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Mission: Deliver an on-demand virtual workforce to simplify business processes.
Location: San Francisco, California
Employees: 63
Funding: $15 million

Company Q&A

Q: What sort of training do you provide around diversity and inclusion at Clickworker?

“Help customers whatever they need”

Q: Is it common for employees to socialize after work?

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Clickworker  •
San Francisco, California
San Francisco, California
We re always looking for people from anywhere in the world who...
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Clickworker Salaries

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What employees at Clickworker think about working there

“Love being able to just work from home, no boss, no manager breathing down my neck. I wake up when I want to, I work when I want to, and I get paid weekly. A tough part of the job though is you can never really be sure how much you'll be making week over week as it depends on the work you'll get, but I'll take that over being a slave to a company any day.”
“Clickworker has really improved over the years that just gives me the confidence that they'll continue to improve as a company. Back in the day there were very few tasks that we could do, now there are tons. It's not the most glorious job but it helps pay the bills and it's not very difficult to do.”
“As far as mechanical turk type work goes, clickworker is a pretty good company to work for. Pretty much the same as Mturk, a little more specified in their areas in terms of the work you can do so not as much volume, but the pay can be better I find. ”
“My account got suspended for literally no reason at all. I had about $50 in the account that I can no longer access, and when I email customer support I get literally no response, or just a templated message that tells me to look on the website for reasons why I got my account supsended. I've heard this is not a common issue but please just look into it and give me a straight answer.”
“This is a great job if you're just looking for some supplementary income at nights or on the weekend after your full time job. The job is easy, but it can get boring if you doo much of it over a short stretch of time. The pay is pretty good compared to a lot of other work-from-home companies, and they rarely miss payments.”

Clickworker Glassdoor Themes

Easy job

I'm super happy that I get to work on these jobs for clickworker! They are super inclusive and let people with mental dissabilities have a job! It's not easy to find a job in public when you have bipolar dissorder or another dissability. Clickworker has given me the confidence that I can support myself online with their company!
Being a clickworker is one of those jobs that you do because you need money, not because you actually want to do it. It's super easy work, and very repetitive (you can get lucky with interesting work but that's pretty rare) so most of the times I'll be bored within 30 minutes of starting.

Work fluctuates

A tough thing about clickworker is you never really know how much money you'll be making one week to the next. Good projects get you easy money, but those only happen about 25% of the time. If you're lucky you'll hit a week with a bunch of good projects and you'll make bank, but the other weeks where no good projects come you'll be making much less.
I use clickworker to help boost my weekly income on a weekly basis and it definitely helps. They've done a great job at making more tasks available, so the amount of work is much better than it once was. Still though, it really depends week to week if you'll end up getting any worthwhile jobs. I try to not depend on it just because it's so random.

Independent work

Doing microtasks can be kind of therapeuting and fun if you're into just listening to music and letting your mind wander. I've worked a lot of jobs where managers are paying attention to everything I'm doing, controlling my every move. For clickworker I can just zone out, listen to music, and solve small puzzles.
It can be difficult to stay consistent doing the work for clickworker. You have to be able to set your own schedule, stay focussed without the external pressure of a manager, and manage your own time. I do like the fact that I get to work from home, but if you're someone who needs the external pressure to get work done, it will be tough to actually make any money with clickworker.

What do clients of clickworker say about the company?

“"We use clickworker to help our data teams build datasets for machine learning and our artificial learning training sets. There are a lot of online software platforms that use virtual workforces to help classify data, we found that clickworker is one of the best.

One of the main reasons we use clickworker is because they've been implementing new features pretty quickly to fit our needs. They know that we have large amounts of data that we want to manipulate in a wide variety of ways, and they work with us in developing solutions that will work for our targets.

They seriously take our feedback and are constantly improving the tool. It feels great to be working with a company that actually wants to build something that fits exactly what we need. When we first started using it there were a few bugs, but after a few iterations they were solved and I expect that if we run into any other bugs in the future, they'll be quick to solve them.

The price is super reasonable, and the turnaround time is pretty quick. Software is easy to use, the quality of the work is great, and they respond to all of our feedback promptly."”

How can I get a job at clickworker?

“All you have to do to get a job at clickworker is simply apply online through their website. Go to, click the menu on the top right of the webpage, and hit the link 'for clickworker'. You'll be redirected to a page where you fill in a simple form, and you'll get a quick response from the clickworker team for an easy set of tasks you have to do. You can usually get the job within a day of sending in your application.”

How can I make as much money as possible at clickworker?

“The money that you're able to make from clickworker is dependent on the rating of your skills when you do a clickworker quiz. The better you rank on the quiz (which looks at language comprehension and english grammar skills), the more opportunities you'll have to work on more harder projects, which will net you more money.”

What benefits do you get as a clickworker?

“Because you're an online contractor you actually don't get any benefits for working at clickworker. The perks are the perks you get from being able to work from home whenever you want. So technically you get unlimited sick days, flexible schedule, and remote work.”

What type of work are you doing as a clickworker? How does it help companies?

“"We provide three different sets of solutions for companies that are looking to facilitate their workload and make their business processes more efficient. We can help companies automate their text needs, their web research needs, their categorization & tagging needs, and their product data management needs. We can also provide direct industry solutions for media, e-commerce, and information & directory services.

Our text solutions provide skilled copy-writers to create high-quality plagiarism-free content. This can be for product descriptions, blog articles, and a whole host of different content. We can also provide services for translation, survey completion, and sentiment analysis on text, pictures, video, and audio.

