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Mission: To be Canada's largest and most-trusted source for connecting with home professionals.
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Employees: 94
Funding: Total Funding - $2.5 million - 2007 - 2014

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Abdullah Pharaon
Software Engineer
Gerald Hubley
Product Manager
Colleen Mc Grory
Product Manager
Sarah Steele
Director, Customer Success
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Homestars  •
Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
WHO WE ARE: Canadians spend over $70B annually on their homes -...
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What employees at Homestars think about working there

“Within the sales department the management, or rather leadership, is something I've never witnessed before. Phenomenal mentors that have taken time from their days to help me improve as a salesman. Their able to organize and manage the team with very little touch, and are obviously invested in our individual success.”
“Phenomenal work/life balance. A CEO that truly cares about the company and the people that help make it work. Her integrity is inspiring and it builds a very strong work culture centered around helping homeowners and contractors. Management listens and acts on our feedback, in terms of their management practices as well as product ideas. ”
“The office environment is very friendly and open, but there's a lack of clear job roles. It's great that we're given a lot of autonomy, but you're never really sure what you should be working on.”
“Benefits at HomeStars are pretty strong. It's the standard package, but better than the ones I've been offered by other companies. It's recently changed from their past benefit system, we now have a yearly amount which can top up the extra dental costs or go to massages, etc.”
“Leadership has been able to build a very high performing team from the managers to the sales people to the engineers, we're all working together to make this company work.”

Homestars Glassdoor Themes

High degree of Autonomy

HomeStars gives you the opportunity to work completely autonomously. Unlike many of my other jobs, I'm able to work without the stress of having a manager breath down my neck, something I've been used to for way too long. Very glad to have found this opportunity.
Being able to work with your team on your projects in a semi-isolated way (being trusted to act in the company best interest by management) means our team has a very strong bond and we're able to execute on projects very quickly. Sometimes it can be a little dis-organized but we make it work.

Strong CEO

This is the epitome of what a CEO should be. Nancy Peterson has a strong conviction to her moves, has the ability to listen and connect with absolutely everyone on the team, and is genuinely invested in making sure the company is providing positive experience for its homeowners and contractors. I would say this company has been successful because of the brilliance of Nancy Peterson.
My favorite part of working for HomeStars has been the friendly staff and attentive CEO. We're really working on building a product that homeowners and home service providers can trust, and that motivates us to work hard!

Great Staff

Great work life balance and lots of opportunity for upwards mobility. I'd say the only reason I give my experience 4 instead of 5 stars is the lack of remote opportunities. I guess that's ok though when the employees are very enjoyable to work with.
Love my co-workers. It's a very friendly and open environment with great perks, a great office, and strong benefits.

What do customers think of using Homestars?

“HomeOwner - "My husband and I are home renovators and we exclusively use Homestars to find every contractor we need to do a successful renovation. There is truly an exhaustive list of companies who are able to do pretty much anything to do with home renovations. When using companies through HomeStars we can consistently be sure that they'll arrive on time, do an excellent job with scrutinous attention to detail, and they'll take the time to clean up well after."

HomeOwner - "I've used HomeStars for a significant amount of work in the past, and have always been impressed. However, my last experience was a complete nightmare. The company wouldn't respond to my calls, they'd show up late, and ended up doing a really sloppy job. I left a pretty bad review on the company page, but it got removed last night! Makes me question if the next companies I'll be working with are going to be good or not, even if they might have only positive reviews."

Contractor - "I've been advertised on HomeStars for 4 years and have seen a lot of business come through the platform. Over this time I received over 120 positive reviews with 10/10 score rating. I even received the Best of the Year award 3 times in a row. I definitely know that HomeStars can make your business very successfull from personal experience, however a few weeks ago my opinion of the platform changed. A customer sent a negative review, I contacted them and we came to common ground so that they'd remove the review and we'd fix what we messed up. After this incident we got flagged as being a suspicious company on HomeStars! Now whenever someone sees our account, the first thing they see is that we're a suspicious company! I've seen a significant decrease in asked quotes and it has me questioning the benefit of staying on the platform."”

How can I be successfull at HomeStars?

“To be successfull at HomeStars you have to work proactively. There aren't strict roles within the company, and you're given a lot of autonomy, so there's a lot of room to work how you please. Take advantage of this by setting your own deadlines and communicating efficiently with management. Be proactive in identifying new opportunities for the company and communicate them to your managers. Your drive and hard work will be recognized and you'll definitely be a successfull HomeStars employee.”

How is the interview process for HomeStars?

“The interview process starts with a basic phone screen to learn more of you're background and interest in joining the company. Once they've confirmed that you'd be a good fit, you're brought in for an in-person interview where you have the opportunity to chat with HR and also interview the executives and top managers. I had the opportunity to meet the CEO during my first meeting, and the manager I would report to in my second meeting. The interview process itself is pretty easy and is more to determine if you'll be a good culture fit and if you're able to work autonomously.”

What is a day in the life at HomeStars?

“Your day to day at HomeStars can shift significantly. The platform is stable and we continuously serve hundreds of thousands of clients, so now we work on making sure we can provide the best service possible to everyone. It's a very collaborative environment that gives the opportunity for everyone to share their ideas on how to make the experience better. Once ideas are chosen, you work within a team to execute that idea to the best of your ability, which means you'll be either developing, doing market development, or marketing.”

What does the press say about HomeStars?

