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Mission: Bring the best people together with the best organizations.
Location: Irvine, California
Employees: 788
Funding: Acquired by On Assignment for $105 million

Company Q&A

Q: Do you forsee that CyberCoders's headcount will increase in the next year?

Q: What kind of health coverage is offered to full time employees?

Q: What are the rules around working out of office at CyberCoders?

Q: How are days off managed?

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CyberCoders Salaries

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What employees at CyberCoders think about working there

“Leadership here is very supportive and knowledgeable! The company keeps people engaged to build a strong culture. It’s up to you to succeed or not.”
“The team of recruiters here work very fast! At the beginning you have to work ooo so many hours but it’s worth it if you put the time in.”
“Don’t believe any other reviews, they’re all fake. I worked at CyberCoders full-time, they are a broker company, copy pasting job data from other websites without even the owners knowing. They announce wrong and fake payment information to increase their traffic… they don’t care about anything but their growth numbers.”
“CyberCoders has a great work environment. You’re surrounded by some of the best recruiters in the industry and the team is like family.”
“The office environment is very fast paced and you are allowed to work your entire process semi-autonomously. There are plenty of tools to work with to help you maximize your recruitment goals. They really want you to succeed!”

CyberCoders Glassdoor Themes

Opportunity for high salary

CyberCoders is for those who want to take a risk and take advantage of an opportunity to make a lot of money. This isn’t for the risk averse faint of heart.
The turnover at CyberCoders is so high I’m surprised there are still enough people in the world to apply. There’s the possibility to make good money if you act pretty much illegally (at least highly unethically) and building a career is near impossible.

Intense work culture

This is the fastest work environment I’ve ever been apart of. You have to work a ton of hours… like a ton, but it’s worth it if you put in the time.
Work hard, play hard is at its pinnacle at CC. It’s a fun environment with a receptive and open team, but the work you have to put in is supernatural to get anywhere.

Questionable practices

Seriously… don’t trust trust any positive review of this company… they’re all fake. I worked full-time at CyberCoders for 5 months. All they do is copy and paste job data from companies they haven’t contacted, and fake job postings to steal applicant information, selling that information to 3rd parties.
What CyberCoders does is highly unethical. All they do is scrape data from resumes submitted to their fake job postings to sell to other companies while asking their ‘recruiters’ to hit impossible numbers. This is not a recruiting agency.

What is life like at CyberCoders?

“Life at CyberCoders is very intense and independent but everyone treats each other like family. The office environment is positive as people congratulate each other on their metrics. If you are able to hit high numbers it will feel amazing.

Being a recruiter for CyberCoders is not an easy job. You have to be willing to put in a super high number of hours and you have to be able to handle rejection easily. To hit the metrics you’re expected to hit you can’t back down from any opportunity. Finding leads, either company side that you can push potential candidates to, or good candidates that you can shop around to different companies is not an easy job. You have to really stretch your network and constantly push against the flow of a company to be able to move up in the organization. It feels soul crushing at times, CyberCoders is not really a recruiting agency but more of a sales company.

The great thing about the intense work atmosphere is the bond you build with the other recruiters. Often times you feel all part of either a sinking ship or a pirate ship finding treasure. There are high highs when you are able to hit your numbers and low lows when you aren’t. This is because of the 0$ base salary_data: there’s no financial security. If you aren’t able to hit your numbers, or make any sales, you won’t be making any money and it will feel very demotivating.

CyberCoders management does a pretty good job at motivating people together and hosting worker events to make sure we bond and are in a positive mood to make the numbers we are expected to make. We are the epitome of the work hard, play hard spirit. Come to work early, put in 10-12 hours a day, sometimes even working on weekends, and hit your numbers… you’ll make a ton of money.”

What sort of career progression is available?

“As you work at CyberCoders you will be given the opportunity to progress to a recruitment manager position if you consistently hit your metrics. Your metrics are resumes collected and jobs matched.”

What is onboarding like at CyberCoders?