Our web research solutions provide companies with the ability to do research and verification of information on the internet. This can be helping our customers get contact information, competitor information, gain potential leads, find personnel on social media platforms, or we can tailor a solution to find your exact information needs.

Our categorization solutions provide our customers with the ability to classify large amounts of data to help them build robust data sets to train their machine learning and ai engines. We provide our customers with sentiment analysis to understand the meaning behind text, to help classify products into different categories, to help our clients tag videos, and much more.

The work that clickworkers are doing are all small subsets of these solutions. Clickworkers will be going through and tagging words, writing short sentences, or doing research online for a certain persons contact information. When you add all these parts together, our clients can have their complex solutions solved quickly, while making the work easy for our workers. "”

What's something that frustrates you about working for clickworker?

The most frustrating thing about working for clickworker is that you never really know one week to the next what your paycheck is going to be. It all depends on the amount of work that comes through the site, as well as if the work itself is easy to do for the price, or if its more complicated and pays worse.

What's the best thing about working for clickworker?

Best thing by far about working for clickworker is I no longer have to deal with any managers. I've had way too many jobs in my past where people are promoted to manager positions, and just don't know how to manage. A bad manager can completely ruin your working experience. I have the best manager working for clickworker because I'm my own manager!

What did you wish you knew before working at clickworker?

I really wish I knew about how serious they are if you don't follow their policies on their page. Make sure you read up on them, I think they're somewhere on this page, because if you don't follow them you'll have your account suspended with pretty much a 0.00001% chance of getting it back. When your account is suspended you'll lose all the money you had accumulated on it, so all your time will have be completely wasted.

What is different between clickworker and its competition?

“"In the field of microjobs there are a lot of competitors. Companies are looking towards AI and machine learning to help them solve problems, but they need datasets that are trained by real people, but it takes too long to do that with one person. Companies sometimes need to write hundreds of articles daily, and this can also be very difficult to do without a virtual workforce.

Some of clickworkers comeptitors are Gengo, Bluebie, get Ninjas, Thuzio, Freelancer, MTurk and Microworkers. All of these companies offer pretty similar things, but clickworker has been recognized to be one of the better places to become a microworker.

Why is clickworker one of the best places to become a microworker? They're partnered with the UHRS platform. If you're able to pass the assessments, you'll be given the go ahead to work on the UHRS platform which pays significantly more than what the competitors are paying. Many microworkers report they can make $10-20 hourly by microworking ont he UHRS platform.

Clickworker also has a wider range of services offered compared to a lot of the competition, none are completely differentiated, but clickworker has a wide range of types of work which makes it a great place to go for almost all your microworking needs."”

About Clickworker

Clickworker is an online micro work site that contracts an on-demand workforce to help cients solve complex problems by breaking them down into small pieces, then distributing these pieces to a virtual workforce. When the work is done, the individual pieces are collected and the complete problem set is sent back to the client.

The company focusses on helping businesses automated processes that have yet to be solved by AI. Clickworker helps companies in text creation, SEO texts, web research, tagging and categorization, product data management, surveys, mobile crowdsourcing, and translations.

Founded in 2005 by founder and current president Alexander Linden, its headquarters are based in Essen, North Rhine-Wesphalia. With only an approximate 60 employees that drive the internal growth of the company, clickworker supports a virtual workforce of thousands of clickworkers, people doing tasks on clickworker.

As there are a significantly larger number of clickworkers than there are people working internally for the organization, this article will focus on questions and reviews from the clickworkers perspective.

Positive reviews from clickworkers report enjoying the flexible hours, the ok pay, the ability to work independently from home, the pretty high workload, and the community of clickworkers on the forums. Negative reviews from clickworkers report being frustrated with the fluctuations of work, the lack of reliability of getting a standard pay, the boring and repetitive work, and the power of Clickworker to shut down accounts with no opportunity for recourse.

There are opportunities to join Clickworkers work-from-home virtual workforce through their website. There are jobs listed through glassdoor, or through the clickworker website.

Values and Beliefs

Clickworker believes that people should have the opporunity to work from wherever they want, on easy tasks that need to get done, so that they can support themselves when they may not have been able to otherwise. There are a lot of opportunities that are misse simply because companies don't know how they can pay their employees super high salaries while they do very repetitive work. Clickworker has been one of th eleading companies in the virtual work-from-home workforce segment that enables companies to reach their full potential, while also helping people who want to live their own lives to do that successfully.

Interview Questions

*There is no interview process for joining clickworker. You simply have to have the ability to go through websites and interact with things online. The tasks that you're able to do depend on your skills you have already. The greater your skills, the more opportunities for higher paying work you will have.*


Clickworker was founded in 2005, when the founder and current president Alexander Linden recognized companies needed repetitive tasks to be completed, but that there were not yet any automation that could be done for these tasks. In 2006 clickworker created the first prototype platform as a proof of concept and in 2007 released it to a select fiew of clients for testing. The creation of the long-term development, sales, and management teams were done in 2008, and the company scaled into 209 acquiring larger scale projects. Clickworker grew traction quickly for its reasonable pay, easy to use system, and easy tasks. In 2011 the company launched its self-service marketplace with a bunch of new features, growing its clickworker workforce to over 150,000 clickworkers. From 2011 to 2017, clickworker continues to grow, no having over 1 million clickworkers on its platform, introducing new solutions to help companies in areas underserved by virtual microworkers companies.