“The media present HomeStars in a very positive light. As a fast growing Canadian company that was founded on the basis of how to help Canadians make good decisions when it comes to their biggest investments, their homes, the press respects HomeStars mission. This being said, media is also very aware of the problems that HomeStars creates for contractors and homeowners both.

HomeStars has been presented in the media as the example of a strong, fast growing tech company, that demonstrates Canada's ingenuity. Being recognized as one of Canada's fastest-growing companies for 3 years, they've been reported in the Profit 500 release, as well as in CBC. Nancy Peterson, HomeStars founder and CEO, has been repeatedly praised in the media as being one of Canada's leading female entrepreneurs, sharing her lessons learned through her journey in the Globe and Mail.

Media also recognizes the potential negative impact HomeStars can have for contractors and for homeowners. Homeowners can be over confident that their hired contractor will be the best one available solely based on the reviews, and can overlook their own filtering to make sure their skills fit the needs of their jobs. To try and help homeowners find the best contractor for their jobs, media organizations such as the Ottawa Citizen have written articles like "Hiring the Right Guy for the Job".

For contractors, a single negative review can completely shift their opportunity for future business. News sites like the Canadian Contractor have reported on the importance of building an online reputation, and how companies who grow their businesses based on online reviews should work to foster a positive long-term strategy.”

Who acquired HomeStars and what do they do?

HomeStars was acquired by HomeAdvisor in 2017. HomeAdvisor is a U.S. based marketplace for homeowners to connect with professionals for home repair, maintenance, and home improvement projects. Through a completely front-to-back approach, they allow homeowners to view estimated project costs, book appointments online for quotes, and access a expansive list of homeservice providers. Through a merger with Angie's List, HomeAdvisor has become the largest digital marketplace for home services, connecting millions of homeowners and home service providers accross the globe.

Why is HomeStars valuable?

We all know that word-of-mouth is usually the best way to learn things, HomeStars helps spread your experiences so that others can benefit off them. As a business, we also know that word-of-mouth is the best way to get business too, HomeStars helps you expand your network to beyond your neighborhood.

Are contractors on homestars a scam?

Absolutely not. HomeStars has a quality assurance team that constantly reviews the contractors hosted on the HomStars platform to make sure they follow our guidelines. There are often some companies that might have higher ratings than others, while you may disagree with that rating, but quality of service can always change over time. When you're choosing a contractor for your work make sure you evaluate the time of the reviews as well as review the history of the reviewing account to ensure they aren't biased or a purely negative reviewer.

How can you make sure you get a good contractor on HomeStars?

“"There are a couple ways to increase the odds you get a good contractor for your home renovation work with HomeStars. The first step is recognizing that all the reviews on the site are real. HomeStars has a rigorous verification and screening process to verify that the homeowner has actually used the contractor. This is done with a mix of sophisticated detection algorithms, as well as a content review team that ensures submissions pass all requirements.

Knowing that all reviews on contractors are real allows you to accept that negative reviews may happen on good companies because of a poor experience. Make sure you review the difference in work that was completed by the negative and positive reviews, and see which one relates more to the work you want to do on your house. Second, make sure you review the review history of the homeowner to see if their a more aggressive or passive reviewer, and take that into consideration when using their review as a benchmark.

Lastly, pay attention if the contractor is a HomeStars Verified member. It's a program that verifies if all the legal and professional requirements for the company are in order. This gives you an added level of verification that the company you're hiring has taken the time to build their business in an open and reliable way."”

About Homestars

Homestars helps homeowners find reputable contractors, while giving contractors a place to host their business. They offer homeowners the ability to find over 2 million companies that specialize in renovations, repairs, and home focussed retailers. Homestars gives homeowners the ability to see reviews of these companies so they can be confident they're working with the best people near them.

Founded in 2006 by current Founder and CEO Nancy Peterson, their headquarters are based in Toronto, Ontario. The company was originally created when Nancy Peterson was doing renovations for her own home, and realized the best way to find a good contractor was by asking her friends. Her vision was to build an online community that could help anyone find the best contractor for their home.

Current employees working at HomeStars love the open and friendly work culture, the strong integrity and focus of their CEO, as well as the high degree of autonomy offered to them. Most former dissenting employees report being frustrated with the lack of clarity for job roles, and a lack of cross team communication.

HomeStars has been awarded as one of Canada's fastest growing companies, and the CEO Nancy Peterson has been awarded as one of Canada's top female entrepreneurs. The company has been recognized for giving strong opportunities for career growth. They're currently hiring for marketing, sales, engineering, and administrative positions.

Values and Beliefs

HomeStars believes that great employees means a successful company. They have great benefits to motivate their employees. They have an excellent benefit package, a great ofice space, unlimited snacks, a casual dress code, a ping pong table, annual retreats, and a December break. All these different supporting factors for employees shows that HomeStars values their employees most.

Interview Questions

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Can you work with no supervision?

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How do you feel about working over a weekend?


HomeStars was founded in 2006 by Nancy Peterson. Right after its inception, the Globe and Mail ran a feature on the company as it seemed to enter in the industry at the right time and with the right idea. The company began as an online community of homeowners, sharing ideas of their personal experience to help each-other find reputable contractors. The company continued to grow and receive praise for its focus on making sure the reviews are authentic. In 2015 the National Post announced that HomeStars had over two million companies listed with hundreds of thousands of consumer reviews. In 2017, HomeStars was acquired by HomeAdvisors, the parent company of IAC, a very similar company for finding good home service providers but based in the US.