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Mission: Connect leading IT professionals to the large firms that need them most.
Basking Ridge, New Jersey
San Francisco, California
Employees: 12000
Funding: $30 million in venture funding - 2006

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Collabera  •
Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Roles and Responsibilities: - Consult with internal managers to...
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What employees at Collabera think about working there

“Getting a job at Collabera is really easy which makes it a pro and a con. Pros are you'll have lots of young people coming in who are fun to work with, and this feeds into a hungry and positive atmosphere. The cons are that it means a lot of the people they hire have no idea what they're doing, and this creates an environment where some people are hyper stressed because they can't hit their quotas.”
“Collabera is pretty much an India based company (even though their headquarters are in New Jersey), and they completely exploit us in the India office. We work 12 hour days in a glorified call center, with super low pay and very little support. If you suck up to the right people and get the good accounts you can make some ok money, but it isn't worth it.”
“Collabera is a great place to work right out of university. It's pretty easy job to get (you don't need a high GPA for this job) and once you're in if you work hard and focus on the company you can make some really good money. I've been able to learn a lot about staffing and IT in general, and it's helped me become a much more outgoing and driven person.”
“Favorite thing about working for Collabera was you honestly get to learn quite a bit about IT and recruiting in general. Unfortunately the company doesn't seem to be very well run. Managers are hired to the point of incompetency, the tech software is super out-dated, and the team can be immature at times.”
“The fun thing about working for Collabera is the work hard play hard attitude (they say this a lot). Although we do play hard, we work super hard! I feel it isn't healthy. They foster this environment of hyper competitiveness between co-workers that completely makes or breaks relationships. They have super high turnover and the company seems to be always stumbling as it moves forward.”

Collabera Glassdoor Themes

Easy interview

Because the interview process is so unbelievably easy to join, Collabera constantly hires people who have never had experience in sales. They throw them right into the fire and expect them to perform. Our turnover is super high and we're never able to build an actual team that helps eachother out because no-one ever stays for long enough.
Great thing about Collabera is you get to work hard and play hard with a group of young and like minded crowd. Although our managers aren't the best, and the work itself can be pretty stressful, we stay together and have become a close knit crew. If you're looking for a job out of University or College, Collabera is definitely not a bad choice.

Metric focus

The thing with working for Collabera is that you're going to have to hit your quotas week after week. Your co-workers are pretty nice so the driven environment helps, but when all of your accounts are just worse than others it can be really demotivating because it becomes almost impossible to actually hit your goals.
Honestly I didn't feel like Collabera valued me at all while I was working there. My managers never once seemed to be engaged with what I was saying, there only focus was if I hit my daily, weekly, or monthly quota. They didn't even offer me much help or training to get better, they just swept me under the rug and left me to be fired or quit.

Negative environment

If this review was only based on the co-workers I would give it a five star rating! So many nice and motivated people here! Unfortuantely though management can be super mean at times. They put a bunch of stress on you to hit your metrics, and are often quick to dismiss your thoughts. They really put a dampener on the environment, otherwise this would be the best place to work.
Some of your co-workers are nice but honestly the majority are just immature. This has got to be one of the most negative envrionments I've ever been a part of. Constant backstabbing by everyone. Manipulation of the numbers by middle management of their account numbers so they can stay in good favor. Completely condescending attitude by those who rank hire in sales. Terrible place to work.

What do clients think of Collabera's placement?

“"We've used Collabera in the past and they are definitly one of the worst placement agencies we've ever had the displeasure of working with. There are a few reasons why but honestly if you were thinking of using Collabera to hire an IT professional or consultant, I would recommend staying as far away as possible.

First off the reason we started working with the was we were in dire need in the middle of an implementation to fill a technical position that we had just lost. We were in a dire situation and Collabera was front of mind because we are constantly getting harassed by them by phone, text, and e-mail. Over the last 3 years some of us have been getting messages daily by this company, even though we tell them every day that we don't want to be on their email list.

We needed someone badly though, and so we turned to our last resort, Collabera. They called us and after an hour of painful conversation where we couldn't get understand a word that the agent was saying, we finally got our requirements across.

I guess they have a backlog of people because they sent us someone within a couple days which was nice. We then heard the consultants story of his dealings with Collabera and it was confirmed that they were the most unprofessional company I've ever come across. This guy had been falsly promissed of job opportunities for months before this one finally surfaced, and he considers it an act of luck rather than skill that Collabera was able to match his skills with our needs.

Yes, we did end up filling the position we needed with them, but from our experience I would never want to deal with them ever again. After hearing our consultant's stories I checked some online sites like Yelp and Glassdoor and it seems we're definitely not the only ones who can't believe how terrible this business is."”

How can I succeed in the interview process for becoming a recruiter?

“The interview process to joining Collabera to become a recruiter is very straight forward. First they do an initial screening call where they review your background and if you're able to talk on the phone well. If you pass that step you're brought in for an in person interview with a sales manager where they want to more have a conversation about the position. Sometimes they'll also bring you in for a happy hour at the office to see if you can fit in with the company culture which can be pretty cool.”

What skills do I need to do well here?

“To work at Collabera you need to be able to strike up conversation with anyone, and have a positive attitude while doing it. Although being an extrovert is a huge plus when you first start here, working here for a few weeks as an introvert will quickly break you out of your shell! The most important skill that Collabera is looking for is positivity because after lots of calls every day, you need to have a positive view to keep going and keep the clients happy.”

What should I do to make sure I succeed at Collabera?

