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Epic Systems

Mission: Our mission is to help the world get well, help the world stay well, and help future generations be healthier.
Verona, Wisconsin
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Employees: 9183
  • Private Company
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Epic Systems  •
Verona, Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
$84K USD per year
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What employees at Epic Systems think about working there

“Unbelievable company that's truly impacting the world for the better. Really happy to be a part of such a high performing and dedicated team of people. The campus is unreal, with meeting rooms in tree houses, and an underground network of tunnels connecting the buildings. It feels like I'm working in a futuristic miniature society.”
“Although I really love the campus and the work that I do (especially the impact that my work has), it can be pretty tiring to work here. With offices truly in the middle of nowhere, you sacrifice a lot to come and join the company. The constant "we're the best" messaging is also kind of unnecessary I find, let us just do our work. ”
“The only positive thing I like about the company is the kind of cool campus. Overall though Epic demands that you give your life to the company, putting in intensely long hours is the norm, and there really isn't anything to do in the city that the HQ is in. ”
“It feels good to work for a company that's trying to make positive change in the world and has been doing it for a long time. The pay is good and the campus is beautiful. The work itself is sometimes fun, but more often than not it can be not very complex and long. Overall a great place to build a career and make money.”
“Great place to build a career. The company has a really reputable name, the work you do as part of a huge team means that you'll be used to complex structures and delivering results, and you'll meet a lot of smart and interesting people.”

Epic Systems Glassdoor Themes

Social good

I really like the fact that you can help enact social change working at Epic Systems. Everyone around here is smart and dedicated to changing health care for the better. There’s an awareness that the products you’re working on will drastically improve people’s health care experience and even save lives.
Epic may be a private company, but it’s core mission is to improve the lives of patients. Customer needs come before profits. Management really makes a point of emphasizing the good we do at Epic

Work/life Balance

The way Epic treats its employees’ time is concerning. They often demand 65-75 hour weeks, which are exhausting in the short term and unhealthy in the long term.
Epic will take as much of your time as it can get away with. After you’ve been at the company for a while, you can begin turning down projects. However, you should be aware that putting in (excessive) hours is the price of advancement.


For many Epic employees, this is a great first job out of college. Epic’s status as a difference maker that pays well attracts many bright young minds, people who might otherwise go to work for Facebook or Microsoft.
Despite the whimsical campus, the company isn’t really a startup and doesn’t have that kind of culture. Epic is home to nearly 10,000 employees and you feel it when you work there. Collaborating with colleagues rarely means getting close with them.

A Day in the Life of a Software Developer at Epic Systems

“For Jeb Samuels, a software developer at Epic Systems, every day begins with a long commute from his home in Madison, WI, to the countryside campus of Epic Systems. Traffic is heavy but he budgets time accordingly, and he doesn’t mind much anyway. The commute gives him the feeling that there’s a solid barrier between work and life--something that he finds lacking in other aspects of his work at Epic Systems.

The Epic campus was made to help employees feel at home while they work. And admittedly, it’s beautiful. Jeb never tires of the site of the Epic building complex. A cluster of brand new buildings on 800 acres of land in the Wisconsin country. Once he gets to the campus, all of the work conditions are comfortable. Everyone who wants a private office has one, the cafeteria food is great, and the campus has features that, in Jeb’s opinion, are a nice touch but also make it feel a bit like a theme park for ambitious 22-year-old college graduates. The giant slide comes to mind, as does the treehouse meeting room.

But if features like these are necessary to draw top talent away from companies like Microsoft, Jeb can’t argue with the results. His colleagues are smart young people with a desire to do good and enormous potential. Sometimes Jeb feels unusual for the fact that this isn’t his first job. At lunch, he looks around himself in a cafeteria and wonders at how many of his fellow software developers came here straight out of college. His issue isn’t that they’re not ready for the work; it’s that if they ever feel like they’re done at Epic, they’ll never have the skills to do anything else.

At work, Jeb worries about the outmoded software processes that Epic Systems uses, unlike most of its competitors. He and most of the software developers are still working with VB, though he was hired to work in C#. The processes are old. Moreover, the specific problems that software developers take on at Epic are so different from those at other “tech” companies that he worries he’ll be unhirable if he stays here for a few more years. If the skewed work/life balance gets to him, he figures that maybe he’ll go to work in consulting like his friend Amanda.

Jeb sometimes has trouble deciding whether it’s worth it being a software developer at Epic. The work is relentless, with 45-55 hour weeks the norm. But on other days he wonders if he could work anywhere else, given his commitment to the cause of improving healthcare.

