees at our job site kept on switching around. Very few of the people that started working on the project actually stayed around till the end. It felt like we had a revolving door of new people that would be coming into our office.

Although most of the people that we met were nice, there were a lot of people with very little experience and had no idea where we were in the implementation or what would have to be done next. We had to dedicate a couple extra people just to help them throughout the implementation because often they wouldn't have enough information to provide.

The upgrade took a a few months longer than they had originally planned for, and we went over budget by about 10%, but that's usually to expected with these types of projects. The frustrating part was dealing with new people on the job site time after time."”

What's the interview process like for Leidos?

“The interview process usually involves a screening call with a recruiter where she goes over your resume and just gauges general interest. You're then brought in for a in person interview where they ask some general technical questions and behavioral questions to get a sense of who you are as a person. Just stay positive and respectful, and don't be too aggressive.”

How can I be successful at Leidos?

“Best way to grow within your career at Leidos is by staying super engaged with management. There have been lots of questionabl promotions in my time here because the manager seemed to like the person. There really isn't that much room to move up the ladder because Leidos moves pretty slowly, but if you value learning more there's lots of opportunities to move around the company departments.”

What kind of benefits and perks do you get?

“Very much standard benefits package: 401k matching, 2 - 3 weeks paid time off, health insurance and dental insurance. They also offer some bonus areas like pet insurance, legal and financial discounts, etc. Best part about the package is a stock option plan because the company stock only seems to grow year over year.”

What's the environment like at Leidos?

“"I've been working at Leidos for over 20 years so I've seen the company in a lot of different stages. In recent times the company environment is getting better, but it's recovering from a very bad time when there were massive layoffs and huge company structural changes. For many people it was difficult to adapt, and lots of our best people ended up leaving.

With so many leaders in the departments leaving, so many people felt lost and would fall through the cracks of responsibility. It was very difficult to fill some of the positions and we ended up promoting people not nearly as competent as the previous management staff.

With people being promoted up to incompetence, the people who were overlooked lost their motivation to work, and the general environment slowed to a halt. Luckily, out of pressure to completely shift the company, there has been a new focus on defense systems and communication has once again resumed to a point where we actually know a little bit of what's going on outside our depatments.

Leidos still has a dominating position in the industry and the stock price keeps rising year over year, so there's still lots of potential to move the company around to a more positive environment."”

How do you feel about the people you work with?

Generally I like the people that I work with. People are pretty smart. Lots of my co-workers are interested in the same things I am like movies and books It's a pretty laid back atmosphere and we all generally get a long pretty well.

What's your favorite part about the job?

Favorite part of the job is probably the projects that we work on. We've had some huge projects for the NSA and for the Department of Defense where if you think about the impact of what your building has on the world it's pretty awe-inspiring.

What's the pace of work like at Leidos?

It really depends on the projects that you're working on. Some of the projects have intense deadlines where you'll have to put in some overtime, but managers are usually super understanding if you aren't able to, and this doesn't really happen often. Usually it's a pretty relaxed environment and a lot of time is spent waiting for people to be able to cross through red-tape.

What kind of projects do you work on at Leidos?

“"We've worked on so many projects that its impossible to tell you what kind of projets you'll be working on if you start at Leidos. The best way to know which project you'll be working on is looking through the career sections on the website, and researching the projects that the roles are working on right now.

I work as an project manager for IT system implementation and I've seen a whole bunch of different projects. I love my role because I work with so many different types of projects, although mine are usually dedicated towards the defense sector. Some of the projects I've seen have been:

- Worked on implementing a unmanned submarine trackers. U.S. shipping has been facing problems dealing with nearly silent diesel-electric submarines. We implemented an unmanned vessel that shadows them and chases these ships out of strategic areas.

- Developing a system that makes virtual Iraq and Afghanistan look more realistic for soldiers to train and to implement new strategies.

- Implement cybersecurity lining on cloud software for the Department of Defense.

It's pretty interesting work and if you're motivated by working on complex and hard problems, this can be a great job."”

About Leidos

Leidos is a technology defense company that provides services in engineering, systems integrartion, technical, and scientific services. There are four core divisions to Leidos: Health, Civil, Advaned Solutions, and Defense & Intelligence. Each division works on a wide variety of projects, from optimizing medical expenses to integrating advanced defense systems.

Founded in 1969 by Robert Beyster, Leidos is now headquartered in Reston, United States and run by CEO Roger Krone. A spun off company originating from Science Applications Incorporated, Leidos started as a $7 billion per year IT company. With over 33,000 employees and $10.2 billion in yearly revenues, Leidos has grown to be core contractor for the Department of Defense.

There are many opportunities to join Leidos because of its size and high turnover. The company is hiring in the areas of technology, operations, sales, support, technology, marketing, and finance. With over 4,400 Leidos jobs on Indeed, 7,300 jobs on glassdoor, and thousands more on their career page, Leidos is hiring for many types of positions.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the comfortable pay, the positive work/life balance, the good benefits, the remote work opportunities, and the interesting projects. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the little room for growth, the feeling of being just a number, the unhappy atmosphere, the large turnover, the lack of vision by management, and the lack of communication.

Values and Beliefs

Leidos has 5 core values that drive how the company interacts with its customers and its employees to build an innovative and hard working environment. These 5 core values are:

- Integrity. Leidos aims at being a respected company that takes the courage to take the right way in tough ethical decisions, so that the company can always take pride in their work.

- Innovation. Leidos is able to grow its business because of its complete environment that's curious and tenacious, dedicated to learning and solving what hasn't been solved before.

- Agility. Leidos recognizes that it's greatest opportunity is in moving quickly and dominating with its size. Leidos strives to build an environment that's flexible, creative, and resilient.

- Collaboration. Knowing that a company is nothing but the people behind it, Leidos recognizes that teams that are inclusive, and proactive, build relationships and work more effectively than individual people.

- Commitment. Without customers a company cannot operate. Leidos is committed to their customers and teams, and operate with a sense of urgency to help at any and all moments.

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working for Leidos?

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

How would you handle insubordination?

How would you handle a stakeholder whos being difficult in a project?

How do you work with different groups of people?


Originally named Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Leidos started off as a U.S. government nuclear power and weapons study program. The company quickly grew in the early years due to its strong initial team, and quickly gained large projects on radiation therapy, cruise missle support, and cleanups.

Beyster originally designed SAIC as an employee-owned company, where all employees owned a share of the company and thus held responsibility in terms of the development of the company as a whole. Beyster retired in 2003, and quickly changed from a private company into a public company in 2006, offering 86 million shares of common stock.

SAIC raised $1.425 bilion at its IPO in 2006. Relocating its headquarters to Fairfax County, Virgina, SAIC started to run into regulatory prolems. In 2012, they were ordered to pay the City of New York $550 million for overbilling.

In 2012 SAIC split into 2 different companies. $4 billion of its yearly revenues from government services split and kept the name SAIC. $7 billion of its yearly revenues split into an IT company specializing in technology, changing its nae to Leidos.