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Mission: Mission is to have a meaningful impact on all the lives we serve - matching them with their future careers.
Location: Tampa, Florida
Employees: 3562
Funding: Public Company - Market Cap $936.21 million

Company Q&A

Q: What does employee integration entail at Kforce?

Q: Do you actively try to create an equitable workplace at Kforce? How?

Q: How does Kforce foster cross team friendships?

Q: In what ways are goals set at Kforce?

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Kforce  •
Tampa, Florida
Jersey City, New Jersey
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Kforce Salaries

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What employees at Kforce think about working there

“Client - "I had a great experience interacting with Kforce. The job they placed me at doesn't give a great salary or treat their employees well though so not sure how I should feel."”
“My co-workers are very strong and passionate! We work really hard to help our clients find meaningful work, and we have the opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives.”
“Kforce is a great opportunity for students leaving university. It's a very fast pace environment, management helps you through one on one meetings, and great employees seem to be rewarded and recognized.”
“Client - "With account representatives that actually listen, and a very impressive turnaround time, Kforce helps us find qualified candidates quickly in a candidate-short market."”
“Be wary of positive reviews, Kforce forces employees to write good reviews on glassdoor to boost their stats. In reality the office environment is hyper competitive (in the worst way), and management is incompetent.”

Kforce Glassdoor Themes

Great co-workers

Such a close knit team and family. I feel all my colleagues and managers are driven to do what they can in the company. We really make a difference together.
I work with a team who's passionate about the work and experts in the field. My experience at Kforce has been really motivating personally and profesionally.

Metric heavy environment

I worked at Kforce full-time for 2 years as an Account Manager and it was honestly just a call center.
Be expected to hit rediculous metrics on a daily basis! Every morning you have a meeting with the team where leadership talks extensively about the company situation (nothing changes), and then we're asked to present our metrics in front of everyone. It's humiliating if you don't hit them and management just laughs.

Poor management tactics

If you don't hit your goals, expect 2 things: micromanagement and aggressive behavior. Managers will sit over your shoulder and ask you questions about every single one of your metrics to the point of delirium, while keeping a very condescending tone. Expect to either get fired or be pushed to quit if you start missing metrics for any reason.
I wasn't the best at closing deals compared to my colleagues, but I genuinely wanted to help our clients. Management didn't seem to notice my passion and only cared about my numbers. I decided to leave as every day was an uphill mental battle.

What is the office environment like at Kforce?

“"There are really two sides to the office environment at Kforce. There's the very positive side, which is the culture within recruiters, as well as the support managers give to the top performers. But there's also the very negative side that comes out when a recruiter isn't able to hit the expectations set by the supervisors.

Human Resources does a fantastic job hiring people who are passionate about helping others. Almost every one of my co-workers have this feeling of responsibility towards the clients. They genuinely want to help, and it shows that we have one multiple awards as being the highest satisfaction for agency placement for multiple years. This common goal of getting people the opportunities they deserve brings us together, and we work hard together to hit our goals. As a top performer, management actively asks me if they can help with anything. They constantly want to give me the highest quality leads, and are always really excited about the numbers we're able to hit.

The negative side of the office environment comes out when someone quits or gets fired. They're instantly dismissed by managment, and during our morning meetings they actually make fun of the people who are no longer there. It feels awkward for everyone and dampens the mood heavily. I know a few recruiters who have left based on the feeling they don't feel respected by management.

Overall, I love working at Kforce. We're able to help people find their dream jobs, and are given the tools to succeed. I just wish some of the upper management showed a little more professionalism."”

Client - How good is Kforce at getting you a job?

“Kforce helped me find my job incredibly quickly! Mike (the recruiter who represented me) was very engaging and supportive through the entire process. He prepared me for different opportunities and got me a job within a couple weeks (after I'd been searching for months)! The company I was placed with is also very supportive and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to become a full-time employee in 6 months.”

Client - How can Kforce help your company?

“Kforce helps place 23,000 technically proficient professionals in the Technology and Finance & Accounting sectors annually. We support companies by providing top talent that fits your companies needs. By providing either full-time, contract, or consulting services, Kforce can help you find the top talent to help your business grow to its potential. With our partnerships with 70% of the top Fortune 100 companies, we've built a knowledge center to help keep you up-to-date on industry trends, data, case studies, and more.”

What will I be doing at Kforce?

“There are different opportunities available at Kforce but the majority of internal jobs are for recruitment and business development. In these positions expect to spend a lot of time making cold calls and building relationships with your clients so you can successfully fill their needs.”

What do clients say about Kforce?

“"My experience with Kforce has been overwhelmingly positive. The assignments that they provide are for quality companies that I can trust, the account manager is very responsive and I feel that she really wants to help me at all times, and they even offer benefits. Most of the work that is assigned is temporary, but there is a steady stream of opportunities."

"I worked at Kforce as an independent contractor. The recruitment agent worked very hard to make sure I got a job, and then once I got it he made sure I had what was needed to do my job. I talked to maybe three different people in all, due to different reasons, and they're overall really caring and nice. The benefits they offer are much better than most contracting companies, and the companies they're partnered with are much more legit than other agencies."

