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Mission: Deliver the best technology, user experience and products for home remodeling and design.
Location: Palo Alto, California
Employees: 1000
Funding: $613.6 million in total funding

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Palo Alto, California
Palo Alto, California
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What employees at Houzz think about working there

“There are some fantastic people here, kind, smart, and hard working. Unfortuantely, the sales department seems to be far behind the rest of the company. Aggressive managers are focussed heavily on the bottom line, and unattainable quotas paired with constant weekly quota reviews creates a depressed and scared work environment.”
“Houzz is a very fast moving company. Our expansion into the global markets has been relentless, mostly because of the validation we've received from customers who found us through word of mouth and love our product. Huge investments by top VC firms means constant new hires and a growing organization. If you come to Houzz with the mindset of wanting to work hard and grow, there will be many opportunities to advance your career here.”
“The perks are great and the office is beautiful but I feel Houzz doesn't care at all about the sales department, at least in the U.S.. We're micromanaged to the point where other employees are asked to report people when they see them standing up too long, we're written up for being less than a minute late to work, and we have a new software tool that tells us when we're allowed to take breaks. Houzz management drills into the sales team that we're nothing but a number.”
“Being an engineer for Houzz has been the best engineering job I've ever had. Huge amounts of technically complex problems and a small team thats driven to solve them. We're open minded, willing to share knowledge, help eachother in tough times, and have fun while doing it. Very lean organization with not many meetings, a cool product used and enjoyed by millions... I feel like my work has a significant impact on the companies success.”
“An true international company. The Australia office is by far the most perfectly managed organization I've ever witnessed. Management has worked unbelievable hard to make changes to benefit employees, constantly asking us how things could make our lives easier, and then actually implementing the changes. We've moved quickly and it wasn't always easy, but Houzz is a company I would bet on dominating the home improvement industry for the next 30 years based on how they treat their employees.”

Houzz Glassdoor Themes

Kind co-workers

There are great teams accross many departments here. Super flat organizational structure that support cross country and department collaboration. You'll have the opportunity to work closely with past employees from the top tech companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, as they've all come to find the Houzz environment to be more aligned with their wants.
Absolutely love working with my team! We've built great long lasting friendships because HR always seems to recruit the best and nicest people, and because the company is growing so well! Hard working managers that listen to our feedback and strive to make changes when they can. Houzz has an amazing work culture.


Houzz is a great place to find some cool friends and learn a little bit about the startup scene, but definitely not a place to build your career. Your watched like a hawk by management and other employees, criticized for your every move, and even if you're in the top 10% of performers, you're looked down upon if you deviate slightly from cultural norms.
Unfortuantely I can't take this company seriously because of their complete disregard for the sales team. They put you on performance review instantly after your first month if you don't hit the unattainable sales quota. No flexibility to try new things, very little room for growth (especially in sales), and the culture is more of a dictatorship than anything else.

Fast pace

Houzz has been able to do what I thought was impossible. Constantly listening to employees, figuring out how they can make their work environment better, and ready to implement massive changes to make sure we can succeed. Very fast moving company, but its based on making employees lives better in the long run, while structuring the company to scale successfully.
This is a great place if you're looking to learn quickly and accelerate your career. The company has grown its operations to include so many different roles, if you want to move around laterally there are plenty of opportunities. Our workload is pretty intense at times, and our pay is lower than industry average, but the company is doing so well its hard to say no to equity.

What do people think of the Houzz product?

“"Houzz really helped us make our dream a reality for doing a complete renovation for our home. Not in the perfect way, but without Houzz we wouldn't be able to make the changes we did. The great thing about Houzz is the ability to review styles and products online, and add these styles to a portfolio similar to pinterest. I personally just enjoy doing this on my spare time, even if I'm not doing renovations for my home.

The part that didn't work however was the purchasing of the items through the marketplace. For our first order, we bought a sofa and fireplace for our living room. After 4 weeks of absolutely no communication from either the merchant or from Houzz we tried to reach out to both parties to try and figure out where our products were. We didn't get any response from either one, so in frustration we wrote a negative review on TrustPilot of Houzz.

After we left the negative review though, we were instantly called by a customer service agent who had been flagged to resolve our issue. He was really patient and understanding, contacted the merchant, and got our products shipped within a day.

Overall, we still use Houzz for the ability to see different types of styles from a wide range of talented design enthusiasts, but we don't use the marketplace anymore, instead we just go to brick and mortar stores and get our orders delivered right away."”

What is the interview process at Houzz?

“Really efficient interview process. Usually involves a couple rounds of phone/skype screening, followed by a couple in person interviews. There's a mix of personality based questions, a detailed review of your past work experience and work relationships, than an indepth role play or practice case based on the department you're applying to. Make sure you review Houzz's products, are prepared for questions on your past work experience, and know the responsibilities of the position you're applying to.”

How can I be successful at Houzz?

“To be successfull at Houzz you have to be ready to adapt and change at the flip of a switch. The work load is pretty heavy no matter the department (although not unattainable), so if you take the time to learn the new roles quickly, and deliver results, you'll be given lots of opportunities to move either vertically or horizontally in the organization.”

What's the gender diversity like at Houzz?

