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Floor and Decor

Mission: Give our customers the largest in-stock selection of tile, wood, stone, and flooring accessories at prices no one can beat.
Location: Smyrna, Georgia
Employees: 1983
Funding: Public Company - Market Cap $5.05 billion

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Q: In what ways does Floor and Decor diagnose missed goals?

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Floor and Decor  •
Smyrna, Georgia
Smyrna, Georgia
You will be responsible for greeting our customers, helping them...
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What employees at Floor and Decor think about working there

“I really like the team but we need better systems, like IPads, to make our work easier. Everything is done manually.”
“Lots of opportunities for growth here. If you put in the work you'll be recognized quickly and offered a promotion. I've been working here a year and have already been promoted.”
“I really like the environment working here. I get to help people every day choose good products and I work with a great and friendly team.”
“Its a very lax culture. You kinda just do your thing and you don't have to worry too much.”
“They pay compared to the industry average is pretty good and we get extra bonuses based on sales.”

Floor and Decor Glassdoor Themes

Great team environment

A great pro of working for Floor & Decor is how much I like the people I work with. We're all on the same page and no one is aggressive.
It's a very relaxed environment here. Your co-workers want to help and although it's a lot of manual labor, we make sure we're not being over worked, rotating out when needed.

Great product at a reasonable price

I've worked at a lot of different home hardware stores and we have by the the best products at the best prices. I have the freedom to make my own recommendations and help customers in making the right choices!
We have great preset recommended designs and the products to back up any customers questions. If someone is unsure of what to do I can always direct them to a cool premade design that shows what can be done with our products.

Poor non-communicative management

Didn't like working here because my boss had no idea what was going on. Had literally no idea of the products we were selling and tried to micro manage our tactics.
It seemed like management had little or no training. Maybe promoted from sales or externally then just expected to lead us? We don't have to interact with them too much but its frustrating knowing they're getting higher pay and they really don't deserve it.

What is the office environment like at Floor & Decor?

“"Working at Floor & Decor is fun if you're into helping people make good decisions in their renovation process. We have a really great selection of products so if a customer is looking for something, chances are we have it (I love that feeling, being able to say "O yeah - over here"), and our prices are very reasonable so customers generally are very positive when they're shopping. As a sales associate I find it very enjoyable to be able to help customers at every turn.

A great thing about working here is that you're team is generally very positive and looking to help out. When you make a sale and someone needs to move their purchases into their car, another associate, warehouse worker, or merchandiser will offer to help you moving the product. The material can be pretty heavy so having that team environment is very important and makes working here much more enjoyable.

The only thing that dampens the positive work environment is the managers don't seem to know what's going on. You can tell they aren't really doing any work, and then they try and impose when they decide to show up. They aren't great at making schedules or staying accountable to what they said they're going to do. In the end though we don't really have to interact with them too much."”

What is life like at Floor & Decor?

“Working at Floor & Decor is a mix of retail and labor. You will be working closely with customers if you're on the floor and helping them move their purchases. It can be pretty intense but the team is friendly and you get to help people build their dream homes.”

What sort of career progression is available?

“They promote people internally pretty quickly, great opportunity to move upward in the organization if you show hard work and dedication. Management plays favorites sometimes but that's the way it is with all jobs.”

What skills do you need to work at Floor & Decor?

“To be a successful sales associate you have to have strong interpersonal skills, to communicate effectively with shoppers, a good knowledge of the product helps in making sales (you make comission on sales which is nice), and you have to be fit (there's a lot of manual labor). If you aren't in shape you will be quickly.”

What do customers say about Floor & Decor?

“I've been coming to Floor & Decor for about 5 years. I do some house flipping on the side of my job, absolutely love to take a house and fix it up with great flooring etc. and they consistently have the best prices and most material in stock. It's pretty rare that I go there and they don't have exactly what I'm looking for.

I went there last week for my most recent project and I was lucky enough to land the absolute best sales associate I've ever met! He had so much knowledge of the material, and went out of his way to recommend different types of samples to make sure I was satisfied with the product I was ordering. I actually learned more during those 3 hours (I couldn't leave! Was having too much fun!!) than I've learned in the last couple of years doing renovations. After helping me pick the best product he helped me load it all up into my truck...

