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Mission: Reinventing financial services for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Employees: 37
Funding: Unknown

Company Q&A

Q: Do you provide accomodations in interviews for folks with different abilities at Clearbanc?

Q: How does Clearbanc engage full time employees in your core values on a consistent basis?

“We have onboarding sessions, shoutout core values weekly at Friday demos and have a company retreat twice a year to reinforce values”

Q: In what ways does Clearbanc diagnose missed goals?

“We have a weekly sprint meeting to set goals and then a retrospective to assess weekly goals. So it's not a surprise if we miss a monthly goal. The team leaders and co-founders are great at identifiying what went wrong and what we need to do to fix things so we hit our targets the next month”

Q: Is it common for teammates to socialize during evenings?

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Ashley Tse
Office Coordinator
Karman Lee
Operations & EA
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Clearbanc  •
Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
$35K - 55K CAD per year
TL;DR Join a fast-growing, ambitious team. Operate with a huge...
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