“The training process at CyberCoders is very weak. You are given a 5 day training period (sometimes they fly you out to their headquarters in California) to teach you the most basic of basics, and then you’re tossed into a den of wolves (the other recruiters). They give you documentation that you can read to understand their practices better but honestly you don’t have time to go over it.”

What benefits do you have at CyberCoders?

“There’s an employee stock plan and 401k company matching at about 3% not very strong. The health insurance is pretty awful, covers not even the basics. With this being said… they do give you paid snacks and quarterly lunches!”

What do companies who hire CyberCoders for hiring say?


This company is the biggest scam I’ve had the displeasure of trying to work with to fill my positions I’ve ever had. I’ve looked around online and I’m not even close to being the only one who feels this way. From sites like Quora to Indeed, it seems like everyone has a horror story of their time working with (or sometimes not even working with, just being harassed by) CyberCoders.

Why do I feel so strongly about this? I’m an employer and get hit up by recruitment agencies every day to see if I’m interested in new hires. Sometimes these agencies will send me a resume without a contract… this is a huge red flag. CyberCoders is one of these agencies.

I once received an application to join our team through our website from a high quality candidate that I was going to contact when I had the opportunity. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to contact them right away, but two days later I got their resume through CyberCoders. I thought this might be great, the candidate obviously was a great fit if their resume ended up on my lap from two different sources. I contacted the potential candidate, the interview went great, and I asked them if they had sent their resume to CyberCoders for my company position… they hadn’t. The candidate was shocked, how had I gotten his resume from an agency that he didn’t apply to?

It ended up that he had applied to a different position on CyberCoders through their platform, a company and position that in retrospect he felt was fake, and that his resume was then being shopped around by the CyberCoder recruiters. Imagine being a job seeker trying to apply to companies that fit your values, then being called everyday by random companies you didn’t want to work for.

This is even worse for the companies though. Imagine being given potential good candidates by CyberCoders, then taking time out of your day to reach out to these potential candidates and being told that they never even wanted CyberCoders to represent them. I tried to tell CyberCoders to stop sending me any candidates and I got rude responses saying I didn’t know how to do business. Not only that but they CONTINUE to send me candidates for positions OUTSIDE MY SCOPE!

They’re obviously just a company trying to hit high numbers and have no respect for the way business should operate. Please do yourself and everyone else a favor and don’t use CyberCoders so they eventually go out of business.”

What is the office environment like?

Your co-workers will soon become family as you’ll be spending many hours here! Everyone here wants each other to succeed but because there’s so much work to be done we act very independently. It’s fun but intense!

What is management like at CyberCoders?

The managers at CyberCoders are not managers, they’re strong sales people / recruiters. This can be both positive and negative. Positive because it keeps the tone of pushing intensity in the workplace, you want to hit the same numbers your manager hit. Negative because they don’t know how to lead a team.

What skills do you need to work at CyberCoders?

To work at CyberCoders you have to be ruthless. You can’t care about the companies you’re trying to match with candidates because you’re literally competing with all the other recruiters for sales. Stay highly motivated, work insanely hard, and don’t let your heart tell you you’re doing something wrong, and you’ll be able to make good money here.

What do job seekers using CyberCoders say?

“Take a moment, go on Dice (Job Search for Technology Professionals), and search for job openings with certain keywords like Java, C#, etc. You will see that the majority of the postings here are for CyberCoders. Is it possible that this company has more openings in total than all the other potential openings combined? No. It just doesn’t make sense.

These jobs are mostly fake. All they want is your information so they can sell your data to 3rd parties. This isn’t a recruiting agency but a data company.

I have applied to about 20 jobs that were posted on CyberCoders (yes I know, it takes me awhile to learn… but I’m here to share my struggle) and I did not get a single response. Not a single call. How is this possible? I can’t be that bad.

I went on different online platforms to see if I was an edge case but nope. It seems like CyberCoders not only don’t respect the people they pretend to represent, but also harass companies with quality candidates that don’t even fit their company needs. Even worse, they try and sell candidates to companies that don’t even exist anymore. Harassing HR reps from companies that have dissolved 2-3 years ago.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to sue them, but I wish I had the time to try. Please do yourself a favor and totally avoid them.”