I'll keep coming back here because they have the best prices and a great selection, but people like that sales associate shows the company isn't just about having good material and prices, they want to make the entire experience amazing. Floor & Decor blows the competition out of the water.”

What is onboarding like?

There really isn't any onboarding. Like no training. Was just told what I had to do but was given little to no product knowledge. Have to ramp up yourself.

How can I succeed working at Floor & Decor?

To be successful here you have to stay consistently engaged. You're recognized for your sales, and given more opportunities for growth if you have higher sales, so learn the products and remember you're helping people build their dream homes!

What are the benefits to working at Floor & Decor?

Health coverage is very expensive and not helpful at all. Not really any other perks like discounts either (I guess because our product is so fairly priced already). They're pretty accomodating with sick days and vacation though. I took off 2 months and was able to come back to work after.

What do investors think of Floor & Decor?

“Floor & Decor has been growing very quickly in the last 5 years, with an average growth rate of about 40%. The IPO in April of 2017 raised $185M for them at an evaluation of $1.9B. It was estimated before the IPO that the evaluation would be only $1B so this showed great promise as Floor & Decor entered the public market.

However, in 2017 growth slowed to only about 4%, looking pretty bearish for investors and analysts. There is however a very positive sentiment that as Floor & Decor continues to receive strong profits and customer feedback there will be continued growth in the years to come. By 2021, it's estimated that FND's earnings should reach an approximate $175M, an annual growth rate of 17.5%.

How should you look at the investment into Floor & Decor into the future? Well the company is set up well for success so we expect continuous expansion, meaning more jobs and more revenue. FND seems to have had its highlight in growth in its past, but the company is still very healthy and has a bright future ahead. ”

About Floor and Decor

Floor & Decor is retailer that specializes in the hard surface flooring market, offering products at low prices with a large variety in-stock. Floor & Decor offers a selection of tile, wood, and stone flooring materials, as well as related tools and accessories.

Founded in 2000, run by CEO Thomas V. Taylor, and headquartered in Atlanta, Floor & Decor continues to grow significantly and is now recognized as a staple home hardware store with 4300 employees. Sourcing their material direct from manufactures and holding them directly in their warehouse stores, Floor & Decor is able to transfer good prices and quality products direct to the consumer. They IPO'd in 2017 at an evauation of $2B.

The work environment at Floor & Decor is positive. There are great opportunities for growth to management positions and hard work is recognized by management. The products are high quality and customers overwhelmingly enjoy their shopping experience.

Values and Beliefs

Floor & Decor has a strong culture of internal entrepreneurship and team spirit. Floor & Decor spends time on each hire to make sure they reflect the core values of being committed to the team of associates and the customers. They're proud that employees have the opportunity for growth in their careers. Floor & Decor strives to give each customer a unique experience that makes their renovation journey exciting and well informed.

Interview Questions

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What do you know about the company?

How do you deal with constructive criticism?

What did you do to prevent an accident from happening?

If there is someone you see struggling to accomplish a task or goals, how do you go about addressing this?


Floor & Decor was founded in 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia with the mission of providing a wide variety of quality flooring products at low prices. They succeeded in doing this by dealing direct with manufactures and having their stores by a warehouse style. Floor & Decor deals direct with the consumer and also with larger businesses looking to purchase quality material at discount prices. They can support your company in purchasing and delivering of flooring material with their export service contacts. They offer a range of pro services, offering a pro hotline, express pick up, job site delivery, a large selection of samples available, and more. Floor & Decor also offers credit services so you can purchase your flooring now and pay later, and they have in house design services to help you pick the best products that fit your needs. Floor & Decors low prices and high quality made it grow in the market quickly, with a ~35% year over year sales growth from 2012-2017, Floor & Decor has continuously added new stores around the U.S.. In 2017 Floor & Decor IPO'd at an evaluation $1.9B. The major competitors in the market are Home Depot and Lowe's.