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Chefs Plate

Mission: Help Canadians rediscover cooking at home.
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Employees: 88
Funding: $18 million total funding - 2014 - 2017

Company Q&A

Q: How regularly do you do you create goals at Chefs Plate?

Q: What kind of health benefits are offered to employees?

Q: Is Chefs Plate a workplace the emphasizes work life balance, or work life integration?

Q: What stands out about your approach to onboarding at Chefs Plate?

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Employee Reviews

Really didn't enjoy my time working here. There was very high turnover for a startup company which I attribute to the newer management. They were hiring some very strong employees, but weren't able to keep them. There was no review structure and it was very dificult to move around positions.
I really enjoyed the office environment, free food, awesome location, and great people. Besides this though I felt like the company valued my position over me as an employee. Didn't feel like the founder team had much experience and it felt like they made decisions emotionally rather than strategically.
The team has room to grow. We're still a new company and the founders don't have a significant amount of experience, but they're trying hard to stay open and test new ideas. It's definitely far from perfect but I think Chef's Plate has the potential to be a very profitable company.
Chef's Plate is the fastest growing food delivery company in Canada so we work very quickly. It can be chaotic at times but I really appreciate the hardwork of my colleagues.
Absolutely loved working for Chef's Plate! Free food, collaborative atmosphere, and friendly culture. I would highly recommend working here to any of my friends.
We've recently received a large amount of funding and so we're onboarding many new people. It's a pretty intense time but our team is really strong and I really like a lot of the new hires already.

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Fast pace environment

We've recently received a large amount of funding and so we're onboarding many new people. It's a pretty intense time but our team is really strong and I really like a lot of the new hires already.
Chefs Plate has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. Having a job here means you'll be moving quickly and there will probably be more projects that we want to do than is possible.

In-experienced executives

There doesn't seem to be a strong sense of direction imparted by the founders there is a mis-alignment by some of the senior staff and the founders. In a time of high growth, this is not what we need to succeed.
A lot about Chef's Plate is fantastic. A beautiful office with great people, but some of the management seems to be stuck in a micro-management frame of mind. I feel like it's because of the pressure investors are pushing on them, but they don't seem to realize it hurts more than helps.

Great employees

Chefs Plate has been able to surpass the other meal kit delivery companies because the team working behind the product is phenomenal. Very strong ideas being shared every day and we have the people to understand their feasability, and make them work if its possible.
I'm really impressed by the HR team of Chefs Plate. We're rapidly growing and they seem to consistently hire absolutely fantastic people over and over again. I'm highly motivated every morning to come into work with such a great team to support me.

What is different between Chef's Plate and their competitors?

“"Chef's Plate is in a highly competitive industry with many different competitors and substitutes. Some of our competitors include direct meal kit delivery companies such as Goodfood, HelloFresh, and MissFresh. Other more indirect competitors in the general take out food delivery space are more broad such as Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, Just-Eat, and Foodora. Beyond these competitors there's also Grocery Delivery companies such as Longos, MrCase, Grocery Gateway, INABYGGY, and Loblaws Delivery.

The current focus of Chef's Plate is to dominate the meal kit delivery network. With that in mind, there are many factors of similarity between the different competitors. Most have pre-portioned ingredients, and most have a wide range of recipes available to choose from. The major differentiation factor for Chef's Plate is they source all their food responsibly.

We're a proud Canadian company that supports sustainable food systems. We've built direct partnerships with local farmers and suppliers so that all the food sourced for our meals come directly fromt he farm, and not through the standard process of farm to wholesaler to warehouse to grocery store to you. We're focussed on this crucial step as we recognized the waste involved when purchasing direct from the grocery store, and the low prices farms are forced to sell their product at to whole salers.

We've built partnerships with land based farms to source protein from responsibly farmed animals, raised without any extra hormones. We've built partnerships with responsible fishing companies such as Ocean Wise. We've built partnerships with seasonal garden products from local Canadian farm partners to deliver the freshest quality fruits and vegetables. We've also built relationships with bread and pasta providers to guarantee only fresh products.

It isn't an easy differentiate in the meal replacement competitive landscape, but at Chef's Plate we've built a differentiation that supports the local community and environment."”

What makes Chef's Plate valuable?

“we give the opportunity for people who want to have healthy, fresh, home cooked meals, but are currently too busy to go grocery shopping every few days, to have an easy way to eat well. It's cheaper than eating out every day, you get to learn new recipes, and the meals are already portioned perfectly so no more food waste.”

What will I be doing at Chef's Plate?

“Chef's Plate is growing very quickly so you never really know what you'll be doing day to day. We already have pretty strong tech infastructure, and with our recent investments we're looking to expand our market. At Chef's Plate you will most likely be developing marketing material to expand our brand awareness as we grow to western Canada, as well as develop campaigns to solidify Chef's Plate position as the number one food delivery service.”

How can I be successful at Chef's Plate?

“To be successful at Chef's Plate you have to be collaborative and hard working. There's some pressure to make sure we're able to prove we can be a successful food delivery platform but our team will be the one to make it happen, so work with the team and don't be afraid to test new ideas. Make sure you take a rigorous numbers approach to testing all things, and if you have any questions of something, reach out to the many subject matter experts we have available.”

What does the media say about Chef's Plate?

