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Mission: Help clients design, build, and run digital business solutions.
Teaneck, New Jersey
London, United Kingdom
Employees: 261400
Funding: Over 36 acquisitions since 2003

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Q: In what ways do leaders provide feedback to their team?

Q: At Cognizant, do you plan social events? Can you share an example?

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Cognizant  •
Teaneck, New Jersey
Calgary, Alberta
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What employees at Cognizant think about working there

“Cognizant is really a huge company with so many different deparments its difficult to write a review that catches all. My experience with the company has been ok. The biggest pro of working here for me was the size of the organization, if there was anything I needed we could generally work with one of the other business units. The biggest con of working here though was the lack of engagement from senior executives. In a company this big there needs to be a more deliberate flow of communication from executives to the employees.”
“Best part about working for Cognizant is the fact that you'll be working with the top companies in the world, helping them with solutions because of your specific expertise. There's nothing more satisfying than going into a company, recommending a strategy, and later seeing them execute on it.”
“Working at Cognizant has given me the opportunity to learn everything that the world needs right now in business. You can get exposed to so many different areas of the company if you want to move around horizontally. I was able to test out working in the Digital business, digital operations, and digital systems departments as an analyst. Now I have the brand reputation of Cognizant on my resume and the opportunity to work anywhere in the world, exactly what I wanted when I started. ”
“Cognizant is a great opportunity for people looking to do specific consulting work on the IT side of business. I've been able to learn from a wide range of industry experts on topics such as AI, big data, and robotics, and how these different industries are actually evolving into the modern age. Before I started working here I felt like I knew, but I really didn't.”
“Although many employees working here are great, the office environment is ruled by politics. To get work done at all you have to play the political game to get people on your team that you need or to get approvements. Cognizant just moves too slowly for me. I had to constantly break through red-tape to get my job done, while wasting hours of time every day doing useless work.”

Cognizant Glassdoor Themes

Learning oppportunities

There are a lot of great things about Cognizant but for me the thing that sticked out the most was how many different companies you get to work with and how many different types of projects you get to work on. They've done a really great job at setting you up for success with a bunch of documentation and learning materials so that you're confident no matter the situation, you can implement something that's industry standard and a best practice.
Really great opportunities to learn here. My team has been fantastic and really engaging. I can ask pretty much any question and someone will either have an answer and be willing to teach me, or know someone who does know the answer. There are a ton of documents written by specialists in whatever area that you can read up on so you can constantly be learning how to do a better job. Great place to learn.

Highly beauracratic

Very difficult to grow here because Cognizant just moves so slowly. It often feels like middle-management doesn't really pay attention to our individual efforts and it can feel like we're lost in the rest of the team.
Like any huge organization it can sometimes feel like you're a cog of a large machine, but this should already be known when you're applying to a company with more than 200k employees. Cognizant does a good job at giving you the tools you need to do your job well, and interesting projects that keep you engaged.

Reputable company

If you're looking to accelerate your career and gain some key industry knowledge about IT, then you should really consider working at Cognizant. I worked here for 3 years, was able to expose myself to a ton of different type of projects, and move around the different parts of the company to just boost my learning. Now I'm going into interviews for other jobs and I feel almost over-prepared.
Fantastic company to work for! Cognizant gives you the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands in business. You'll be able to grow your personal and professional network, meet thousands of industry experts, and have the backing of one of the top consulting companies in the world behind your every move.

What do customers of Cognizant say about the company?

“"Cognizant offers pretty decent products for the market and we have used them for their knowledge and constant help. I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking to enhance their technology offering and support whatever area of business is behind to use Cognizant.

The part that I liked the most was they allowed multiple users to access the system so any problems that needed to be repaired could be doen very quickly and efficiently. We run a lot of data in the system they built up and Cognizant's program allows us to have multiple departments compare different data to find insights.

The biggest problem I had when dealing with Cognizant is the language barrier. There are a lot of people in the Indian office who deal with customers and sometimes the accent can be very difficult to understand. It's not the biggest problem just means you have to take more time to figure out what is being said and make sure you're communicating well.