The company plans occasional immersion trips to hospitals where medical professionals are using Epic software. Just last week, he was flown out to a hospital in Chicago where he got to listen to doctors give feedback--both positive and negative--on the software he’d helped design. The experience was humbling and left him feeling confident that here at Epic, software design is a kind of humanitarian work. ”

What can I expect of my job interview at Epic Systems?

“You can apply for positions online. An initial online assessment covers technical skills relevant to the position. Those who advance will do a phone interview that covers their experience and interest. A final, on-site interview may involve situational problem solving tests.”

The best part about working for Epic Systems?

“Epic Systems employees take pride in working for a company whose stated mission is to improve the quality of healthcare. They also like working with the many other talented people who work at Epic.”

How is the pace of work at Epic Systems?

“Work tends to be extremely fast-paced at Epic Systems. Employees often mention needing to work long weeks to get through all their tasks. On a more positive note, they say that no two workdays are alike. ”

How would you describe the working environment at Epic?

“The working environment at Epic is extremely passionate and driven. Employees in general are very dedicated to the company for a couple reasons. First off managers really continuously push the thought that Epic is the best company to work for. Second, because employees have to move out to the middle of the states to join the team.

With the headquarters campus being so isolated from the larger cities that I grew up in, there's a feeling that Epic employees form a small town/community on their own. With everyone's common denominator being the company that they work for, it means that the majority of conversations are related to work.

Personally I enjoy this, it means that people are usually very focused and want to consistently provide their best work. Many people find this pressure to be a little overbearing though, and don't appreciate the all-consuming life of working for Epic.

In all I would say that Epic is a company with an intense working atmosphere, one where people are constantly pushing to do their best, and one where work is completely integrated with life.”

What separates Epic Systems from its competitors?

Unlike most of its competitors, Epic System offers an integrated suite of healthcare software programs. Think of this suite as the healthcare equivalent of Microsoft Office. Epic was able to offer an integrated software suite ahead of all of its competitors.

What kind of perks and benefits can I expect at Epic?

Epic is a company that really treats their employees well. The best part about working here is working in a state of the art facility that mixes high tech and nature into this beautiful blend. On top of this there's great food and strong insurance policies.

What skills would you say a great Epic employee would have?

With Epic Systems being such a huge company there can really be a ton of different skill sets that are needed depending on the team. The teams I've been a part of though (and I feel the general feeling overall) is that key skills to be a great Epic employee are: patience, consistency, hard work, and professionalism.

Do you feel like Epic will continue into the future to be a dominant company in healthcare software?

“There are a lot of reasons why Epic will continue into the future to be a dominant company, but the main reasons I see Epic to keep a grasp on healthcare records and software systems for the next 20 years is because of two things, we have really smart people and we're already established.

Overall I'm not very bullish on the software services that we work on. A lot of it is outdated tech that requires more time and energy to work with when compared to some more modern systems. Even though the software may be more legacy, what Epic has that other companies don't is a complete software package that is integrated into healthcare providers that would be difficult to drop. What I mean by this is switching from Epic to a different system that does the same things would require a huge amount of money, and a lot of time, because we're so integrated in everything that they do.

We're definitely already more established than our competition which means we already have buy in from a lot of healthcare companies, but another reason this reputation is good for our continued success is because it also means we attract a lot of top talent that want to work here.

The one difficulty I see in the future is that because of our longer processes, it might be difficult for Epic to fully take advantage of the talent. But over time I definitely feel like Epic will continue to dominate the industry.”

About Epic Systems

Epic Systems is a software company that produces a suite of programs for medical professionals. Its software is designed as a replacement for the paper records that medical professionals have long used to administer healthcare If you live in the United States, there’s a pretty good chance that your medical records are stored on Epic Systems software; Epic claims that its software holds the patient records of 54% of Americans. Epic’s various programs cover everything from patient registration to insurance company billing. They combine to form an integrated system that some have compared to Microsoft Office for its comprehensiveness and market dominance. What’s So Special About Epic Systems Software? One reason for Epic Systems’ huge share of the American market is the amount of time that it’s been in the healthcare software business. Another reason for Epic’s dominance is the comprehensiveness of its offerings. Instead of buying separate programs from separate developers, Epic customers get an integrated, all-in-one package. Epic’s competitors would object to claims that its individual programs are the best in their class. But few would argue with the statement that the comprehensiveness and interdependence of Epic’s software makes it a favorite among customers. Why Does Healthcare Software Work Matter? Epic’s task of digitizing paper medical records is extremely difficult, as the data that medical records include is always changing. Yet the task is also incredibly important. The digitization of patient records makes them searchable and easily shareable between different hospitals. The databases that emerge from the digitization process also promise to open up new doors for medical researchers. For these reasons, Epic Systems can claim some bragging rights. Its team of talented designers is doing a good job tackling difficult, important problems. Controversy It’s widely acknowledged that the digitization of healthcare records is a good idea. That’s why the Obama administration distributed a massive stimulus package to encourage records digitization. Epic Systems offered a comprehensive software package at the time of the stimulus, and benefited disproportionately from the stimulus package. Years later, many media critics blame Epic for America’s incomplete success in digitizing its patient records. While Americans’ healthcare records have by and large been digitized, these digital records are not always easily accessible to healthcare professionals. Unlike its rivals, Epic decided not to use open source tools and not to enable record sharing with other platforms. While it is possible to get Epic’s patient files at a non-Epic medical facility, Epic charges hefty fees for record transfers like these. Epic Systems has succeeded in its mission to make excellent healthcare software. However, some have argued that its competitive business practices have mitigated some of the benefits of a transition to digital record keeping.