About CyberCoders

CyberCoders helps bridge the gap between job seekers and companies looking for new hires with a specialized proprietary recruitment software and a large recruitment team. CyberCoders locates job nationwide in the U.S. and shares these openings on their platform. As applications come in, the CyberCoders recruitment team finds the strongest candidate matches for these organizations and presents them to the companies for hire.

CyberCoders recruitment staff has no salary and is paid based on 100% commission. This allows for flexible hours for employees and no salary cap. If you are a strong recruiter able to naturally connect the best candidates with jobs, the opportunity for a career at CyberCoders gives you a great range for salary and career growth.

They are constantly looking for more recruiters as they grow, from executive to sales recruiters, CyberCoders recruits for companies in all types of industries. The environment at CyberCoders is very young and fast paced. Oftentimes a new hire must work up to 12+ hours a day in order to scale into being successful as a recruiter. To be a successful recruiter at CyberCoders you must be passionate and willing to work intensely hard. If you are able to put in the time and effort however, the potential opportunity for a large salary is there!

CyberCoders was founded in 1999 by current CEO and CTO Heidi Golledge and Matt Miller. The vision of the company was for a singular purpose - to bring the highest quality job seekers to the highest quality organizations. CyberCoders is now a recruiting firm that specializes in all different segments of professional recruiting, from sales to accounting to engineering, CyberCoders aims to be the source for recruitment nationwide.

Values and Beliefs

CyberCoders is all about making money. The internal structure of the company is such that recruiters have the opportunity to make a lot of money with an extremely high amount of work and a lot of luck, but they do not care about either the job seekers or the companies they’re hiring for. Companies working with CyberCoders report being spam emailed and treated rudely by the recruiters, while job seekers get the feeling the job postings are fake, as after hundreds of applications they receive no response.

Internally recruiters report that there is a strong bond within the team. Everyone treats each other as family, with high sales being congratulated and rewarded. If you are able to hit the high expected metrics you will receive free trips and paid vacation, while those who aren’t able to hit their numbers are quickly dropped from the company.

Interview Questions

Tell me about your experience.

A: To answer this question well you must be concise about your previous experience, answering the question within 1-2 minutes. Keep it short and answer these three questions, making sure you relate it to recruitment or selling. What was your educational background. What experience led you to this opportunity. What selling/recruitment experience do you have that would relate to the position.

Tell us about your sales experience.

A: Within all peoples past are experiences of selling. To answer this question well you should be prepared with a situation you have experience where you had to turn someones perspective into adopting something new. This can be experience of selling a service to a customer, or a time you had to convince someone of your idea. Make sure you explain why they were hesitant at first and how you made them overcome their limitations.

What is your salary range.

A: Since this position is 100% commission emphasize that you prefer commission based environments as it gives you the opportunity to grow organically and prove your skills.

Tell me why you deserve this job.

A: This question is quite aggressive and to answer correctly you should reference your previous selling experience or any experience you have that demonstrates persistence against difficult powers.

What is your favorite movie

A: Try not to stray too far from movies that you like to please the recruiter as this tactic can severely backfire. To answer this question well: pick a movie you like and show how the characters determination allowed them to overcome impossible odds to achieve great things.


CyberCoders was founded in 1999 by current CEO and CTO Heidi Golledge and Matt Miller with the goal of matching the best talent with the best companies for all industries. From 1999 to 2013, CyberCoders continuously grew year over year, able to add more and more industries and positions to its recruitment portfolio. In 2013 the staffing firm On Assignment acquired CyberCoders for $105 million.

Over the years CyberCoders has been negatively featured on many reports, such as the Ripoff Report for their alleged resume farming (scraping applicant information off fake job postings to sell to 3rd parties), and also received the “Recruiter Bad Egg” award for untargeted spam emails in 2015.