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Mission: To help our clients succeed through outstanding quality, competence and objectivity, providing thought leadership and delivering the best services and solutions to fully satisfy client objectives in information technology, business processes and management.
Montreal, Quebec
New York City, New York
Paris, France
London, United Kingdom
Employees: 72500
Funding: Market capitalization - 2018 - 15.9 billion

Company Q&A

Q: In what ways does CGI learn from imperfect execution?

Q: How does CGI Group onboard new hires?

“New hires are assigned with the ongoing projects and are given trainings.”

Q: Relative to your competitors, what makes CGI unique?

Q: How does CGI Group onboard new hires?

“New employees at CGI are given a probation period, where it is seen as a learning experience for them, usually lasting between 3 to 6 months”
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Ashish Yadav
suhail shakya
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Montreal, Quebec
Toronto, Ontario
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What employees at CGI think about working there

“Come here for the name, a little project experience, and to understand why big companies are never really too fun to work for. I found there were a lot of egos and politics in the teams I worked with, people scared for their jobs because CGI seems to do layoffs to boost their end of year stock price. Most frustrating thing about the job is even if you perform well, don't expect to be recognized or given a raise immediately. I found they really like to keep you in positions of competence, instead of help you grow your career.”
Great name to have on your resume and the projects are sometimes very interesting, but there are a lot of the projects that are more support based which can be pretty boring and repetitive. CGI is a place where you either come to make a long term career, or your here for a year or so for the name and learning how a large IT consulting firm works, then switching.”
“They offer great work from home options and quite often there aren't really any projects to work on so you can spend your time just studying or hanging out, but for the skill-set needed for the job the salary is not very competitive. Also, your growth in your career is really dependent on your manager. Hunt out for the engaged managers because they'll fight for good projects and will help you grow from your position. There are many managers though that are just scared for their jobs and try to make as little waves as possible, stay away from them!”
“I've always wanted to join a consulting company since I started university and after lot of research on which company seems to be the most invested into technology, I felt CGI would be my best option. After joining the company I can 100% say this was the right choice. If you're looking to accelerate your learning like I am, CGI has a really strong e-learning platform so you can learn things outside your standard scope on your spare time, and the projects I'm involved in are highly complex with lots of moving parts. I wish there was more of a workplace culture like some smaller startups, but CGI is more about professionalism.”
“CGI has given me the opportunity to travel around the world implementing cutting edge IT solutions and consult for some of the biggest names in industry. Compared to many of the other consulting companies they don't grind you down till you burn out, and they treat you well with great benefits and just generally interesting projects that are fun to work on.”

CGI Glassdoor Themes

Stable company

A really great Canadian company that has been able to compete against both the huge local companies but also the massive tech giants who also do consulting. We've positioned ourselves well for the future, making big bets on cyber-security and bio-tech, and I definitely see CGI being able to stay competitive and grow in the future. Means great things for anyone working here!
CGI is a nice company to work for in general, good benefits, pretty financially stable (although I feel they do some weird things to try and boost their stock price), and pretty consistent projects. I feel its more of a company that you go to to get a good name on your resume and learn about the industry though. Things are a little too slow for my liking and it can often seem like unnecessary processes make changes implemented take too long to be really useful.

Large company environment

If you're looking for a place to get a lot of industry knowledge and get a great name and title on your resume, then CGI is a good place to work. But if you're looking for somewhere you can take on a lot of roles, have a big impact, and grow your career quickly, then I wouldn't really recommend CGI. Too much politics has to be played in my opinion to get promoted and to get raises.
As with any big company that has tons of moving parts there are the standard 'big company problems' here at CGI; they haven't been solved by us in my opinion. Lots of red tape and bureaucratic processes, some inflated egos and politics, and it's difficult to be recognized as a key player. But as a whole, it's still a pretty good job because the projects are interesting and the work that we're doing isn't outdated like many other companies.

Weak culture

Too many people join CGI with the thought of working here for 2 years to get the name on their resume, and then they just jump ship after CGI has spent the time investing in their success. It builds this culture where no-one is really invested in the company as a whole, and people are more just engaged with the projects their working on as a means to an end.
There are some great projects and people are kind and generally smart, but there's this kind of fog that sits on the office where there's just not very much excitement. Not sure why but maybe it's because CGI's so big, people don't really see how their work is impacting the company, and we often don't really followup on our projects so we don't know what happened to the work we did.

