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Mission: We’re working to empower local communities and in turn, creating new ways for people to earn, work, and thrive. We believe in delivering good by connecting people and possibility.
San Francisco, California
Atlanta, Georgia
Boston, Massachusetts
Seattle, Washington
Vancouver, British Columbia
Toronto, Ontario
Employees: 251-500
  • $771.8 million total funding
  • $535 million series D - 2018

Company Q&A

Q: Does DoorDash incorporate Agile Software Development practices?

Q: How does doordash see itself among other startups in the area?

Q: How does team matching or selection work at DoorDash?

Q: How many layers of management are there and what measures are in place to ensure that all employees are able to have an active say in what direction the company is headed in.

Q: What is the most valuable asset that DoorDash looks for in an employee ?

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Doordash  •
San Francisco, California
San Francisco, California
DoorDash is a food delivery apps that allows anyone with a vehicle...
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Doordash Salaries

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What employees at Doordash think about working there

“dasher - "Only nice thing I can say about the company is that you have flexible hours. DoorDash doesn't care about any of their delivery drivers. They recently implemented a new payment system that cuts down your tips so that if you get a $10 tip, they'll take away the delivery fee you would have made."”
“internal - "If you're thinking of joining DoorDash be prepared for lots of sleep-less nights and long weekends spent working anything that's outside of your job description. There's no concept of work/life balance and this frame of mind is pushed by executives who don't know how to manage people. One of the highest turnovers I've ever seen, especially when the company is doing so well in terms of growth."”
“dasher - "Not a bad job if you're looking for a flexible thing that doesn't necessarily take too much time out of your day and brings in some extra income. Feels great to have no boss and there are orders on a regualar basis so if you want to pick up a shift at any time there's usually something to do."”
“internal - "This company is exactly what tv shows like silicon valley make fun of and pay homage to. The teams are extremely hard working, intelligent, and driven, the opportunities to grow the company are limitless, and we're well paid and have the classic tech startup perks. Unfortunately this also comes with a male dominated 'fratty' environment that doesn't put effort into respecting the employees and building a positive work environment."”
“internal - "DoorDash is the food delivery unicorn company that I've always wanted to work for. I never understood why companies wouldn't have a delivery team when they could increase their customer base, and I never understood why there weren't people who did this part time. Working for DoorDash has been a lifelong dream to join a driven team that wants to change how people buy anthing locally."”

Doordash Glassdoor Themes

Strong culture

DoorDash compensates us very well for the work that we do and it's great to have options in a company that is growing so much every year. There's a really strong culture of hard work and general passion that is the driving force of this companies growth, and being a part of the team makes you realize how much can get done in a day if you put your mind to it.
It can be tough to work at DoorDash because the working hours are very long and you're never really off. The great thing is that the people make it all worth it. So many driven people that are willing to put in everything into the comopany that you can't help but also want to do your best.

High growth

Telling people I work for DoorDash is something I'm so proud of. Not many other companies raise close to a billion dollars, and when you say you have shares in the company you can see people's eyes widen. Witho ur most recent investment we're really looking to push our expansion so there are lots of opportunities in the company to move up and take on more responsibility.
Be prepared to spend most of your weekends and nights working at the DoorDash office. I like working with the people here and I understand that it's a startup environment but working non-stop is not good for my mental state.

Valuable product

Feels good to be a part of a company that is really trying to innovate the on-demand industry of food delivery (among other industries), but the day to day can be difficult with the team being so cut-throat and the work being very difficult.
Best part about working for DoorDash is that we're helping local companies increase their ability to make money with customers they wouldn't have had if it weren't for us. It's great to be able to make a change in our system and processes and instantly see the effect it has on our partnered companies.

Should I start using DoorDash for my company?

“"Our restaurant started using DoorDash a few months ago and I would definitely recommend it to other companies just because it helps with your bottom line. We started using them because we didn't want to impement our own delivery service and take on all the risk of having more employees and have to solve the whole delivery system problems.

