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Mission: Give companie a confident image, clean facility, and safe workplace.
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Employees: 42000
  • Public - IPO 1983
  • 7 acquisitions since 1999

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Cintas  •
Cincinnati, Ohio
Toronto, Ontario
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What employees at Cintas think about working there

“It's not an easy job. We're forced to work 10 hour days doing pretty physically demanding work and by the end of the day you can feel completely exhausted. Some of your co-workers are nice, although you're often just working alone, but middle-managers love to control your every move which can get pretty infuriating.”
“Management sets really high expectations but you don't feel like you're actually rewarded for the high amount of work you have to do. There's a lot of inefficient processes that need to be changed but there's noone to really talk to about it and suggestions seem to just fall to the side.”
“Best part about working at Cintas is definitely the people. There's a really strong bond between everyone that I meet and people are hard working and nice. It's also great that we have a 10 hour, 4 day work week so we get 3 day weekends.”
“The sales job can be ok if you're really good at upselling things that people don't need, and even if you aren't good at sales you can choose between a base pay or a base pay with commission. Driving around in the truck all day can be pretty tiring though and corporate keeps adding random products to our lists that we don't get any training on so its much harder to sell.”
“Working at Cintas isn't a glorious job, you'll be selling toilet paper, first aid kits, or uniforms, which maes it odd to tell your family and friends what you do, but it's not a bad job. They pay ok, the work is generally pretty straight forward, and I don't find it too stressful.”

Cintas Glassdoor Themes

Negative old-school management

If you're in the sales department and you're wondering why you only have the bad companies and areas to sell to, it's probably because management just doesn't like you as a person. Good luck trying to change that too. Can not believe how unprofessional some of these 'managers' are.
Cintas is the perfect example of a company that's stucka s a monolith from an older age. If you're looking to get to a management position, expect to wait around 30-40 years. That's why all the managers seem to not care, they've already been grinded out and have put their time in, now it's their turn to take advantage of the rest of us.

Aggressive pace

Cintas is great if you're able to stay driven and energetic throughout the entire day and you want to have longer weekends. I used to think that I would like to squish my work days from 8 hour days to 10 hour days with 3 day vacation, but now that we work like that at Cintas I see how tiring it can be. Once you hit friday you're just dead tired, but they still want you to come in for a 2 hour meeting.
For some reason managers here have expectations that you're going to completely drop your life and dedicate absolutely everything to the company. They set expectations that are way above what should be normally accomplished in a day, and are super aggressive with you if you don't hit their goals.

Strong culture

Unfortunately a lot of the work we do is alone because I really like some of the people here. We all love to joke around and make fun of the incompetent managers, and just generally have a good time when we're together. The rest of the job though isn't great.
Cintas is a great company if you want stability, good benefits, and a good base salary. The co-workers are all generally nice, although managers aren't really too strong, so the environment is generally pretty positive.

What do customers think of Cintas?

“"The company that I work for has been using Cintas for our uniforms and other random supplies for as long as I've been here, and now that I'm in a position where i have to deal with them I'm starting to realize why the past person didn't like them.

They try really hard to lock you into contracts that are rediculously long and have insane agreements about what you can and cannot do. To me this is already a huge red-flag, but Cintas keeps over-delivering red-flags. Not only does the agreement last forever, if you forget about it for a second it will auto-renew without warning you, and you'll be locked into the contract for another time that's way too long.

We were once charged $40.00 for a service that we never received, and then sent collections when we didn't pay for it. We called up the First Aid and Safety office and talked to the General Manager with all the audience and he straight up told us there was nothing that he could do.

Once you're on the contract they'll keep on adding services that you didn't ask for and increase your rates weekly. If you want to actually leave the contract they force you to pay a rediculous amount even though they tell you before hand that you can leave the contract whenever you want.

I would highly recommend looking for any other company for the services that they provide."”

What's the hiring process like for joining Cintas?

“It usually takes about 4 weeks to get hired from start to finish. They start you off with aphone interview where they want to get to know a little bit about you. Then tehey bring you in for a face to face interview with a hiring manager. Usually after this step you'll do a shadow day where you follow a future co-worker for a day and get a feel for a job. Lastly there's a final in person interview with a higher up manager.”

How can I make sure I get a job at Cintas?

“Cintas looks for people who are humble, hard working, and driven. The best way to get a job at Cintas is by constantly following up with the hiring manager to make sure you know where you stand. They appreciate it when people show that they really want to work and that you're willing to push for something when you need to. ”

Is Cintas a good place for new grads?

“Although the base pay is pretty good and their benefits aren't bad, I wouldn't recommend Cintas for new grads. I just say this because there isn't that many opportunities for learning, and the work load is pretty tough. If you're looking for a hard working sales job where you can get better at developing relationships and upselling, then Cintas is great but otherwise I would look elsewhere.”

What is the office environmnt like at Cintas?

“"The environment overall is pretty aggressive with a lot of pressure to perform, definitely not a conducive environment for positive working. The number one reason for this is in my eyes is that the managers seem to just be from an older age and are frustrated with the younger generation.