“Houzz has made an impressive conscious effort to hire and promote women (and men) within the company, pretty much a 1:1 ratio for men to women. A great thing being a women as part of this company is that our CEO is also a powerful women! It seems she's done a great job at making sure people are given equal opportunities to advance and grow their careers.”

What's the office vibe like at Houzz?

“"Houzz definitely has a family feel. Your co-workers quickly become lifetime friends because not only does everyone seems to be aligned with the business goals, but also everyone is just kind, generous, and happy to be working here. The managers also help in creating a positive work environment, they're really supportive, have great depth of experience, and inspire you to work your best.

Your co-workers are kind and nice people, but they're also highly motivated and goal driven. It's a competitive atmosphere built on competing against oneself, not eachother. Everyone just wants to get better, and because people are helpful and open, you're able to to ask anyone for help to get to where you want to be.

Besides the people (who make the culture perfect just themselves), the office environment is super relaxed. Casual dress, feel free to wear jeans every day if thats your style, and a beautiful office in a beautiful location (no matter your city, I've been in Palo Alto and Berlin, both were stunning).

Overall its a really positive and exciting vibe! On top of the great people, and relaxed office environment, the company is growing really well which just adds to the excitement!"”

What are the perks for working at Houzz?

Great perks at Houzz! Fully stocked kitchen, free lunches and breakfasts on certain days, drinks on the roof on sunny days, team outings, Houzz makes sure we're treated well and given all the standard high tech perks & more.

How's the work / life balance at Houzz?

Although the work load is definitely significant, and teams are generally pretty small with large roadmaps, Houzz does a pretty good job at giving us the flexibility and confidence needed for a good work/life balance. We're not necessarily expected to work over time, but we're a fast moving company so we have to hit our goals!

What departments are the best and worst to work for?

I work in the engineering department and it is a pleasure to work with such high caliber people from both the top established tech companies as well as engineering leads from high growth startups. By far the best group of people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. If you compare our environment with sales however there is a drastic difference, the general morale is much lower and strained.

What processes are there for feedback at Houzz?

“"It really depends on the department your in. I'm an account executive out of the Texas office, so I'll share my side, but I'll also share what I've heard from other people from different departments.

In sales we're placed in a strict environment that forces us to stay at our desk and hit our quotas. In sales, your job heavily revolves around your ability to hit the numbers, it's much more tangible objectives than other departments, and so feedback is directed directly to our ability to hit the quota.

Unfortuantely, because the quota's they ask are very high, and the people calling in are usually hyper aggressive, it can be very difficult to hit our quotas. Our feedback is given at the end of every week. We're pulled into the office and the manager (who has the exact timings of when we sat at our desk because of newly implemented software), drills us as to why we didn't hit our quotas.

My experience with actual productive feedback has been negligble. It seems like there is very little investment from the managers part in developing talent and giving constructive feedback for the sales team.

On the other hand, I've heard the product and engineering team leads are constantly asking how they can help their employees, either by sharing skills or giving extra time to work on their projects."”

About Houzz

Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts, and home improvement professionals from across the world to give people the easiest way to find inspiration, get advice, buy products, and hire professionals to help turn their home design visions into reality. Houzz makes decorating small rooms to building entire custom homes, and everything in between, easy and transparent.

Founded in 2009 by husband and wife, current president and CEO, Alon Cohen and Adi Tatarko, Houzz has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. With over 40 million monthly unique visitors, and 20,000 merchants, Houzz has grown to be a world wide company dominating the home improvement, home renovation, and interior design industries. Gaining $616.3 million in funding since its inception from renown investors such as Sequoia Capital, ICONIQ Capital, and GGV Capital, Houzz is set to continue its world expansion in the coming years.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the open & kind co-workers, the company perks, the constant improvements being done to positively change the work culture, and the great product. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the large workload, the ever changing work structure, the high turnover, the low base pay, and the high levels of micromanagement.

With receiving large investments from top american VC firms, Houzz is set to continue its rapid expansion into the global market. There are over 200 jobs posted on glassdoor within a wide range of disciplines. There are currently openings for the engineering, design, data, marketing, product, sales, commerce, and recruiting teams.

Values and Beliefs

Houzz has 6 core values that drive the positive work environment. They believe in collaboration, a team of nice and smart people that want to work together. They believe in bringing design and remodeling into the 21st century. They believe in the ability to make a difference to more than 40 million homeowners. They believe employees deserve stability, an equity stake in the company, and a healthy work environment.

Interview Questions

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How do you deal with objections?

Why do you think you'll be a good cultural fit for Houzz?

How would your past colleagues describe you?

How would you see yourself develop in the next 10 years?


Houzz was founded by husband and wife Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen in 2009 as a result of getting frustrated with their own remodeling project. They found it difficult to communicate the vision for their home, and decided as a side project to get a collection of images to represent the feel for the room they were renovating. As Alon Cohen was a developer, he launched a simple website with the content, and within weeks they were getting messages from people around the area to expand their images. The company quickly spread by word-of-mouth, and as a result Houzz became a company in the fall of 2010. The first iPad app was released in November 2010 to overwhelmingly positive reviews, and as a result they received their first round of funding ($2 million in funding). From there Houzz has continued to expand, receiving multiple rounds of financing from top VC firms, and quickly growing global.