Implementing DoorDash was very easy which was our first major worry when we were thinking of who we should partner with. They send orders directly to our tablet system and are directly integrated into our point of sale system. Also, through their app, we're able to track all the orders that have been made through the system so we can easily see how much money we've been making from using them.

There have been some changes that we had to get used to. Mainly that we were used to scheduling certain amounts of people on certain days, and now because there we are also in business for some of those stay at home days like sunday football, we have to schedule more staff to account for the increase in orders.

In all, working with DoorDash has been very easy and I'm glad that they were able to introduce us to a new market without making us risk practically anything."”

How can I become a dashers?

“You can apply to be a dasher directly through the DoorDash website - send in your application and they'll do a quick background check to make sure you're good to dash. When you're accepted you go in to pick up the basics of dashing, some gear, and get familiar with the application. It's super easy to do so if you're looking for a flexible career I'd check it out! ”

What's the interview process like for joining the internal DoorDash team?

“I'm an account executive for reference of my interview process. It ususally starts off with a 20 minute phone interview where they'll ask mostly behavioral type questions. If you pass you'll be brought in to a face to face. I met three managers in my face to face setting, each meeting was 30 minutes each. The whole process was very professional and well organized.”

How do I get paid as a dasher and how much is it usually?

“Compared to many of the other food delivery platforms I've tried to use, DoorDasher seems to pay one of the highest amounts. Recently they've implemented a system that decreases the amount of overall pay you get from tips, but ”

What's the environment like working for the internal DoorDash team?

“"The environment at DoorDash is very cut throat and fast paced. Overall I definitely feel that people are positive and engaged, and so the environment is also positive, but it's not a place to work if you like work places that are relaxed and where you don't actually need to work hard.

The main reason I like the environment here and find it to be positive is that the office culture is one that is driven to succeed. People here really want DoorDash to be the dominating company that revolutionizes how people buy and interact with their ocal markets. WIth this huge and inspiring vision, people are willing to put in a lot of work to achieve it.

When I say people are weilling to put in a lot of work in I mean people work soemtimes over 60-70 hours a week. It's not abnormal for people to be in the office on weekends, or staying late at night to finish pushing a certain project. If this is something you like (and if it's something you haven't experienced before, I would highly recommend it) then this is a great environment to work in.

What it really comes back to for me though is the team. People here are so passionate that it's hard to think of the environment as not positive."”

What benefits and perks are available for DoorDash employees?

As a dasher you unfortunately don't get any benefits because you're a part time contractor. Working for the internal team though you get very cheap health insurance that's good quality, we get a gym membership reimbursement, as well as free lunches and dinners!

What's the engineering team like at DoorDash?

DoorDash is a very engineering centric company so its definitely nice to be a part of a team that recognizes our role and importance as part of the company. The work is very interesting as well because the problems we have to solve are very complex involving many different stakeholders. The tech that we use is constantly being updated and we're very much on the front end of discovery.

What do you think of your CEO?

I obviously think positively of the CEO because he was one of the founders when the company started and has been able to stay with us throughout our entire growth, so that says a lot about his character. I find he doesn't really engage with the other offices as much as he should, but he's a busy guy with lots to do so it's understandeable.

Is doordash a company that respects the people who do work their food delivery jobs?

“"This is a really great question and one that is not easy at all to answer. I think DoorDash is doing a great job at doing what they can to help us dashers have a smooth time. There are obviously problems but it's perfectly understandeable when there's only 2000 people in the internal part of the company and tens of thousands of us doing delivery.

The best part about being a dasher for the company is definitely the flexible schedule, but also compared to some of the other delivery companies out there, DoorDash pays us delivery people above average. It's also great to have an app that factors in travel times based on weather, traffic, and other things so you're actually paid what closest to reality.

It can be frustrating though and you can feel like they don't care about you because everything is done through the app, and if the app crashes and customer service can't respond in time, then you're stuck out in the cold with no support and no way to figure out where to go next.