What do clients of CGI say about their IT implementations and services?

“We've used CGI for the majority of our IT services throughout the years. We originally decided to try them out because of all of their successful projects for Bell Canada, and we thought 'Well.. if Bell is happy with the implementation, I bet they were able to do an amazing job'. We have yet to be dissapointed.

First off they always finish their work on time. One of the hardest things about IT projects is they almost always have a tendency to go over time because the work needed to implement the solution is almost always more then originally thought. Somehow CGI has been able to pin down exactly how long everything takes, so we can realistically plan for using the service after the implementation is done.

Also the people that we've been able to meet through CGI have all been extremely professional, smart, and genuinely interested in the projects success. I've worked a lot with consultants in my days and I feel CGI has some of the more down to earth people in the field which makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

Lastly, the solutions that they offer cover pretty much every business need imaginable. We know that if we need any type of IT service or implementation, we can always go to CGI. Their analysts have a way at understanding instantly your needs, and recommending the perfect solution you didn't know you needed.”

What's the interview process like at CGI?

“The interview process for joining CGI is pretty standard for consulting type companies. They start you off with a personality and analytics online test to see if you fit their team needs. Then they'll follow up with an hr recruiter interview to do a background check and see your phone proficiency. If you pass you'll be brought in for an in person interview where you'll solve a case and they'll get a chance to figure out your strengths. I found they weren't really trying to trip me up, but more just trying to figure out what I was naturally good at.”

What does it take to be successful at CGI?

“To be successful at CGI you have to be a balanced professional on all sides. First, stay consistent with your work and always deliver your projects on time. Second, keep engaged with your team and motivate them to succeed on the projects, showcasing why it's important to do the work well. Third, stay engaged with your manager so they know where you stand and where you want to go. Lastly, make sure you recommend improvements. These recommendations may not be implemented but they will definitely be heard and you'll have a higher chance of being promoted if they know you're invested in CGI's continued success.”

What kind of benefits and perks are there at CGI?

“The best part of the benefits of working at CGI is that you're able to pretty much do all your work from home. Obviously if your team needs you in person you have to be there, but a lot of the work can be done remote. The PTO, health, vision, and dental insurance, and 401k matching are all pretty standard so there isn't much there. ”

What's the culture and work environment like at CGI?

“The work environment at CGI is almost purely professional. It can be really nice at times to be surrounded by such hard working and smart people, but sometimes I miss the excitement that comes with smaller companies with stronger cultures.

The culture here is very much 'let's get this work done, do it well, then go home'. Although I really like this because people are motivated to work efficiently and don't waste time either gossiping or just doing meaningless work, it makes the process very much just purely about the work and less so about the idea of helping a team succeed.

The environment is generally positive though. There are a lot of smart and generally real people who are here because of hard work and determination, and there's a sense of knowing that CGI is one of the better consulting companies to work for in terms of work-life balance and mental health.

It isn't a company that shouts from the rooftops about how great they are, which is like I said a definite pro and con, it's much more of a company that does what they need to do, and do it well.”

How updated is the technology at CGI?

I was very happily surprised at the level of tech when I joined CGI. They've really invested a lot of time and effort making sure that CGI is positioned well for success in the future, and are constantly updating to new tech. Obviously there are some legacy systems that we have to work with because of the acquired companies, but it's honestly team dependent if you'll be working on legacy systems or new tech. Make sure you tell your manager your interest beforehand!

What's the pace of work at CGI?

As with most consulting companies, work/life balance can be difficult when we're approaching a deadline and there's still a lot of work to do, but I found CGI to be very good at giving its employees the opportunity to have a life outside of work unlike many other consulting companies. I've worked other jobs in the past and I would highly recommend CGI as a consulting job if you have a family because it won't completely eat up all your time.

What kind of projects will I be working on at CGI?

With CGI being such a big company we're working on pretty much every type of IT service imaginable, so it really depends on the team that you're working on. Recently we've been investing a lot of money into cybersecurity and biometrics, so I really see that as the future of CGI's growth, but you'll have the opportunity to work on big and small projects for government and small to large companies.

Can I grow my career at CGI?

“CGI is a huge company at the forefront of technological consulting and service implementation so there are a lot of horizontal as well as vertical opportunities in the company. However because of its size, it can also be difficult to get the recognition you feel you deserve and to have the opportunity to actually move around.