Values and Beliefs

“Do Good. Have Fun. Make Money.” The founder of Epic Systems, Judith Faulkner, has a personal motto: “Do good. Have fun. Make money.” To some extent Faulkner has built the company in her own image. Her motto gives us a good entryway into a brief discussion of the values and beliefs that drive Epic. Do Good We couldn’t reach the Scrooge for comment, but everyone else agrees that the digitization of healthcare records is a great thing. Epic has been pursuing this goal for longer than almost anyone else in the industry. It hires top talent and tries hard to foster a creative workplace culture, thereby ensuring that it stays near the forefront of the medical software industry. Epic also seeks out and integrates design feedback from the many doctors who use their software. Have Fun Employees at Epic Systems often have good things to say about the campus: the food is great, everyone gets their own office, and there’s definitely some fun design features of the campus. For instance, the giant slide and the treehouse meeting room and the half a million square feet of solar panels. On the other hand, employees generally tend to find the work-life balance exhausting. Work weeks are long. Company founder Judith Faulkner says that she believes in work-life integration rather than work-life balance. Given this statement, it’s possible that the “fun” features of the Epic campus are designed to encourage employees to integrate their “fun” into their work. The fun of life at Epic may come at the expense of actual leisure. Make Money As a company, Epic makes piles of money in profits. For their part, employees don’t do too badly either. Employees say that salaries are comparable to those at the most prestigious tech companies, with the added benefit that money stretches much farther in Madison, Wisconsin, than in San Francisco or New York.

Interview Questions

If you got multiple job offers, how would you make your decision? If your interviewers ask this question, they may be interested in hearing why you want to work at Epic Systems as opposed to other companies. You should demonstrate how your values and professional goals are aligned with those of Epic Systems. You might want to think about the following questions: What is unique about Epic Systems? What made you apply for a job at Epic Systems in the first place? If you are indeed considering multiple job offers, you could mention that. Doing this would present you with an opportunity to gently open the door to salary negotiations. Are you willing to travel? Employees of Epic Systems often stress that travel is a major component of their work. Some are pleased with the opportunity to see other parts of the country. Others complain about the tiring schedules and boring destinations. You are within your right to turn this question around on the interviewers and get a better sense of what they are expecting. You might ask: “How much traveling will I be expected to do” If you go this route, though, be prepared to respond positively to any kind of answer. An Epic interviewer may say that it would be ideal if you could travel five weeks a year. If this is too much travel for you, you should still phrase your answer in positive terms: for example, “I would prefer to travel no more than three weeks of the year.” Tell me about a time you were criticized. How did you address this criticism? Epic Systems assigns projects to small teams led by a “TL” or manager. Naturally, your interviewer may want to get some sense of your ability to handle negative interactions in a teamwork context. In your answer, you could say that criticism has never been a major issue for you in previous jobs. Perhaps you like to have the kind of open communication with colleagues that prevents major issues from developing. But you should also concede that the odd problem is inevitable and that criticism can be an occasion for constructive dialog. Have you ever been criticized in previous jobs? Draw attention to how you evaluated the criticism. Was it justified? If the criticism was justified, discuss how you built upon this constructive criticism to improve your workplace performance more generally.


Epic Systems was founded in 1979 by original founder Judith R. Faulkner. The company started with an initial investment of $70,000 and was based in its headquarters campus in Verona, Wisconsin. Epic Systems has always focused on health informatics, and has been estimated to hold the records of 54% of patients within the United States, as well as another 2.5% of patients worldwide.

The company continues to grow year over year as a private company, and has plans for continuous expansions on top of its already large headquarters network of buildings. There are 5 new buildings planned to be added to the company headquarters, with each building estimated at 100,000 square feet.