Overall I would definitely recommend any company that is looking for a vendor for IT improvement services to work with Cognizant. They're on the top of the list of preferred vendors for banks and the general IT industry, and they always produce consistent quality of work."”

Best way to get an interview at Cognizant?

“The best way to get an interview for joining the Cognizant team is either to be introduced through a friend who's working there or to get hired through an agency. An agency that I know a few people have been hired through is net2source.”

How can I make sure I succeed at Cognizant?

“To succeed at Cognizant you have to be engaged with the office environment in all of its capacity. Cognizant is a large company, and we have lots of moving parts, so for new ideas to be heard you have to know who to talk to and what to say. If you want to succeed at Cognizant, you must be patient, consistent, and willing to play the political side.”

What is the interview process like to join Cognizant?

“The interview process is pretty standard. First you submit your resume through whatever medium you want. You will then get contacted by an HR rep who will ask you a couple questions about your resume and see if you should be brought in. If you pass the phone screen there is usually only one day of in person interviews which usually consists of 2-3 chats with different people.”

What is the tech stack used at Cognizant?

“"Our tech stack is extremely diverse and dynamic, if you work within almost any technology field you can probably find a position at Cognizant that you can use your skills. The languages and tools that we use at Cognizant are:

Back End : Java (and other JVM languages like Scala, Groovy, Clojure), PHP, .NET (C#, VB), Ruby, Python, Perl, Javascript (NodeJS) , Actionscript (Flash Media Server), C (CGI)

Front End : HTML, Javascript, CSS, Actionscript, XML-based languages, VBScript, Silverlight, Java (applets)

Mobile : IOS, Android

Cloud : AWS, Azure

Other Tools : Pega, Mule, Webmethods, Red Hat, Apigee

You won't likely have the opportunity to work with every technology. Because we're such a big company lots of our jobs are hyper specific. This being said, you'll definitely have the opportunity to move around the company to other positions if you know these languages and tools."”

How's the work life balance?

Work/life balance is pretty good here compared to many of the other consulting firms I've worked at. We're only expected to work 8 hours a day, but most days I'll clock in 9 and sometimes 10. It really depends on the projects that you're working on, as some days the work will be much easier than others.

Does Cognizant offer relocation services? If so, how are they?

I got offered to switch jobs into a new office and took the relocation program from Houston to New York and they really went above and beyond to make the process smooth. Very easy to get everything organized and they were super understanding of me taking time to settle into a new living space. They handled all the relocation experiences without any issues.

What are the benefits like at Cognizant?

The benefits are pretty good here. We get pretty much unlimited sick leave, 2-3 weeks PTO per year. The insurance for dental has 100% coverage, and health and vision is pretty good aswell. We get performance bonusses and monetary compensation for awards based on work which is a great motivator to work hard.

What is the office environment like at Cognizant?

“"The overall work culture at Cognizant really depends on what team you're a part of. It depends on your co-workers and your direct managers. However there is definitely an overall feel of the culture that is pushed by the executive team which is one of hard work and positivity. My experience has been super positive and I think Cognizant has done a great job at keeping a strong culture, even though they're such a big company.

My team is very diverse, with people from all backgrounds. There were people from India, China, Korea, Canada, Germany, all on my team. To have such a diverse group meant I'm learning a lot about different cultures which, for me, makes coming into work every day exciting. The teams are made up of a mix of people hired in technology, operations, finance, sales, marketing, and everything in between so you also get to learn from people with different professional backgrounds.

The work itself is interesting and keeps me engaged on a daily basis. Sometimes we're asked to put in a lot of hours but because I like my team and the projects are interesting, I honestly don't mind. They make sure that we're treated well and not worked too hard which I really respect.

The one dampener for me that makes it not the best place ever to work is that there are sometimes some office politics that need to be navigated to get things done. Usually this just involves asking the right people the right questions, but it can sometimes be difficult to find the right person."”