"As far as recruitment agencies go, Kforce has recruiters that seem to care about where they place you and finding a match that fits your profile. Most of the opportunities they provide are temporary however so I would recommend using Kforce in between finding jobs."

"We contracted a project to Kforce to solve a problem with our companies manual processes that were creating multiple delays, errors, and expensive operating costs. We had invested in an Robotic Process Automation platform but didn't have the talent or experience to execute on the investment properly. Kforce's consultants were instrumental in proposing a workable framework, and in training our staff. Because of Kforce our team was able to ramp-up quickly to the technical expertise needed, and provde consistent return to the business through more efficient processes. "”

What opportunities for career advancement are there at Kforce?

Kforce offers opportunities for compensation growth if you're able to hit the metric goals set by management. The goals are ambitious, so to have the opportunity to advance you must be willing to put the time in (work overtime etc.). In terms of compensation, Kforce will give you bonuses and raises if you're a top performer. Moving to new positions is slightly limited because of the nature of the job opportunities at Kforce.

How can I make sure I succeed at Kforce?

To succeed at Kforce there's only one thing you have to do, hit your metrics. Management will instantly recognize your metrics and you will be rewarded well. Stay positive and remember that you're helping people find jobs. Ignore the rest and just work hard.

What are the benefits to working at Kforce?

The benefits offered are very standard. Ok health insurance and paid time off. The 401k plan leaves much to be desired.

What kind of information is available as part of Kforce's 'Knowledge Center'?

“Kforce is a great place to start your career because they offer really strong resources and documentation for you to accelerate your career. A major initiative by Kforce (the name comes from knowledge force) is the knowledge center. The knowledge center is to give Kforce its clients and staff access to expert insights for workforce solutions. It offers both Case Studies on past Kforce initiatives, and thought leadership articles on how industries are changing. The industries Kforce focusses on are Advanced Services, Healthcare, Technology, and Finance & Accounting.

Within case studies you can find over 40 different cases of work that Kforce provided for different companies. Each case has complete documentation that shows the challenge of the situation, the solution that Kforce presented, and the outcome of the solution. The case studies provide insights into projects ranging from providing software solutions for call centers to creating optimized revenue cycles, and from creating virtual concierge platforms to robotic process automation. With such a diverse work force and range of possible projets, Kforce has the unique opportunity to present critical findings based on experience in a wide range of contexts.

Within the thought leadership article section, Kforce has over 30 articles that provide information on how to adapt to changing markets and industry practices. From 'How to Architect a Positive Employee Experience with Design thinking' to 'Winning the Race for Autonomous Vehicle Talent', Kforce content writers give their insight into changing industries and how companies can benefit from these changes.”

About Kforce

Kforce is a stafing agency that specializes in the technology, and Finance & Accounting industries. With a vision to be the most respected firm by those served, Kforce strives to help its clients find meaningful work in a professional and quick way.

Founded in 1962, Kforce (named for knowledge force), has grown to be one of the top recruitment agencies in the U.S.. With over 2000 staffing agents and 23,000 people placed anually at 4000 companies, Kforce has its headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and offices in over 60 cities around the country.

Being a staffing agency, Kforce helps job seekers find careers within their fields (specifically within the fields of Technology, and Finance & Accounting). In this article we will preface content relevant for job seekers with 'Client'. In general, clients experience pretty good turn-around times and a high-touch experience with Kforce's recruiting agents.

With $1.32 billion in reported revenue for the fiscal year of 2015, Kforce has many opportunities to join their internal team, however the majority are in sales and recruitment.

Values and Beliefs

Kforce follows a strict knowledge staffing process. The process is split into 4 different parts: Discover, Align, Deliver, and Manage. In the discovery phase Kforce agents gain awareness of the strategic goals, opportunities, and challenges of the entity they're serving. In the Align phase, the agent builds a recruiting strategy based on the information gained in the discovery phase, and aligns the resources necessary to execute on the project. In the delivery phase, the agent executs the recruiting strategy and delivers the right match. Finally in the Manage phase, the agent manages the performance through engagement completion to drive consultant retention and loyalty.

There are 6 core values to Kforce's operations. These values are: Respect (treating everyone with the same level of respect), Integrity (sticking to your personal core values), Stewardship (giving back to the community), Exceptional Service (constantly innovating and improving business practices to better serve customers), Commitment & Fun (keeping the workplace light and engaging), and Trust (to build trusting relationships with all employees).

Interview Questions

Why would you want to work at Kforce?

What are some challenges you've experienced and how did you overcome them?

What did you know about the position you were interviewing for today?

How would you handle a candidate who's mad that no positions fit their profile?


Kforce was founded in 1962. Originally named Roma & Associates, the company later merged with Source Services Corporation. In 1999, the name was officially changed to Kforce to better describe the companies goals. Kforce (standing for KnowledgeForce) was incorporated in 1962 with its headquarters based in Tampa, Florida, Kforce went public in 1995. With the commitment to "Great People = Great Results", Kforce is dedicated to being the firm most respected by its clients. Now operating in all states in the U.S. with more than 60 offices and 2000 staffing agents, Kforce reported revenue of $1.3 billion in 2016. Kforce is now run by CEO David L. Dunkel, and has a subsidiary Kforce Government Solutions that is dedicated to providing staffing solutions for the government.