What it's all dependent on really is your manager. If you have a manager that is engaged with the entire team and really wants his/her people to succeed, you'll have an amazing time at the company with a lot of chances to move around. But if you're unlucky and get a manager who's more interested in his own success then his teams, it will be very difficult to grow out of your position and you'll have to spend a lot of time playing politics through internal systems to get the recognition you deserve.

Overall though, CGI is a fantastic place to grow your career no matter what because the brand name is so strong and the work that we do is extremely relevant for pretty much all companies of all industries. If you work a couple years at CGI you'll be able to have an impact on a large amount of companies in a large way, and you'll gain the skills you need to have the opportunity to join pretty much any other consulting, big, or small business.”

About CGI

CGI provides business services, IT consulting, and IT services to small, medium, and large business as well as government. By providing services through a mix of off shore, on shore, and near shore methods, CGI keeps a point of contact through their local offices located across Canada, United States, and the rest of the world.

Founded in 1976 by Serge Godin and Andre Imbeau, CGI is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. CGI has grown from a small consulting company in Montreal to a global company with offices in over 400 locations and with over 70,000 employees. In 2017, CGI had over $20 billion in yearly revenue, and a market capitalization of $9.6 billion.

With CGI being such a large company dispersed world-wide, there are many opportunities to join the CGI team. The majority of positions are in the areas of engineering, consulting, and business analysis, however there are also positions for security, human resources, operations, finance, and business development specialists. With over 400 jobs posted on indeed and 2,500 on glassdoor, there are currently a lot of open positions.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying: the comprehensive e-learning platform, the intelligent and supportive team members, the good work/life balance, the work from home options, the recognizable name and reputation, and the good benefits.

Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with: the non-competitive salary, the high amount of travelling, the older company environment, the slow bureaucracy, the high turnover, the inflated egos in senior staff, the difficulty in moving horizontally, and the lack of transparency across the company.

Values and Beliefs

CGI has 6 core values that drive how the company continues to grow and interact with both its employees and its customers. These 6 core values are:

- Partnership and quality. Constantly trying to deepen the understanding of modern day business needs, CGI is dedicated to constantly knowing the best IT and management practices to foster long term and strong partnerships.

- Objectivity and integrity. Excercising a high degree of independent thinking, CGI is always trying to push the barrier to constantly ensure they're providing IT services with the highest degree of quality, objectivity, and integrity.

- Intrapreneurship and sharing. Knowing that the collective of the company is the base of the success, CGI strives to promote a working culture that fosters innovation, initiative, and empowerment to give employees complete ownership of their career while supporting clients evolving needs.

- Respect. In all that CGI does, the company is an integral part of the company touching peoples lives in many different ways, through both business and government work, and as a member of a global community, CGI aims to be a diverse and embracing culture.

- Financial strength. CGI has been able to grow because of its investors and the companies financial performance determines its future success opportunities. Knowing this, CGI continuously invests in itself to stay stable in the long run.

- Corporate social responsibility. CGI's stays close to its clients and communities and stay responsible for the impact their actions have on the overall economic, social, and environmental economy.

Interview Questions

Why are you applying to CGI?

What kind of work environment do you thrive in?

How many windows are there in Paris?

When was a time that you improvised?

Tell me about yourself.

Tell me about your professional projects.


CGI Group Inc. Was founded in 1976 in Quebec City, Quebec by Serge Godin, joined a few months later by co-founder Andre Imbeau, a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Quebec City. The company initially started out of the basement of Godin with a single phone and a single client. As the company continued to grow from their early success, they moved to Montreal. By the end of their first year they already had over $138,000 in revenue.

With a focus on IT services, CGI continued to grow in size in the 70's, offering both consulting and systems integration. By 1986 CGI had over $25 million in revenues and was gaining government contracts from the Canadian government. With a focus on acquisitions since the late 80's, CGI went public to fund their growth strategy.

From the late 90's into the 2000's, CGI started gaining traction in the banking industry, acquiring banking based companies such as CDSL, IMR Global, American Management Systems, and Cognicase. In 2006, original CGI founder Serge Godin stepped aside as CEO and appointed the new CEO Michael Roach. With a focus on international expansion, saas products, and cyber-security, CGI has been able to maintain a dominant position in the competitive information technology and big tech industry.