They constantly voice frustration about how people dress, walk, talk, and act, on a daily basis. Constantly spreading rumors and just perpetuating this negative and highschool like environment, it's impossible to escape the negative vibes the managers here send off.

Corporate also sets super high expectations for how each member should be performing on a daily and weekly basis, which are extremely difficult to attain in even a 10 hour day. We're driven super hard for pretty much no incentives, just out of fear for being yelled at by upper management.

All this negative energy is the reason so many employees are leaving year over year. The company can't keep people for more than a year, and the office environment is why."”

What are Cintas's benefits?

Cintas has an amazing benefit package that covers pretty much everything. 401k matching, employee discounts on different products, 2 weeks paid vacation, good coverage on life and dental. They even give help lines for life complications like money problems, depression, and family issues.

How's the work/life balance?

There's a 10/4 (10 hours a day, 4 days a week) work week which some find super exhausting while others like the long weekends. The tough part is that on top of these hours there's pretty often overtime that has to be done which can heavily cut into normal life activities. Not the best work/life balance company overall.

What's your favorite part about working at Cintas?

Favorite part about Cintas is probably the fact that the job is so stable. I've never really felt ressured that the company was going to lay me off, and year over year we keep growing (which honestly keeps surprising me). If you're looking for a long term stable job, this is the place to be.

What is the sales role like at Cintas?

“"One of the most frustrating and difficult companies I've ever worked for.

Your training is pretty much just sitting along on a ride with another SSR, so each training is different. They make it seem like it's an easy job that starts at 9 and finished at 3, but once you actually start the job heavily changes. You're expected to go through your stock in the van every day and figure out the inventory you have, and based on the stock figure out if you have the right catalogues for the products you have. Cintas gives no training at all on any of the products so you'll have to do it all yourself.

Basically everything is about figuring it out for yourself since management keeps as much distance as possible from the day to day operations, and just keep giving you more and more products that you need to sell without input from customers or the other SSR's.

When we're driving around we follow a PRC device which has the customers and routes in it but these devices are all over 10 years old and are constantly crashing. You'll end up majorly delayed, having to find your customers on your own, and just slowly start to hate everything.

The starting pay is $40k a year, and you can go to a $311 a week + comission salary instead of the base $40k but noone does because their quotas are rediculous and the comission % is way too low.

If you're desperate for a job I guess go ahead and apply, but be ready for a tough and draining this job is on you."”

About Cintas

Cintas provides companies with a wide range of products and services that help their customers enhance their image and help keep their facilities and employees clean, safe, and looking their best. Cintas focusses on designing, manufacturing, and implementing corporate identity uniform progams, while also providing products such as mats, restroom cleaning suppliers, first aid kits, fire protection products and more.

Founded in 1929 under the name Acme Industrial Laundry Company, the company was founded by Richard Farmer. Cintas was able to go through trying materials for their uniforms that were new, such as stain and wrinkle resistant material. With over 42,000 employees, $5.3 billion in yearly revenue, and over 900,000 businesses being served, Cintas is the industry leader within its segment.

With Cintas continuing to grow year over year there are many opportunities for careers and jobs at Cintas. There are over 2,300 jobs posted on glassdoor, over 130 jobs posted on indeed, and over 700 jobs posted on the company website. The majority of job openings at Cintas are: customer service representative jobs, laborer jobs, sales representative jobs, supervisor jobs, and service manager jobs.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the good bnefits, the generally great employees, the sometimes easy work (depending on the role), and the sometimes generous pay (depending on the role). Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the physically challenging work, the long hours, the old school management, the micromanagement, the aggressive environment, and the lack of openness to operational changes.

Values and Beliefs

Cintas has 3 core values that keep them at the top of their industry and drive how they interact with their employees, customers, and the surrounding communities. These 3 core values are:

- Cintas values their team. Knowing that a company is nothing without the people who work behind it, Cintas claims to dedicate itself to supporting their employee interests no matter what.

- Cintas values the community. Recognizing that Cintas has become an integral part of the community for providing jobs and for helping businesses be their best, Cintas focusses on giving back.

- Cintas values action. Without continously improving and striving to do better, a company can never dominate its industry. Cintas values people that take action and put matters in their own hands.

Interview Questions

Why do you want to work for Cintas?

What was a time you showed initiative at your last job?

How do you measure success?

When was a time you felt challenged by a customer and how did you handle it.

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Founded in 1929 as the Acme Industrial Company, Richard Farmer began working on what would later become Cintas by collecting chemical-soaked rags from factories, washing them, and returning them for a fee. In the 1940's Mr. Farmer changed from cleaning rags to cleaning shop towels and taking a bigger fee.

Richard Farmer's grandson, Richard T. Farmer, joined the family business in 1956 after graduating from Miami University and helped grow the company from $300,000 in yearly revenue to $847,000 in revenue in just 5 years by focussing on uniform rental sales.

The company continued to grow, focussing on using new products that could fit the needs of their customers more such as flame retardent materials, and fabrics that resisted wrinkles and stains. The company changed its name to Cintas in 1972, and later went public in 1983.

Cintas has continued to grow year over year through a focus on acquisitions. Cintas has acquired more than 220 companies, helping them eliminate overheads and cut costs since its inception, and is now valued at over $12 billion.