About Cognizant

Cognizant provides information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services for companies. With a focus on technology, Cognizant helps businesses make better use of the technological resources available to support the business. Cognizant Technologies brings together deigital strategy, deep industry knowledge, experience design, and technology expertise to help customers design, build, and run digital business solutions.

Founded in 1994 by Kumar Mahadeva, Lakshmi Narayanan, and Francisco D'Souza, Cognizant's headquarters are based in Teaneck, New Jersey. Cognizant grew quickly year over year during the 2000s to become a Fortune 500 company in 2011, and in the Fortune's Future 50 list in 2017. Cognizant now serves the companies worldwide, with over 200 offices spread out across the globe and 261,000 employees.

With Cognizant being such a large company there are many career opportunities and jobs available at Cognizant. On Glassdoor there are over 3700 jobs posted, on Indeed over 1600, and over 1000 on he company website. The majority of job openings are in the areas of, business development, business intelligence, IT, engineering, project management, marketing, and operations.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the learning opportunities, especially with new technology, the ability to work with top clients, the strong company growth, and the opportunities to move laterally. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the overly beauracratic processes, the difficulty of getting promoted, the long hours, the less than industry average compensation, and the highly political nature of the work environment.

Values and Beliefs

Cognizant has 6 core values that define how the business treats their employees and how the company positions itself within the business landscape.

- Transparency - Cognizant believes that companies and people succeed through open exchange of information. Cognizant is built on a foundation of open and honest communication to ensure success for the employees and for the clients.

- Passion - Cognizant believes that through a collective can-do attitude, and collective enthusiasim and commitment to go the extra mile, clients, communities, the company, and the employees will all benefit.

- Empowerment- Cognizant believes that empowering people to figure out how to get things done and make them happen gives the company the ability to be fast-growing and also gives employees the opportunities to learn and grow with the company.

- CollaborationCognizant believes that working together in a collaborative way to achieve a common goal is the core reason for Cognizant's success. By sharing knowledge and working together, Collaboration can help both clients and the internal team achieve their dreams.

- Customer Focus - Cognizant knows that their customers are their true north. By keeping everything centered around the customers needs, Cognizant consitently delivers projects of the highest quality while making sure they're structure to grow with their customers.

- Integrity - Cognizant believes that acting with integrity for every decision is critical to continuously being recognized as a top employer and company to do business with.

Interview Questions

Why are you nterested in working for Cognizant?

Tell me about your background.

What did you do at this position (referencing resume)?

How have you dealt with a team that didn't do the work they were supposed to do?

What is the difference between a manager and a leader?


Cognizant was founded in 1994 as Dun & Bradstreet Satyam Software (DBSS) as an in-house technology unit focussed on implementing large scale IT projects for Dun & Bradstreet businesses. In 1996 the company started to pursue customers outside of Dun & Bradstreets custmer groups and spun off as its own company. Cognizant started as Dun & Bradstreet spun off multiple of their subsidiaries such as Nielsen Media Resaerch, Erisco, Pilot Software, and DBSS to form the Cognizant Corporation. In 1997, the DBSS subsidairy changed its name to Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Satyam sold 24% stake of his company to Dun & Bradstreet for $3.4 million in 1996, and the headquarters were moved to the United States. Cognizant Technology Solutions parent company, the Cognizant Corporation, split in 1997 to form IMS Health and Nielsen Media Research. After the split, Cognizant Technology Solutions became a public subsidiary of IMS Health. In 1999 Cognizant made a key decision to shift from focussing on ERP software and instead to move towards applications management. This change helped grow Cognizantt's revenues to $229 million in 2002, with zero debt and $100 million in the bank.

Cognizant grew very quickly in the 2000's, being listed in Fortune magazine's '100 fastest-growing companies' list for 10 consecutive years from 2003 to 2012. With growth being centered around expansion into different IT services, Cognizant now has three key service lines across various industries, Digital Business, Digital Operations, and Digital Systems & Technology.