“There are three main areas that Chef's Plate gets reported on by the media. In general, Chefs Plate gets reported on for its ability to help Canadians have more relaxed and higher quality lives. After investment rounds, media looks into how quickly Chefs Plate is growing as a Canadian startup. And as a major differentiating factor, Chef's Plate gets reported on for its sustainability focus. Overall, Chef's Plate has great PR and is viewed positively by the media.

After releasing a television advertising campaign in 2017, Chef's Plate got a lot of recognition for its focus on their family plan. The ad focussed on Chefs Plate's focus on working with local Canadian farmers to get direct farm-to-table food, and also that the recipes could be made at home in under 30 minutes. This approach has gained a lot of traction from consumers as people realize its attractiveness for families looking to feed their families after long and stressful work days.

The underlying complexity behind Chef's Plate's product is the secret sauce to their recipe of success. Using sophisticated data analysis and machine learning, they're able to predict the meals you're most likely to enjoy from your previous order profile. This has been a major reason for the investments into Chef's Plate by the lead investor Acton Capital. With these big investments, Chef's Plate is able to scale up its operations to hire more workers, both technical and non-technical, to support the Canadian workforce.

Lastly, the media loves how Chefs Plate is heading a focus to help reduce the annual $31 billion food waste problem in Canada. Chefs Plate is committed to building a better logistical food system that puts Canadian suppliers first and helps eliminate the steps in the logistic food chain that add to the overall waste numbers. On average, Chefs Plate is able to deliver food direct from the farm to the table 3x faster than traditional methods."”

Where does Chef's Plate see themselves in 3 years?

Chef's Plate will be the major Canadian food delivery network. We're looking not only to capture the market who's looking for these services now, but also to push our service to become more the norm. We're very aware of the high level of competition in the industry, especially from big players such as Amazon, but our 3 year goal is to become the standard in making easy, fresh, chef's quality, homecooked meals.

What benefits and perks are available at Chef's Plate?

Honestly the benefits at Chef's Plate are pretty poor. The only good perk we have is access to a wide range of free food, but the actual benefit system seems to still be in progress of development, and not a high priority for management.

What would you like to change at Chef's Plate?

We have a great team, and founders who are motivated to learn and get better, but there needs to be a stronger explicit focus towards building a company culture. Right now th feeling is that we should be naturally forming a positive work environment, but without a focussed effort, if we run into problems from competitors or any other threat, I could see our culture shifting to a negative tone quite quickly.

What is the interview process like at Chef's Plate?

“The interview process for joining the Chef's Plate team has been recognized to be very efficient and professional.

Usually the process starts online, starting with a preliminary screen of the resume. If you pass this phase, you receive a rapid response by phone which is mostly used to get an initial feel of the candidate. The phone screen is to learn more about your background and how you found out about the opportunity.

After you pass the initial phone screen, you're invited in for an in person interview with HR, and you often have an opportunity to be interviewed by the CTO, VP of Operations, and COO.

Throughout the entire process, interviewees express having constant and very efficient communication from HR about their current standing along the interview process. It is seen as very much two-way. Just as much as they interview you, you have the opportunity to interview them to make sure you fit their culture.”

About Chefs Plate

Chef's Plate brings the chef out in you. Chef's plate is an online platform that enables subscribers to purchase fresh, pre-portioned food, sourced directly from local and responsible suppliers, directly to your home. The food delivered comes with inspired recipes and an easy step by step breakdown for making an easy, healthy, delicious, socially responsible meal right in your own home.

Founded in 2014 by founders Jamie Shea and Patrick Meyer, and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Chef's plate has grown to dominate approximately 30-40% of the food delivery industry in Canada. Based in eastern Canada, serving the Ontario, Quebec, and Maritime markets, Chefs Plate is currently expanding out-west to continue its trajectory of growth. They've received 5 separate rounds of funding totalling $18M, with the majority of funding led by Acton Capital Partners.

Chef's Plate is a small company that's growing quickly, with approximately 300 employees spread out between their Toronto headquarters, and their distribution centres in Etobicoke, Ontaio and Abbotsford, British Colombia. Many current employees express their love for the opportunity of growth and the fast paced environment, while former employees dislike the lack of experience of the founding team, and the lack of a proper communication and development structure.

They are currently rapidly growing and so there are many opportunities for careers at Chef's Plate. Current job opportunities are for Customer Service, Accounting Manager, Marketing, and Product Management.

Values and Beliefs

Chefs Plate believes in bringing back the human connectino to food. To do this successfully, they value highly where the food is sourced, and if it is sourced in socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable ways. They make sure every meal is of the highest quality so families can have consistenetly amazing meals, this is done through their partnership with MasterChef Canada and their high quality home chefs.

Interview Questions

What interests you about Chef's Plate?

If you weren't applying for the job at Chef's Plate, where would you like to work?

Position specific questions.


in 2014, founders of Chef's Plate Jamie Shea and Patrick Meyer were frustrated with the amount of work that went into cooking good meals. They both loved the end result, but having to go grocery shopping, then prepare everything, and always buying too much had them annoyed with the process of cooking at home. As busy professionals working in Toronto, one as a brand manager for Cara Foods, the other as an investment banker, finding time to do be able to cook at home was impossible. As past classmates at Queen's University, they came together and thought of a startup idea where they could always purchase the perfect amount of food by forecasting their demand, then purchase from local sources to guarantee freshness, and have it pre-prepared sent to their homes. They felt that this would finally make cooking healthy and good meals at home both possible and fun.