There are definitely times when you can feel like you aren't being respected by the company, but in the end I feel that's what we sign up to. The job is part time, we can work whenever we want, and we don't have to deal with a boss at all. Thinking that this job means you're going to be pet and not have to do anything doesn't make sense."”

About Doordash

DoorDash is an on-demand delivery serivec that supports any small or medium business to connect with their local community, giving them the opportunity to have their products delivered directly to people. With a major focus on food delivery, DoorDash also helps deliver drinks from restaurants, grocery delivery, and small items from other stores. DoorDash is one of the only delivery copanies that incorporates logistics services into their delivery algorithms.

Founded in 2013 by current CEO Tony Xu, CTO Andy Fang, and Stanley Tang, DoorDash has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Joining Y Combinator in 2013, DoorDash has grown rapidly expanding to over 600 cities in United States and Canada, receiving over $700 million in funding from notable investors Softbank and Sequoia Capital, and being valued at over $1.4 billion.

DoorDash is a gig economy platform that has employees working internally on the company platform and partnerships with local restaurants and businesses, as well as a team of contracting dashers who do the deliveries. As DoorDash continues to expand they are constantly hiring new dashers who are looking for flexible jobs, as well as increasing their internal team for people who are looking for a company with a startup environment.

Positive reviews from internal empmloyees report enjoying: working with highly intelligent and driven co-workers, a wealth of opportunities to grow into new roles, the true startup experience of working with action oriented hustlers, the good pay, seeing the impact the company has on the local economy, and the strong engineering staff. Negative reviews from internal employees report being frustrated with: a lack of work/life balance, the uninspiring executive team, the very high turnover, and the male and fratty environment.

Positive reviews from dashers report enjoying: the flexible schedule, the lack of having a boss, the high amount of orders on a regular basis, the pretty good pay, and the generally good routing by the application. Negative reviews of dashers report being frusrated with: the wear and tear delivery has on your vehicle, the change in the tip structure that is not transparent, everything being done through the app, drivers being at fault even if blame should be on the restaurants, and some bugs in the app that reduce pay.

This article will focus on both the internal and dasher perspectives, highlighting the subject by using either 'dasher' or 'internal'.

Values and Beliefs

DoorDash has 3 core values that help guide the company to continue being a market leader in the delivery and logistics industry. Their core values revolve around delivering good to cstomers, dashers, and merchants. These 3 core values are:

- Bonded by a love for the product. DoorDash knows that its approach to the problem that most delivery companies have in terms of logistics is what will make them stand out against the competition.

- High Quality Code Base. Constantly striving to have a strong code base, DoorDash knows that their engineering expertise and their product is what will set them apart from the rest.

- Being a company good for promotions. With such high growth, DoorDash strives at making their company a great place for new engineers and veterans alike who want to join a hard working team that's dedicated to changing an industry.

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working at DoorDash?

Tell me about yourself.

Name some of the best qualiies that make you a good fit for this role.

Why are you leaving your current employer or why did you leave your last job?

How do you work in groups?


Founded in 2013, DoorDash was an early company that went through the Y Combinator incubator/accelerator. DoorDash started with food delivery in South Bay and suburban areas, but quickly expanded towards other types of delivery for local bars and other local businesses.

DoorDash grew very quickly, expanding outside of suburbs into main cities, and large series A round of funding of $17.3 million in 2014. From 2013 to 2016 DoorDash raised a round of funding year over year. A series B in 2015 of $40 million and a series C of $127 million in 2016, after being only a company for less than 5 years, DoorDash was already valeud at close to $700 million.

In 2018 DoorDash raised an astounding $535 million in funding from its previous investors Sequoia Capital, but led by the venture monster SoftBank. With operations in over 600 cities in North America, DoorDash continues to grow at an impressive rate, and is looking to directly compete against Amazon in the delivery space.