“There are a few things you can do to succeed at Collabera. The most straight forward is just work really hard and out perform everyone on metrics. I've seen people come in and crush the metrics by doing 10-12 hour days, and they made a ton of money and got promoted super quickly. The other way is unfortunately to suck up to management and weasel your way into good accounts. I've seen lots of people do this and it also works, but you won't get your co-workers to be on your side.”

What is the office environment like at Collabera?

“"My experience working at Collabera has been overwhelmingly negative. One of the most destructive and negative environments I've ever been a part of. If it weren't for the comaderie between some of the employees, I would have quit the job a lot sooner than I did.

The worst thing about my experience was just how negative and aggressive the environment was. Management had absolutely no idea how to manage peoples emotions and control spreading negativity and rumors. In fact, they added fuel to the flame. When new rumors of an employee surfaced, they would walk over to their favorites desk and talk down about others performance or just flat out make fun of them.

Because the job was so heavily metric focussed, it was really easy to see who was the top performers and who were the bottom performers. What would happen is management address the metric boards to the entire team, and say things like 'why are you guys so much lower than everyone else?'. I honestly just didn't understand.

If you're considering working at Collabera as a recruiter, I would recommend working literally anywhere else before taking this job."”

What are the benefits like for working at Collabera?

As a recruiter you get pretty good vacation and paid time off plans, as long as you're able to hit your quotas. Our benefits plan though for medical, dental, and vision is super pricey for what it gives you.

What do you like the most about working for Collabera?

Definitely the part that's the most fun about working for Collabera is the work hard play hard environment. We all work really hard during the day, grinding to reach our quotas, but at night we all go out and have a great time. One of the company motos is work hard play hard, and they really push that you should be having fun with your colleagues.

As someone who used Collabera to find a job, how did you find the process?

Probably the worst employment process I've ever seen. I used them to join a company and they did the screening process. They needed me to do a ton of forms and requests, after filling these all out they would just ask me to fill out the same forms again. They don't know how to speak english well at all and have no understanding of how to actually create a positive onboarding experience.

What did you wish you knew before joining Collabera?

“"I really wish I knew how pushy and aggressive we have to be to reach our quotas. I've always been a more introverted person, and when I heard about this opportunity I thought it would be a great chance for me to learn some sales skills and practice talking to people every day.

Unfortunately, most of the companies and clients that we have in our funnel have been harassed by us for months at a time already. If you find a lead who's actually nice to talk to and hasn't already been spoiled by some of the other recruiters.

I joined Collabera to have the opportunity to talk to people and find jobs that match their needs. What I'm actually doing is constantly pushing myself on to other people who don't want to hear about us because they've heard it a million times before. If I had known how much of an aggressive sales organization this was, I would have never started working here."”

About Collabera

Collabera is a leading professional IT staffing agency that provides high-quality IT resources through to meet talent needs. They provide these services through staff augementation, global talent management managed services, permanent placement services, and vendor management programs. Collabera works with top companies to fill their IT consulting needs.

Founded in 1991 under the name Global Consultants Inc, GCI, and with headquarters baed in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Collabera started by offering a wide range of IT services world wide. Hiten Patel, current CEO and Chairman, bought the company in 1997 for $2 million, and grew it into a $520 million company by 2014.

Collabera is a staffing agency and as such employs both professional IT consultants as well as recruiters. This article will mostly focus on the recruiters perspective in terms of reviews, however there will also be a review of what it's like to be a client of Collabera.

Positive reviews from staffing agents of Collabera report enjoying the incentive structure, the work hard play hard culture, the fun colleagues to work with, the ease of getting the job, and the opportunities to learn a lot about IT and staffing. Negative reviews from recruiting agents of Collabera report being frustrated with the hyper competitive and toxic environment, the large amount of office gossip, the pure metric focus, the exploitation of foreign workers, the immature management, and the high amount of turnover.

Collabera is hiring internally for the sales roles: associate account manager and account manager. They're recruiting IT professionals who have experience in the areas of Aerospace, Automative, Banking, ENergy, Pharma, Retail, and Technology.

Values and Beliefs

There are five core values that drive Collabera to being a successful staffing agency.

- Collabera believes that discpline in daily work is essential to hitting personal and company goals.

- Collabera believes being responsive and ready to find answers for any question is essential to developing strong relationships.

- Collabera beleives that being passionate about the work, the teams, and the goals, is essential to building positive work environments that encourage people to engage.

- Collabera believes being competitive is what pushes them to work harder, perform better, and make a lasting impact in all areas of life.

- Collabera believes that with hard work must also come hard play. An environment that knows when to relax is one that will keep performing over time.

Interview Questions

Why do you want to work for Collabera?

What skills do you have that you think are the most relevant?

What motivates you?

Why are you interested in sales?

What was your favorite group you've ever been a part of and why?

What is something people say about millennials that is true and something that is false?


Starting in 1991, Collabera started as an IT services company. When the company was bought by Hiten Patel in 1997 for $2 million, he was able to expand these services and continuously grow the company year over year to bring it to a $520 million evaluation in 2014. In 2007 Collabera started shifting its focus towards doing acquisitions, acquiring IT service companies such as IVL India, Planet Asia, and Blue Hammock. Collabera now has 2 seperate wings that operate independently. There is Brillio, a Collabera spin off that focusses on providing IT services to top firms, and the main Collabera company that focusses on staffing services. Collabera has won multiple rewards for its growth and influence in the IT and staffing sectors since 2010.